Fact or Fantasy 5/9/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, May 9th

Is Peja the latest sign of organization stability and growth?


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'cause it happened this based on the to make the team that's out of order and has stated today. Well score in a rallying. Snuffed out when the opposing manager Joseph Lieberman says he cannot order a night and then make the Mets and up losing by one play extra innings right. In San yeah what happened in the really what we've what happened is actually pretty easy to do which is why. Managers usually have someone check them but what happened was their first year manager of the Mets for sure got me to Callaway. Not for share baseball. Per share manager could be his last year in baseball to keep stillness his early card that he sent to Rick Adelman which counts. Com had a different order in the switched up the order before he delivered his final card to be umpires home plate. Ritalin probably didn't know it so we went back to his dugout looked at the two. And he pounced win when there was an opportunity morning there was two out double. Well I'll double file a miserable Cabrera who was not supposed to be hitting Jay Bruce was history batting according Salina brutal man had been given which has a set does count. So that's why teams have bench coach is to double check are we in line to ever everything right here. And Rick Newman win and the way to rule works. Cabrera gets to keep his double and Jay Bruce who never does get to bat is ruled out so he actually has to take it all for one. For being the guy that they listed in the wrong spot. Really happened right now Krajina about to go ahead ahead on today's. Hot topics this is rise guys back to Tennessee Friday by accident prize for the best advice. Didn't think twice caught Ashton and Fries and she is she's got to be excited about her indians' big win today. Just OK here. Always very exciting in my teens and yes any more exciting than any other day not necessarily but a merry I was excited de okay. You're always excited they're always Cleveland through and through except when it comes to football not right that's right outsmart. However that plays out moon and my business. Moving on and trades you have the helmets would like to pacify you're really did yesterday. Rather I'll pass your honor you'll pass out right away did yesterday keeps it fun. Why not it's wide Europe first Biden knows what's up five that this was like important sorry no we're here to have fun all right. The NBA play apps have been kind of ho so far but warriors rockets will be a classic series Rezko has fact or. I hope so and I'll go fast. The the warriors are healthy right now the rockets have home court and just let's let's just look at what we have here they played three times this year. Houston won 22 gold state won 21. That was first on the played in Oakland and had in Houston the war is won by ten in January. Last summer played was also January the rockets won by eat and just about everybody played in that game. We've had a lot of injuries both teams helping now. I think this has a chance be a very very exciting it's series would lock to three pointers and lots offenses can be very enjoyable to watch. Fund ask while the watch and a very exciting classic series are looking forward to it and you can hear and he's been Entergy twenty. Oh who nice flag bonus points for the T absolutely. Grads are questioned and the NBA clay asked have been kind of how Safire warriors rockets will be a classic series as is back north and see eye to think it's a fact because I wanted to be. And I'd just add this. It just trust me crazy that people for months kept saying all but it's gonna be rockets warriors going to be rockets warriors. You just wait it's gonna work out now that it's close some of those same people are saying. It's just not going to be unique and the worst general. You can't have a both ways the rockets are the best record in the Western Conference there healthy too I agree is why this should be a knockdown drag I open goes seven. Am I would typically you need to appoint an Iman again worried he did this for the blood. Well that's you know there well done about it as yen. Greg next question to hook most impressive thing about James Paxson no hitter was that he threw his fastest pitch of the night in the ninth inning risk as Pakistan's. That's a Tennessee although it's a pressing. Yeah actually threw faster pitches in the last three innings that he did in the first six but it's not unusual for a pitcher was. Got a chance for a no hitter to. Materialize and you know pump up a little bit and which he certainly did in the ninth inning to meet the most impressive thing. Was the way it unfolded James Paxton is Canadian. His team happens to be playing in Toronto. What to me was the most impressed about the way it unfolded is. The blue jays fans recognized what was happening and in the later innings. Kind of out of just sheer. Humanity they started cheering the Canadian. It's really unusual. They were just chain anybody would love to see you know hitter that you may be don't want against your team that you can always say wants history. They were pulling for the Canadian. And it happened in front of them it was very very unusual. Canadians are so nice YE next question most impressive things about. Most impressive thing about James Paxton no hitter was that he threw his baskets as of the night in the ninth inning ranks as active and I agree that it's a fantasy. Applaud blue jays fans for being bad baseball fans and answering your DNA opposing pitcher I mean in one thing in the ninth inning name with two outs but early in the game. That's just bad form by Canadians who don't understand the game apparently was and I really yeah a baseball. You wouldn't see him do that and a curling match I gearan I guarantee that. I think the most impressive thing about it was amnesty that would on the video here. Two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning can implore the blue jays who don't pull it I mean a bullet 109 miles an hour down the line. And Corey seekers brother Kyle seeger planned third for the Mariners full out dive backhanded dive makes a stop gets up. Bounces the throw over and gets the out it was the play of the night without it there is no no hitter. And it was an absolutely spectacular. Play it was the most impressive thing about the no hitter was the great play the third baseman made to preserve it. Well I think it's a dancer and I don't agree with you ready Angela grads on the nice Canadian land it just. Canadians and cheer their own full can Nadal. Moving party next question we don't root for our team. Pays dad being named assistant GM is another sign of keen stability and growth Prez goes back to fancy lady. It's a fantasy. I don't know what it. I don't know pages does I know that he was a great player another press release points out that he was a great player I knew that. He's getting promoted for a I don't know what it. And I would think if he was really doing a good job in Claire development that I have there would be some. They would have mentioned that page help develop this guy or some of the young players they pages really helped me I don't know what's going on there. I don't know anything about Peja as a player development guy he oversees the geely team. I just don't know what he's done I see no evidence that he's done any thing which is fine. But for him to get a promotion. To become an assistant general manager I don't think it's a good sign I think is just another confusing signs like this leads me to wonder what. It's going on over there. How can I cranked it up Peja are being named assistant GM is another sign of king stability and growth risk as factor and no it's. Tennessee but I wanna see more specific it's. Stability. That's switchers payments orbit they already knew page it was their employers the growth part did that. Brings me up short and I greats like Seattle really understand exactly what page does and I'm not sure how many people do even the people who claim that they do. But my bigger concern is that it's another step. Down the road of sort of strata signed a bad set up. And that includes lot of being the GM in the first place not to mention one of his closest buddies now being elevated to assistant GM. Stability yeah but I'm not sure it's kinda one. What does what you're sitting about imagine and give them on the giants free. OK I appreciated bats. Clue so final hole and tough to beat these days tough to beat why do you one point I don't. So coming he'd just been ingeniously past. There is set himself up there well then let's find out. Credits and a question with all the marbles yes Shaq first tucked last night was another example of white inside the NBA is the best sports show on TV. Red is practically everything. Well this may surprise fight that's a fact. I'm bill we have the audio right after he got to repair did other grandmother just a bit ridiculous you got upgraded to a UN when he got into I didn't have the way I did have a laminated quoted Wright did live down the court to argue all you when you talk a quarterfinal members of the joke but you can home. A little joke every every homered Orleans. Their little liberal great player your total in the dogs are all good enough. You don't just above import all of you have all the players are there layoffs amount of course you can yellow bugs I don't win 12100 armored you know how great player let you would've got a twelve hour walk away Paolo say. OK I will say no you don't get that far right boorish yet Shaq has been a huge board there and and why had talked about earlier in the show. I thought he was an apps however. If you're trying to figure out why that show is so consistently good. It's because it's authentic. And every so often that means you're gonna also be uncomfortable I've been uncomfortable watching that show before when Shaq flashed his real true ego. And Charles got his. Everybody on the set gets a little uncomfortable that's part of why that shows so good because I don't ever have to ask myself does he mean the they're not too strong out there to be fun. Really interesting take Democrats aren't quite eat my own question moon separate truck last night was another example of white instead the NBA is the best sports show on TV risk as fact or fancy. I love that show I think we all do you heights is the there's. There's a huge part of that show that wasn't even their last night that last night wasn't a show that I love. Daddy wasn't home last night. Ernie Johnson wasn't there and I John central Ernie Johnson is great and so with dad not there and Casey stern fill in in. You had a kids gone crazy Garnett each other. I think that if Ernie Johnson where there he would have had the wherewithal to kind of jump in and re direct things like can he Smith who stride at the end I will say Casey stern to know what to do it got out of hand that's not why I watch his show. He had issue it's fun it's it's unpredictable. But that was a bad example of that showed its best 'cause the show is not at its best when Ernie Johnson who runs the show is not there. Really into intakes for both of you and Alan how amber. The winner. Is I actually am I on this and I really am. Congratulations you are my favorite cars this magician he says. And build a winner you know I did you. Like say she's getting earpiece in so let's be near the answers come into he's not here and I where it's congratulations mark primary the Aston price cup is brought you by Aston and price for the best advice stomach twice got Ashton and price. Tonic cup it's a helmet partially glorious moment. And I appreciated thank you thank you your honor. Thank you judge Jeremy played why he robbed.