Fact or Fantasy 7/27/17

The Rise Guys
Thursday, July 27th
Are the Atlanta Falcons in trouble this season?

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Factor Tennessee coming up we'll look at the NFL's teams. Headed for the biggest class this year before we do crowds mr. baseball could you please help me out sure that nobody calls me mr. case. OK that I know that's not true Adrian Beltre is an all time great here. He's on the verge of 3000 hits he's got 450 home runs for a 54. IA how hard time thinking of mount way I'm not sure why I think it's because. I tentative. Think the first impression he made on me you know he came up music kid nineteen years old with the Dodgers in 98. Any played with the Dodgers. Through age 25 and he's pretty good. He hits. Let's see it. Twenty homers one year 21 another and made it about you know let's say 255 hit 291 year. And then but it now all of a sudden he's in monstrous numbers. True yeah yes I think one of things that happen here look at these home run numbers is where I get a little. Home run totals Adrian Beltre seven home runs 152013. 2123. 48. Yeah now what Arizona that was the year 2004. Guitar. Okay. That's interesting did you stay up to develop that level. Nineteen apps that 25264582830. To 3630191832. You can't then nine this year so a guy who hits normally twenty to thirty home runs. Has a 48 homer year. It's a little bit and now mired in sync and well and there's only so much during the course of following note that as of the hall of fame vote pressuring you there's only so parting go with them as batting averages 215 to 75 to 9265. To 57 to forty. Then here at forty don't runs guess what he. 34. He is seen it pretty good day here yeah. It was I'm not saying I'm just sick and I feel bad because no one is ever they never talk about him that way. And everyone says what a fun loving guy is in good to be around him credits of the game and I'm Syria is but you can be almost. House and be a guy who fell by the wayside it's happened to a lot of good players and saying he did I'm saying. You can be a guy who cheated the game and still be a great guy. There are many people I think in that conversation. About him other players would say incredible player great teammate amazing I mean. And at about him some poll voters would say yet been easy clean C I feel bad honestly to Stephen bring that out. Because I have no evidence whatsoever. Well I don't know if it yet. I can't help. I feel. Because you may feel that way about anybody who pass a street where you look at their numbers say a man really. What is this guy whoever might be why scant three years don't like any the other years. But as for the voting process like initiated by the time he comes up for a vote. Long ago yeah all Feller right two guys like me or talk about dinosaurs guys like me who still are trying to figure out. Right from wrong and how to apply right from wrong to vote are completely out of sync with where the voting scanning. And in less time runs out a month on them bonds and Clemens are union hall of fame to them because they're numbers are rising. As the halls. By its own hands of the hall is trying to weed out older voters. And you know at the same time the younger voters naturally become part of the process they're not do anything to Virginia. Part of the promise that this during this part of the process. A complete history likely after that it jamiat part of the fronts not bad guys guys back giving a home run off brought you up at the afternoon price for the rest of life building wife bought Ashton. And prize and Ayers is. She is yet yeah. Hello hello yeah why are you laughing at me when has reading metered groceries. It was the way you had to move your Mike so many times also had a stint so close to the screen okay but a lot of numbers out there that's a lot of numbers it is is very entertaining to a lot are. Ring configuration the studio's interest that's all. All everything's on a swivel European bidders summer I've never worked in a place where they have so many things on. Swivels and have its engineers here are done by so I'm serious this is incredible but never strip like that we've and we never say this bit but but guys like Rick and it Derek and all that the guys he set the Syria this it was a bill for this. The steel is built for something completely else and they turned it into a sports he had just for us and they. It turn into a palace of sports broadcast correct that's actually right on the money. And these two events things are on penitence of. Well it was fun to Watson sorry I was the only one that it doesn't feel the wanted quite a year and a started you today since you won yesterday OK I like eight. Used bottles or not it's only home run this year are good for baseball rest as doctor Nancy I think they are. Your honor fifth. From what baseball is there's too many stretches where nothing happens and the really the best thing about all the home runs this year. Is that something can happen at any time I mean we saw today the blue jays beat me a to the Grand Slam walk off. We talk about your team with a couple of and what to grand slams along including a walk off so there's more of a sense of while some really big could have a near any time so throw some of the numbers out of whack but I think it's really really good for baseball right now. Mr. baseball. Jews balls are not all the home runs this year are good for based on risk as. Actress gets sacked tiger like. By the way what do you call you. A mischievous obvious she said with a laugh punishing meaning it cost him his religious well you haven't been known costs at certain piling on I'm the the other element it just add to what placing the other element is that baseball had been going through a period of just being offensively. Men dead I mean ours is a moribund but it means like nothing was happening is not suggest hey there's more home runs now. It's your come out of a couple of Beers which there was no offense. So by whatever means and I do believe there were means it and you know put into place. To make the baseball more lively it's been really good thing. I agree with you with ties. Roddy. Well done as a title and we always love you the time so much fun. Cried yes the NFL team plays for the biggest collapse this year is actually. Risk as actor and see who's. And execute when I think that's a fantasy. But I but I and I think that team that I think might be poised for a little bit of a well actually for a big fall. Is not won many people seek common and that's Denver. Buying Denver could really be in trouble here I'm shocked I'm not disagreeing you left Denver I know I've I've always in and I love their their defense and everything they've done the last several years but it. They're not very interesting transition. I'm for one thing they're still trying to identify starting quarterback room for another. Their. Defense. Populated by great players. Was led by Wade Phillips thank you John I think this is a really significant moment with Wade Phillips leaving his with the rams now. It's a really significant moment for them in if their defense falls off even a little bit there in the wrong division I think they can have a big fall. Interesting points Y eighty. The NFL team place for the big its collapse this year is sadly cameras as actor an easy thing. I think it's a team that won its division last year. And I think they're really up on hard times this year and I think it's the Houston Texans won they won the AFC south western nine and seven it did that in part because they were five and one in the division. The division is tougher this year Jacksonville improved. Tennessee continue to improve so that'll be hard for them to do they had a negative point differential. They give up more points and they scored which suggest they probably should know won nine games and they got real quarterback problems Tom savages they're starting quarterback ever heard it's I think it's the Houston Texas a team that is poised for a real decline this year. Both make good points but clang aides had me convinced. Trent gets the point that's the way it works acts though it X next question why. With pre construction on the new steams scheduled sacked extension bid is one ML us cannot refuse rescuers actor famous I. That that's all idea and this is getting ridiculous because Sacramento's competing now with cities like San Diego what is San Diego lab San Diego actually went to MLS and said. We know you gonna pick expansion teams did you wait till after the morning eighteen elections to give us more time to build a stadium. Saint Louis. Measure for a new stadium failing Charlotte things are falling apart there. We know that MLS probably would like to go to some other cities to improve what that does for the national profile but sacrament has made it clear. Let not only are you ready to start stated we are gonna start the stadium already before we get the bid so. MLS will not be able to refuse an expansion team here in Sacramento. Okay eight crash it's yes but pre construction on the new stadium scheduled sacks expensing experiencing it is one and mouth cannot repeal. After that as a. Act and I think it's a fantasy. What do you think your name around making it aground break out my favorite again I don't think you can con your way through and analysts MLS franchise awarding. I'm but here's my here's. It's kind of more what I worry about with this than anything else. I think that Sacramento. Based on the way MLS has interacted with us. Over the last several years I think we're the date they can get but not the date they want and they have made it so clear. By a flirting with an openly courting other cities that really didn't have much going. They didn't even really have a plan working by giving Miami five different tries new stadium built dynasty in the Miami market I get all that. Minnesota Minneapolis Saint Paul. Saint Louis which was comical meltdown but they tree they gave Saint Louis every chance of world. As it's I've sensed before Sacramento a sack Republican done everything they possibly can do I'm certainly a finishing the second. But I don't think that this is what MLS really wants to do and that's a worries me. Good points how ever hopeful thinking I'm an adult life he's. Fred filibusters they're just all your vote that's really traded that's what I really think. When I know that bothers people wanna say it out loud but I think dates they've all but done this and that's all that said it's. They've all that said OK but just hang on case we get some guy I agree with you but I just do you see the other potential options is drying out that's the thing you were a second ago at this point in hand clearly your outlook. Around looking around but there's not an out there and we want them sent out some yeah final question mr. baseball. Yes you read his articles and Bryce Harper are blaming his pregame music on nick. As an excuse for getting ejected is weak sir and it's factor in that sense and act like to hear Carnoy yet. Right surfers been tossed he's slims down this man Gibson Chris Eagles face and now he's gonna. The strike zone. I can talk (%expletive) I doubt era anyway and there. Yeah I appreciate all that but I just like. If Bryce Harper never been ejected before he said I don't know today it was a weird day might music got in this weird frame of mind. He's been ejected twice a season already and I think he's already up to eleven in his young career. So please not TV blaming the support your music in music does not control you get a grip and by the way switch to decaf. Aaron app why do you. Bryce Harper are blaming his pregame music as an excuse for getting ejected is weak risk as factor beyond. We'll take to heart and I played some great points Bryce Harper's the only player in baseball this year to be rejected multiple times that's correct so we know that he's a little too intense. It's not a lame excuse or weak excuse because it wasn't intended as an excuse. It was a joke maybe it wasn't a great joke but he Saddam I think my pregame music I told my brother ray. The logic. 5 AM biological I got me too excited he didn't really use it as an excuse he's making a joke is kind of a clever one but we all know he's. So weird happens to him know what is weak is the fact that Adrian Beltre got rejected last night. From a loss to the Marlins for moving the on deck circle. He should get like an award for that. Leon parts is get back they are deck circle and instead to go back to what he thinks the other circle it drags 122 to ten and so wasn't even a contest. Now that's funny that's starting baseball should embraced not throw somebody else for that was week. That cancer was a joke. I wasn't a question priced at eight. And so I waited and now you cried because the point cred with the wind for the day. Like I got speed he's got a as that's what you get for moving on deck circle. She met slippage it's well. Sorry your -- that's the question one man's about the question you should have route but you'd but I but I didn't answer I I I did answer the question is that it wasn't we speak well being of the dozen eggs because it was out it was a joke that money I thought your answer was a joke that C here's price can you help me on their body. Smooth face kicked the dirt and didn't really know him just yelled because there's no they struck out. It's Oscar and so. Don't know why tossed I don't know if you toss and it is a Kissinger. You know it's obviously it. OK maybe you're right there's congratulations rights huge fan thank US and tries to cut the value yes. Thank you for the best advice to only twice all Ashton in price but don't sleep on 5 AM biologic either. Did okay. Thank you can't go to sleep on that.