Fact or Fantasy 6/11/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, June 11th
LeBron's finals play is more impressive than we thought, given his hand injury. 

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Four of his friends on FaceBook and Ryan Lam reached out suggest today. There's a good rule of thumb you gone somewhere you're gonna play three times or more you take the clubs have not been home that makes sense office also my friend. Well I guess giving cleese and he knew about it and his friend told him Leeson yeah Gavin cleese and eleven cents. Okay civic gonna play may be ones. Then prime and are worth the trouble than him. I think gets a good rule I thought I said it but that's okay how much you said. Why set a fairly you know play wants probably not. If you didn't you and it's got to be three whenever they give me three it was a Serena guy yeah yeah that's a magic number okay yeah that makes sense but it. What's your plane three times in a week on a trip deceived family. And guess who got other things to discuss. What does that what haute I mean yeah I gotta be gone for six and a half hours of the Berkeley. Politico. Right house Democrats about a guy had been on today's hottest Alex this is right guys back to Tennessee. And it's brought you by Ashton and price far the best advice don't think twice gone Ashton and priced now I hear she is an she wants to wins. US and George street fan. Ali act I think India none of these before so. Again it. You could do it I mean it's so hard pick and you know we sitter was things on those gonna win. Right golf tournaments very tough you know until Saturday afternoon who's you know when he's in a pretty good clustered near the top of the odds for whatever that's worth. It's good odds of winning. My only option and it'll be fun to watch either way I think so I donated much cred here it's a little to shake their heads and a couple ideas seem mind. Cutting meat well I don't understand the Cinderella stadium insane. I thought somebody asking now Whitey Yan. He has died Hickey got it right and talking about Gavin. He yes man to death either way he used to have a helmet okay CGI pastor Clint. I've I'll play your honor let's put it. Expressed in a hoot if LeBron wants to be the warriors he needs to join the rockets aren't as active NC. Who I think that's a fact it's kind of volatile possibility. I don't wanna cover long let Whitey. Speak to some of them but I think if he's. Needed to the sixers are intriguing the lakers are intriguing the rockets would have to do a lot. To fit LeBron into. Their salary structure but if they did. Anne Hardin is there in Chris Paul is there in capella is there. I believe that that team would have the best chance of any of the teams we can name. Of knocking off the warriors and we know that because really. Before Chris Paul was hurt they had a very reasonable they were up 32 in that series with Chris Paul hurt. I think that they. Were pretty. Worthy. Adversary this year at LeBron to see what happens beaten. To interest and white eaten if LeBron wants to be the warriors who needs to join the rockets as as active in this thing is a fancy. Mark makes a great point but here's the thing you got to take a somewhat broader view. He doesn't just wanna beat them next year right so let's say LeBron goes to the rockets in let's say for whatever reason they don't win. I mean CP three is now CP 33 years old for one thing and he gets hurt a lot. Let's say they didn't win next year let's say went to Houston and didn't win there are a little bit older and some key areas LeBron needs to go somewhere ticked the as they say the wider view and consider going to a team with more young. Up and coming talent. 'cause we saw this year in the playoffs he carried out very heavy load and for the first time with some get a little tired understandably. But he might wanna think about going to Philly or the lakers somewhere where the good young players are going to be. Omnia rise for awhile going to Houston is a short term gamble if they went there and they lost that would be humiliating forum. I agree I think he's staying Cleveland but either way and. Happy night scenes day Richard and sound like that I mean just based on what he was saying after the game who knows but it sure didn't sound like he's staying. And why I hope your you know for your sake Alps is what he calls me and it's helmet I need to stick around yeah. YE next question. The bronze final play is even more impressive considering his hand injury risk as factor fancy guy can't go to. As it was self inflicted for one thing and the other thing is I didn't like the way he kind of exaggerated it I'm sure is very painful you could see. I could see was heard I didn't know what was he could see shooting free throws he was in pain but then when you lose a series. The finals and someone asks about your hand yeah it's for one thing it's acceptable to say I was nothing. Two if you say you know what I as a bruising and is not acceptable to exaggerate and say I pretty much played with a broken hand. There's no indication that he played with a broken hand he doesn't need excuses. And to me it just made me shake my head that a guy like LeBron he's a pretty much had a broken hand that sat. I'm not impressive. Frag it's. Yes from the browns' final plays even more impressive considering his heat and injury risk as you can see. That parts of fact. I don't disagree with Whitey about the trappings of it like I'm not wild about fact that he called attention to it after the series was over. And the fact that if in fact what happened was he didn't punch out a white board in frustration I understand. There's a make me feel good about your injury. Or anything like that but the question is is this playing impressive considering that he was playing with an injured hand. Especially considering how few options Cleveland appear to have in those games and how often they said you do it you do it. You do it you know nothing was more impressive in his game one performance but I thought he did an amazing job all things considered. You gonna do balance right. I wouldn't know about. Hey instinct you convince NASA next question currents. If the sun's big eight the safest choice for the kings is badly whereas as active fantasy. Well that's a fact I. Safest is a weird word here. Ends in that implies that the next choice is unsafe so although I'd say it's a fact my answer here is. That is not the question you should be asking. Every pic has some risk you don't wanna take an outrageous risk there's a guy in the draft who won't give the king's his medical reports OK we can draft him. If you talk about safest verse is also pretty safe. There's another guy Don change that I like a lot better in this draft that I think has more upside and it can be. A greater impact ultimately to the kings. So safest to me the answers a question yeah Izzy the safe misty out but that doesn't mean there aren't other. Very good choices than him but all involves some risk. I don't care anyway. Very fair white eaten it the sense that ate the safest choice for the king is that earlier as as fact and yes. Comes. It's pretty simple it's the question isn't saying is he safe it's was safest so it's relative he would be that as safest relatively speaking because. Dawn church would come from overseas there questions about that his athletic schism is shooting ability president play different positions so there are questions are. Porter. He just had well not that long ago major back surgery and he's not going to shares medical's that's very risky so of those three. Vaguely who comes from a big college big program played very well he clearly is the safest choice in the three. Them. Don't go Dennis why usually. Your take on that question and note that when are we gonna than I did thank you very much here on how Christian final question where all the marbles lights are with you. Rise guys week in game ball should go to Triple Crown winner just a Cyrus as active fantasy huh. Ali is safe innocent. The borrowers for some reason is never get a game ball benefit. I don't know what it is I have two year but I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna roll the dice on this one for. I'm not a big track person maybe because the closest I've come to running track is ran cross country and got disqualified from our first high school meet because I went the wrong way that's that said. I USC women's track team entering the four by 400 relay at the NCAA track and field championships. They needed to win the race in order to capture the championship Georgia was in first place. In the final leg of the relay they got off to a rough start they Bobble the bits on. And heading into the final turn Kendall Alice from USC was in third place wicket to wrap it was a photo finish. It she came back and wine. By let's see. Point 07 ticks and USC if you've seen is very very exciting USC came from behind in dramatic fashion to win the NCAA. Track and field championships I applaud the women up USC. Interesting rights. Yes rise and tweaking game Boston good Triple Crown winner in just a bad rest as applicants. Also believe it's a fantasy. Something about given the horse CD game ball that seems to me now come up short dress. But I do want to make knowledge the achievement just differently I would give the rise guy's game ball I do give the rise guy's game ball to Mike Smith likes this guy who rode the horse. Now normally the jockeys like I. They're plenty of good jockeys out there and they all do a fine job and all that. Mike Smith is 52 years old. That makes him essentially a relic in that business which is fundamentally a young man's sport. Com he's a guy who dropped out of high school to race horses to his another scorer and now has. Not only saddled seven Triple Crown winners would use his mother wants. Horrified I go back there mortified. That doesn't make her mortician. Horrified. Means member. I'm any key. Has ridden this course this incredibly. Wonderful first exquisitely. But especially for surviving in that business. His mounts over the years have now written to more than 300 million dollars in winnings. So I game ball to Mike Smith. And old man's to get it done. Very inching answers for both of you but. I am actually. Gonna go with cries out to drag. Joyce is marked right there speculating. How did not expect. I was gonna what went up by the said bill from Pittsburgh Gutfeld balls and consecutive pitches and things yeah now. Not and what you know now I you get to head to keep the Aston prices could helmet. For the best advice don't think twice cult Ashton. And price make you like he will argue sir thank you and tell you your honor yes thank you very much your ownership.