Fact or Fantasy 7/10/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, July 10th
Do the Kings need to get Smart?

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That was about the kings and Marcus card if any thing. This record from the Boston blew today. Clark is Smart bit with few NBA teams. In Vegas yesterday and was scheduled to make two more today that's according to a league source can. And Adam Hamels bock is the reporters sharing that you can't. Don't know. I think meeting with teams is inching term young balm that did the good news of yesterday was about whether the kings were actually. Writing an offer. Or whether they were interest in running an offer one. And so far the word from on that has been no. So we'll see maybe to king's met with him yesterday and talked him inside and lose maybe. That's why you meet with teams right talk about fit talk about what you want. But about what it would take to sign him. You're free to do it. And that's what's inching about this process you can actually sort of like start down the road toward. And it will what kind of number lunatic so when you write not for you not writing an informed offer you renting a pretty well informed offer. Then the only question is if you want some when that badly needs. We don't have anything like that now but we do have a rise guys factor Tennessee which is right to buy Aston price for the best advice don't like twice call Ashton. And rise yesterday. She made a very controversial ruling but we moved home loans today where. Well a judge. I mean. She's she negotiates. The the difficulties of her position very well. I thought I ruled gravitating some tough waters well done. I crest. Think I thought they do Craig yes and you do the helmets OK with not a pattern B you have it's. I'll play that's clippers question currents. He need to be like Steve Carell in 2008 and get some rest guys back to anesthesia. It's a field. Are. Well when our show otherwise so we're gonna have to live our lives of Africa. The mobile market Smart is an interesting but flawed candidate to join the kings. He is. You know reason overpay but they know they'd have to overpay for restricted free agent has the Celtics can keep me if they want to bigger problem for the kings is. He's not a guy who actually fits in need that they have specifically he's he's a pretty good defender he plays a lot of intensity is a bad shooter he's not really a small forward. So it's again a case where I think people really want things to match up for the kings you wanna look out on the market and say that one right there that's the guy. And you'd really be stretching it to try and make it fit for him in you don't stretch. Your imagination to make some be fit and then overpay him that's bad come. You pick. Why beaten teams need to be XT ground 2008 and bit smarter isn't as bad. Name. You made me laugh again sheriff to back. Markets Smart was what I think he was a six player taken in the draft he is and I'm sure remark or remarks right he's not a good shooter. But he is an excellent defender. He can play point guard he can play shooting guard he can guard the other team's best perimeter defender. And he would elevate the kings talent level. He presumably would make them more intense he certainly would make them a better defensive team. In the kings right now they have all this money and they can't find anybody. Who will take it even though other teams this year sit and out so this is it time this is the only kings need to sign talent. Because they have an advantage there one of the few teams with cap space. So Marcus Smart is out there there indications he may be available they need to get much mocked. And you didn't convince me Democrats. Friday night I regularly and do well. And Israelis and you quite next question yes if breast Herbert continues to slump the NASA should trade him before the de mine has as practicing inside his fancy. What do you think Bryce that's our question. This year here's the thing that I think the nets' best chance to surge here in maker run and I I I wouldn't be surprised that they do you but I think their best chances to keep him. And hope that he finds his stroke apparently Tom pretty each wrote about this looks like there are some mechanical issues. With Bryce Harper that he's working on so their best chance is if he finds a stroke and they keep them. If they keep the many doesn't find his stroke. Maybe his value goes down a free agent market may get actually increases their chances of keeping him. So either way I think there's a benefit to keeping him and I think that's the best move for him trading him right now. Be waving the white flag I think you'd be a silly move for the nets to make. Interesting our mr. now. It Bryce Harper continues to the son Nat to trade him before the deadline Rezko is packed and no it's a fantasy. Oh why he's right about and everything an awful lot of that. But there are other factors that played two and one is that they haven't given up on the season be wanting if they say at work or toast he's played for the Mets he he probably Tatum. Because you know he's not coming back. There in a division that's been weird this year the brace or surprise the Phillies are surprised the national tide and halfback about the those teams and they've done nothing right. If the nationals even catch a little fire in that would start harper. Derek contender again in if their contender again. They actually are still one of the teams that can sign Bryce Harper is a free agent they'd be on the short list. As he goes into free agency next you don't have to risk everything now on the slumping player when you don't get trade value back. I agree with you Ciba good. I'm not. Mr. baseball who are staying the next question yes the giants acute now but the North County worth watching right now is Oakley and red as active and. That's for me up fantasy here. Oakland is a great surprise. Eleven games over 500 right now on their doing a lot of things right they had a lot of home runs. I'm unfortunately for them do legal lays out in a really tough lineup including their own division. And as well as they've played and I think if played way over their heads it's been fun to watch. They're gonna to me they're gonna have a tough time maintaining and as well as they played right now they still wind up. Looking up at the American League playoff picture. The giants are in a full upheaval and to me that is always fascinating. They are trying to figure out whether they contend. While keeping some older guys while pushing younger guys right into the mix which is what they've done. Last week in this week and it's very I have no idea if that'll work it's really compelling to watch. White eaten the giants acute economic nor cal team worth watching right now is Oakland as as actors and I gets back. And I think both teams are worth watching but if you got to pick one of we're gonna say that team worth watching. I think right now it's the ace they have won seventeen of their last 21. They went in the Cleveland and won a series. Over the weekend which is not easy to do. The a's are six out of the wild cards violence. They did it earlier their six out of the wild card but there's nobody between them in the Mariners team NAFTA catch. If you look at wild card picture for the giants as a bunch teams in there they just have to catch the Mariners are six behind. And guess how many times they play the Mariners in the second half of the season they play and ten more times. So the eighties hit a lot more home runs in the giants there are a lot younger than the giants their plan out of their minds and they are the team to watching keep nine. Especially this week and Bay Bridge series stats and he's gone head to head I'm looking forward to it. I am actually with quite and that's what. Enjoy. I was gonna save us photos of fact went to some people think I'm biased and saying I'm going with you anyway okay thank you final question with all the marbles why he stars with the the NBA slam dunk contest is more entertaining insignificant. And the MLB home run derby Rezko as factor fantasy. I'll go fax. Neither one is really that significant. But in terms of entertainment I think the dunk contest is a little more significant for example. There is more. Cachet with winning it for example sacked Levine is a two time slam dunk champion. Who's a two time home run derby champion. I don't know assessed this one out once Aaron judge one minutes but there's just not that cash say here's why there are more ways you condone them are ways you can hit a home run. Vince Carter in 2000. In Oakland. Did infected dogs were inspired by cleared sac state. He went between the legs don't did and then waived his fingers like this thing is over he was a seminal moment in the history the dunk contest. There's no equivalent in a home run contest. Through no fault of anyone's because. He hit a ball and get really far but that's all you can do so it's just not as entertaining it's worthwhile all will have an area spent thirteen point. You have to hear it but it's there's no comparison because they're tip for ways to darken there's only so it was again a bowl reference. Interesting okay crank out west yes Andy slam dunk contest is more entertaining insignificant in the MLB home and be raised as actor. That's a fancy of course your honor. And I'm not copping out when I say neither one is very inching our significant anymore so it's eight you know at this point they're basically a dry here's the problem. And there's no get around it and I'm I'm sure there's assault. An easy solution. Mostly guys in the NBA that most people love to watch do you action dunks during games. Pass on that slam dunk contest. And you don't eat it what he's certainly right about how they're more wasted strode dump down then there are. Too I'm hit a home run. But bring your gun in competition. None of it looks very good and by the way base host of got basically the same problem here and judge no. Stand now or what am I watch it the truth is neither one at this point is entertaining or significant. You both very good arguments however I actually do cries. And fair enough drive. You've done again. And you are the victorious win today and rising aspect of Tennessee brought to buy asked enterprise for the rest of my stomach twice. Car accident price to be retaining that Hamlet one night and thank you I read today well played and think here. Thank you did Jamie thank you rob thank you dear list.