Fact or Fantasy 6/12/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, June 12th
The NFL Team that missed the playoff last year that will make it this year...

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But dead unless they get injured tiger and 170 guy. On a Christian Achtenberg raiders Jersey of course and now they. Stay they released him from the roster and they just got three weeks ago they got a from the jets yeah you like fifteen days could you sell that. Rogers ago way and I can't return and I got mustard on a return it collector's item. We'll see how much it. Probably check out some clubs go to Toyota truck product care they don't show or care much more useful and anything and get from you right now understudy hang onto it collector's item. He's gear one of a very small group going to be great. Are you gonna place a bit on the Jerry Rice. Number nineteen Broncos Jersey ya may or he's only it's not that hasn't been bought it's been sitting there on bought Furl I want there's one that was gone in the that was the other one that was opening bid 1999. No bids and physical rich from. It all right right now. Time for cries at night. Bust heads here at rest guys back to Tennessee we debate the hottest topics of the day brought to buy Aston prize for the best buys. Don't think mine's collapse in price on nine years is the bottom LA. Last heads time the united. And insider from the ground and that's why you need the Astor prize helmet. Makes sense but who has the helmet has the upper hand. Why is it that I would packer you know in a public park a couple of they don't get a concussion. Because their brains like in a little slowing me a sling thing yeah that protects it. The need to ask and answer your own question did. I didn't think anyone else and rob maybe brought sells like you do about it you know. Not all of us have lightly woods in the backyard. Living on track record I guess pretty good woodpecker though it's not bad. How many tries for his woodpecker. That to your question you're not allowed to assign cries from. Tom. I'm sorry to that week free well let's go it's Tuesday just before warrants say how about everybody takes it up one notch today would that be okay he was salty when we're doing Promos before the show even started fact where's that script. Script. Everybody knows we've rift that stuff yeah here this is from mark Reilly wrote to justices for the promise for tomorrow. Johnson played in Miami for like the fifteenth straight day or maybe it's just Wednesday. It feels like they never got out of Miami sorry what do you mean every time there there it looks like oh man they're trapped in Miami this happens all the time. Teams go there in the they keep it out because they can't leave because they need air conditioning. Good stuff moving on the reason I'm here factor fantasy cry it's you have the helmet so you it's Suzie ought to pass a play. I'll just OK first question. Thinking of the giants so mad men but you deserve to be objective last as inspector instinct might ease of fantasy I. It is true that he was griping about the strikes on the home plate umpire and it is true. Then after being removed from the game as his walking off the mound he had words with the umpire who stared at him which I thought was weird. But just to take it back a step I think that the umpires strike zone was incredibly tight all night and he was getting the place from both dug outs and from every pitcher on the mound. And probably would have been a good night for the umpire just. Sometimes when umpires are being extremely picky they allow people to get away with a little bit more complaining. So it's I mean they umpire overreacted. White eaten sorry Matt Bambi deserved to be objective last night as best actor Dennis I think days. That was a tight strike zone but it was tight for both teams so both teams were complaining on the other hand what a year from players all the time. Hey as long as the guys consistent. That said if Madison bomb garner walks off the mound walks in the dugout nothing happens. And I don't think that we know for a fact that the umpire as Madison bombard suggests with staring him down. Video evidence I've seen is inconclusive he just walks off the field and say anything to the umpire know what happened so. It is just get out of there day you don't need to start John when he umpire I throw to. Thank you next question iron up to them to you want you you're not the only one salty I knew that before the show started. It's helping me numb and on why next question. The war isn't establish the second most impressive nor cal dynasty ever behind only the foreign and great run of the eighties. Aren't as active as I think it's. 49ers what they did was fabulous winning multiple Super Bowls. The warriors have won three in four years which is very impressive but. The a's I think did better in that 1971 to 1975. They won their division five times in a row. And they won three World Series in a row three in a row Sammy twosome or threesome before B Willie Mays in the Mets and one of them said they are very. Yeah so while three in four years is great three in three years is even better. So what the words of done maybe they'll still improve on but what the a's did so they wanna sending five more impressive. Cry it's. The warriors have established a second most impressive nor cal dynasty ever behind only the 49ers great run of the eighties risk aspect of it. No it's Tennessee agree life. Oh. With everything you said I would just add that they're the words or work in progress in that might be possible a couple of years now to have a very different answer. Depending. Mom but to win three in arouse an awfully big deal and they had a big miss in there as you know your honor. I'm that's probably the difference between a vast status then pandering for points. I'm sorry. At all. Going drag. That's it that's my answer you. Any pandering for points or is that I agree and everything like he said you did appointment now quite a good point so those ads. All this stuff in there. Are you being from Cleveland being cast in a ridiculous. You say the word cavs a free wasn't pandering on it a lot cried the next question. The NFL team most likely to make the playoffs this year after missing last year the raiders rest as I. Actually attempting but fantasy. I admit pretty subjective eye of I don't know how gruden and the raiders are gonna work together they certainly east should they're good enough to make the playoffs. But the team that I think is. So much more up close so much farther along. And end to me ready to go. The cowboys didn't have Zeke Elliot and they struggled they get seek Elliott back they were really good they're really get too late. They're going to be really really good and I think their playoff team. Just for having the running back on the field because of the way they use them it changes everything about how they play. With kind of the raiders there's a lot to consider and I think it's promising but to me it's like oh they're gonna have to count as a have Z there and play us. I might be. The NFL team must I meaning the class this year after missing last year their readers Rezko as actor and fancy. This team miss the playoffs last year even though they were nine and seven. They barely missed. They had a positive point differential which shows that they earned that winning record irrigate team last year that a good draft. Their first four picks in the draft run defense. The first pick was a safety. During James from Florida State and I think during a weak division this year it's the Los Angeles. Chargers. They barely missed last year and they're gonna be better this year so I think they're gonna be a playoff team this year. You're both probably ranks actually who cries to get on the probably right yeah. I question that's just I mean worth all the marbles YE starts at DO. The Staten Island yankees deserve props for deciding to go by the name pizza rats for five games this year aren't as active Nancy you know that's a. Facts. It's disgusting name but here's the thing in 2016. Bed a fan vote and the Staten Island yankees they want something that. More accurately reflected hey yankees is yankees we want Staten Island what do you think and the fans voted for pizza wraps. And the team didn't care for that so much. But some pizza rats are tenacious enterprising and nowhere to find the best food in the city. According to the actual ballot. And since the team said what are you fans want us to call it and the fans sit pizza rats. And it took a two years to deal with the teams finally saying okay. Maybe it's a terrible name but they deserve props because they're finally. Following through on the promise to their fans. Okay frank yes the stat Staten Island yankees deserve props for deciding to go over the name pizza rats for five games this year is inspector. Bill fancy your honor. Here's our problem within I I I agree that what he said I think it's funny and as clever and all that my problem with it is. They asked the fans two years ago what you want the team to be called tells the two of the team to be called. Will we vote for the peace rats who will really like that so it only two years and there were gonna do it five times. Some guts you ask your fans what they want of the team to be called and they told you. And then you decided no we didn't actually mean that sort kicked give you props for basically go on back on your word. If what you're all you're doing in the end is five Saturday games you're gonna do a pizza rats promotion good enough. Killed in today and crash the super salty your honor there. Congratulations you retain in perpetuity it would appear out of your prize Helmut brought you by Aston price. For the rest of my stomach I Scott Ashton and her ice. I still thought you had a good argument. Will the hints. Thank you salty one yes yeah I think I voted for you did you our rob rob his music where she yet I didn't next week and now. Thank here Jamie thank you rob.