Fact or Fantasy 5/24/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, May 24th
It's still the most exciting play in baseball...

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I love and a street. Dozens and the mystery of the flying baseballs. Just gets deeper Major League Baseball assembled a panel of scientists. I mean actual scientists and haven't studied the baseball's. And they determined that the ball is not cues but the ball is carrying farther. Weather is not a factor it's not the seems it's not an issue with the core of the baseball. The specs are right launch angle overrated it's not the pitcher's fault and they don't know why the ball is carrying farther okay. What a mystery. Thanks for weighing in fellas there's your next book down the mystery of the flying baseball's. Perfect. You know I I I'm I appreciate any group of scientists that gets together and says Dan Wiener. But no I mean it I mean they looked at it and and they know something's happening and I appreciate their honesty right. We don't think it's that seems not sure why they don't think that. They insane thing about the slick baseball's so maybe that's not something they tried to measure yeah I don't know who else they didn't look at the fact of the balls are slickers you know that there's not I mean that's less friction through the air but okay ignored if you wish. They don't think it's launch angle like that's all interesting to me the committee's research found that the impact that height of seems it would have on the balls drag was statistically insignificant. When considered in relation to the larger drag changes observed that's why they're not going with the seems the does everything is not always as it seems. Thank you like me. You're welcome right now it's time for drugs not a guy head to head on today's hottest topics now. Irritated into the wondering if you know from down. Spot Dubai after the price for the best advice don't think twice gone cash in the and prizes or she is the well. And gentlemen hello Eric how are getting today dipper great you guys are freezing cold lol listen everything okay. It got cold in this studio I don't know about. Her honors chambers bit in this studio got really cold about thirty or 45 minutes ago my chambers have been freezing all day. I headed fighter and fun and a blanket I've been in this studio last 3040 minutes I did notice saying we want to assure any time. I am totally understand that and say some things done. Cries yes you how it's hey there I am left. It's means to you wanna pastor plated all play OK. First question. He was tired he was tired these are not acceptable excuses for NBA and has been in failure as goes back to mean it's a fact. Excuse is the key word there it's. Mean it's it's occasionally an explanation for some things in some parts of some games. And I would grant you and we've been talking about this IE I believe that there is a chance says LeBron is showing. A little bit of the effect of having played record number of minutes and I kind of stuff. But no one exception in a post season and you shouldn't it's it's it's it's tiring so be tired later is essentially sports is theory. It does it may help explain certain breakdowns and certain parts of again that'll never be accepted as an excuse. And neither of the cavs nor the warriors or anyone else will be able to ride that all at march U is a losers coming up for the reason. Eric Y eighty meaning he was tired we retired at these are not acceptable excuses for NBA post season failure is as active and as well our fans here. Let me take it in this direction I don't think he was tired we were tired I don't think that's being offered as excuses. Hum there certainly it's an alarming trend because there was a time when no player would dream of saying I was tired no coach would say we were tired. But Steve Kyrgyz did it and now LeBron was asked about a last night he said well I had my moments as a fan. Yeah on the one hand it's shocking he retired but it's ingesting them now okay that's apparently they were worn out they shouldn't be I consider and say they shouldn't be. But it gives me a greater understanding of what happened. If the coaches and the players are being honest enough to say I kind of went there. Not except a bombed great. Folks. I stretch no way to know I think I creepy if you just because I doubt I'd have a hard time dealing with a frankly. Next question why yeah Vegas and Washington is a dream Stanley Cup matchup for the NHL rise as actor fantasy it's a fact now taxing it is absolute ideal match up but it is a dream matchup and that there are a lot of elements that are great for the NHL. You've got Vegas the great great story of one of the great stories of the year in sports the matter what happens there. And the Washington Capitals have never won the Stanley Cup. They're franchise history is up pock marked by failure after failure and they're going to the Stanley Cup finals. They've never won at the second time they've been to a whole batch Q and is it true superstar. No matter who wins there's going to be a great story coming out. Of this Stanley Cup final and these are two fan base is gonna get very excited it's very very good matchup for the National Hockey League. Aren't Bryant's yes Vegas and Washington is a dream Stanley Cup matchup for the NHL aren't as active and the fact and it's why. And and you know because it doesn't limit their were there's other scenarios that would also be great for the NHL but this is wonderful. Bomb for league dad is just generally speaking and no matter what time it's in season it's starved for attention it has a hard time competing. At least in the states that it it has a hard time competing with. Basketball when it's going and football and it's going and even college hoops and this is one of those biggest became one of those stories. Debt. Debt actually sort of punched through a lot of the other noise because we were forces and look at this this is crazy he shouldn't be happening. So yet to get what they want and in the capital's bring a whole lot of history and it's a really good balance. So archer is on the right and I was also going place on giving up. I go on Don you were. Of course they're right. Holding fifteen yards better believe it. I collecting grants them with their pride wounded the warriors bounce back in a big point tonight weren't as active fans think it's a fact. How ever I must say at this juncture because I just saw it that Steve Kerr has pronounced Andre Iguodala outs. For the game tonight. With that said I love the warriors bouncing back here because without Iguodala. The other night and playing as badly as they played it was a one possession game they had their top three shooters. Together she poorly and that almost never happens they played. Irresponsible possessions and that. Can easily be lessons not necessarily canceled out yet there's a little bit about pride in their but mostly assist about them bouncing back. I Y eighty with their pride wounded the warriors bounced back in the big weight tonight brisk as fact or in this I don't see. I hesitate together because I'm contradicting myself I said before the series started that the war is would win in six if they don't win tonight they can't win in six. But I just I don't see it tonight there's doubt in their eyes. These warriors they want a championship they lost in seven of the cavs they won another championship two time champions but this is the first time under Steve Kerr. That they've been to two in a series. Without home court advantage and the last game. Saw some alarming thing some taken some really bad shots in key situations. I think there is doubt in their eyes I think their plan one of the better teams they've played since they've been under Steve Kerr. And without Egan Dalai I would expect there's a good chance they get in foul trouble tonight early which will further compromise their party short rotations. I don't think things go well for the worst tonight. I want ET you re really do what I have to be cells back. You're right. Okay not it's all right and then I want you to do right bent wilting. I question where you all the marbles. The long run make air and judges 471 foot shot last night is still the most exciting claim based on risk as factor fans it's it's just. Is very exciting. You know each sport has their own unique moments that are uniquely exciting. To that sport the most exciting in baseball there's nothing quite like it. It's the walk off home run. Especially win a guy comes to the play. In his team is down three any hits a Grand Slam. There is nothing like it because your you got. You have to play your teams down three you're probably going to lose and then I walk off Grand Slam home run. Which some call a super slam it's happened 28 times. In baseball 28 different players have done it now one player has done it twice. Babe Ruth did it once it there's nothing as exciting as were down three were in trouble bases we got a chance here. Walked off all and there's a Grand Slam walk off in this case is super slam most exciting thing in baseball. I IE I envy anyone is actually had the pleasure of witnessing life. Mr. baseball final question. Yes your honor the long homeland McCarron judges 471 foot shot last night is still the most exciting playing baseball risk as factor means. It's a fantasy aggregates like. Do. But I must say I'm. Why do you actually convince me of this sometime ago went and it's a longstanding conversation needs to have about the most exciting playing baseball and I'm now firmly a believer. That the most exciting thing that can happen in baseball is not the long home run or even the game inning home run but the inside the park home run. Because that almost always involves something really weird it's either estranged kick or runner unexpectedly. Challenging for the fourth base for home. And and drawing a rush thrower and exciting play at the plate it doesn't happen very often I don't have numbers like why he does I think you know from watching baseball. Hardly ever does it happened when it does a crowd goes crazy I mean it's one of those moments when you realize a front view this is actually happening. It's rare but it's worth it. How are both really good and there is both great vigils that you provided an. However meant only to do this I have to go right and that's on day. Owner you have to make it sound so bad. Congratulations plucky. Yeah okay thing to do thank you thank you likely ruined today for a summary is de LA hey there's the Asher price helmet. It's lovely it's Serb special and it's rusty by Aston price. But the best advice don't think twice called custom imprints thank you very much Ashton price thank you again rob you know rob is on went out and found this a cockamamie helmets somewhere in broadening and thank you rob a fabulous again you Tampa back is that she's expense that and I told him that I would look into.