Fact or Fantasy 5/23/18

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Wednesday, May 23rd
The new kickoff rules are ruining football...

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Well you know I had a birthday yesterday and it wasn't that big a deal was to meet in the Stanley and realized it wasn't a big deal nationally this year because portola closer to 45. Tomorrow. How you figure well I mean it's just like yeah yeah okay why he's pretty I Bartolo Cologne 45. How about that. I don't think it takes any that shine off your day. And I would suggest to your pizza tasted just as good there's no question I always Alicia would trip why pepperoni on did you lose find find find birthday and that it salary it was just a weak way of trying to get into talking about Bartolo Colon and some birthday which is. Tomorrow he's worked his way into fans' hearts in baseball lore prides. Mr. Kelly what an idiot can't. Load additional questions and he has because he's a suspended player a confirmed cheater we go about him people think oh he's just but he's just so funny. You've taken on a fun out of it knuckle I'm telling you he's clearly loved. People love them enough to overlook you know a minor flaw here there. The first batter that Bartolo Cologne ever faced in the majors was Darin Erstad. Our took on still pitching the Darin Erstad. Not so much he's no longer playing in the majors lets see he's allowed 420 home runs total to 294 different hitters including. Alex Rodriguez Frank Thomas Mo Vaughn will Clark Albert Belle Matt Stairs Jim Edmonds. Jason Giambi king Griffey junior and Paul Konerko Paul Konerko also labor Tories Mike Trout Bryce Harper. Nolan are not many Michelle I don't Giancarlo Stanton yeah block a few times deals these in the newbies how is it that PD's are not that he's thrown like an 88 mile an hour. Two seamer and he still. Somewhat effective whether these acts. Well this year pretty effective I like many answers really just the movement on the pitch which she certainly that Ari I think you can argue he's nearly perfected. Because he can he can start a pitch middle. And have you loving it and swinging at a pitch that bin moves out of the zone entirely or a concerted pitch out. And have you get rung up. And it can truly frustrating fashion it's the one pitch never changes that white is and everybody else do that because they can't control the way he can it's not a question of knowing how throw the pitch. In candidate most guys in baseball can be taught to throw any pitch in about two days for the can't perfected so he perfected one pitch certain. Mean Trevor Hoffman in the hall same. With essentially one pitch out of bullpen right no. One Perry's fastball changeup and we used ever really good fastball and yeah our guys thrown one pitch he's not golf fame but he's on a fastball. It sounded better yeah you know I mean it's the heat he perfected it that's really what happened then 45 by the way it's okay. Now what do you mean by that these fifty if he's today. And who collection 45. Happy birthday I take it you're not getting my card tomorrow up. Lighting his buddies jolly jolly. I suffer rise guys back to Tennessee brought by afternoon prize for the best advice don't think twice golf Ashton. And price were playing for the Ashton and price helmet who wins well that's up to. Our guys. She's nervous about the cast an attic in town hall just a little just a little nervous yeah yeah. Doesn't make you feel better to another mark premises are going to win the series. It doesn't feel better Uga and it should. Grads are on you've got LeBron and they don't get it don't actually that we need to win tonight this of the Muster enough so I'll say we'd put it okay. I mean my share it sent them you know why is it ever. Time you take shots of the judge you stare at me because I know not that because I know you radiate in us that same kind of thing tied at no time limit I had nothing to do with that him. I say week. Why AD yes you do have a helmets only because yesterday was your primary realize that today it will not goes easy on you know. But east or that the toys like to pass a play do you have any preference. Do I know I don't and I'll play it looked like righty Chris quest to make any sportsmanship points during that you don't know my high school gospel team when them a sportsmanship award gold star for you keep moving on eagle star. Not bad. When he first question yes Steve Perry should have called that timeout on the worst final possession has as fact and fancy. Yes. Fact Steve security and call the timeout he says we're open to catch their defense before they were sat we'd be in transition but they scored twelve points in the fourth quarter. So the warrior offense was falling apart they were tired they were making bad decisions would have been a good time there to call the time out. And let's run some thing. Would've worked well on an indication we have is that with half a second ago they did call timeout they had to and they got a wide open shot it was missed but I think. And in retrospect they really should have called time out there and it's one of the many reasons why they lost that game. Aren't writes guest speaker should have called that timeout on the warriors final possession as inspector Tennessee outlining I agree on this and it's a fact he should have called time out. Not really it's much mystery there and I think we both saw the same thing they were that they were out of sync but but more to the point they had just played a bunch of sloppy possessions in a row. Gas definitely so they had tired legs and is one of the rare times and they really love that. Get up and go thing they're good about it but this is on those rare times they needed to actually. Gather themselves. I agree with you and you're gonna quite. Here I'll back to back to Tennessee just a bonus. Barbara ESPN thirteen. Yeah update desk this is the update to the river in Foster story. The judge who took nearly a week to determine the value of the charges against him has ruled that there is insufficient evidence. To proceed with domestic violence charges now remember there's a weapons charge that is I believe still pining. The domestic violence charges one of two of domestic arts and other was I believe. Preventing someone from leaving the scene then those charges have been dismissed. That clears the way as you can imagine for a Vince Foster to rejoin the 49ers practice this has nothing do with what the league might do. The NFL that is but from a league front he apparently legal front I should say the domestic violence charges were dismissed this afternoon thank you more details as we can. Either of them coming up top of the hour my apologies your honor back to you and factor in no apologies necessary. Grads are emitting none of the the next questioned us DO yes James turns dunk over dream on was the play of the night for Houston risk as factor fantasy. I'd say it's a fact and and they've had a bunch of things go right I I think. I I I wouldn't argue was most important thing that happened but if you're talking about a signature play a moment the you'll take out of the game an image that lingered in people's minds. It was definitely that because Harden goes up he beats two defenders it's not really dram Mans fault actually because all he's doing his. He sees Harden beat the other guys and he runs kind of slides over the last minute to help. So he's in the frame when it all happens. It's the it's less about whether he's in it as it was a symbolic moment in which the rockets looked strong in the worst week. And that doesn't happen very often especially not an oracle. Way medium James turns dunk over dream on was the play of the night for Houston as inspector fantasy I'd say this. Really I admit it's really kind of play one in one day here to me the play of the night for Houston was Hardin late first half. Member of the worst start of the game with a twelve all running here was late first half Houston's coming back. And the wars are trying to you know Kabul at least to tie it going in the break and Kevin Durant and it comes out 101 against James Harden and Harden. Just pick some clean reaches around knocks the ball out steals it goes down by himself. And dunks it and to mean not only was at symbolically a big while ages stole. To rein in the wars launched there too mean during it was not the same player after that I think each. Comment as mode Joseph sucked out on that places to meet Harden stealing it from drain in the open floor and dunking. That was the play of the night for the rockets. Justin take our tax credits now I think most people at your honor. I think that's safe and I think that's the consensus I really did it seems to be so different they don't know feel better kept. Why unit questioned the warriors lack of depth was the key to their demise last night prisoners back to Tennessee I think it was. I had it submits as evidence if I may. The following numbers here the worse course you got two starters in the first corner scored 28 points while on their a 2819. Second courting got to rest some irregulars gonna go to your bench I know Iguodala. The warriors in that second quarter they got a place on the bench guys are scored eighteen points. Third quarter we know the words are great the third quarter starters back on the floor boom. 34 points look like they were on their way they're up ten going to the fourth quarter when again you got to rest some your stars. And the warriors scored twelve points. The bench did not perform well without Iguodala. Further taxing the regulars. Old major minutes for all the starters except for come on loony and the warriors were they were spent by the time the game ended. One big reason why they had nothing left in the tank in the fourth quarter. Interest in Christ yes your honor the warriors lack of depth was the key to their demise last night ranked as the actor and think it's a fantasy. No question that they'd be heard tended not having you Dolly it affects the way that they play but a couple things jumped out about last night first volley shot incredibly poorly and with everything else duly noted if they even make a couple of shots they still win in my bit ragged win but they would have won the game. So that's amazing thing curry Klay Thompson Kevin Durant all had terrible shooting nights. That's how you want it shooting 39% as a team and even if you have. I'm a shorter rotation than usual. If you make a couple shot sure fine there's not about the heavy legs at that point that out one or two shots the other thing that I think really jumped down. Wasn't so much so lack of depth is a lack of versatility. They have an idiot you know when they look down their bench is coming and see enough guys is that they saw. I don't know three or four big man that seemed to have no role they have for such a good team. A surprising amount of duplication in their roster way to many sinners for example. Think staying I was ready to go right into Easter are my friends don't all proud. Very well done by a question now worth all the marbles parents had to deal. The NFL's kick off route changes are unnecessary and it will hurt beginning rest as after Tennessee. How ominous it's a fantasy. Meet personally I won't argue their unnecessary I I don't think that changing the kick off the way they're trying to change a kick off. Will actually accomplish much in the way of what they're trying to get done this is again one of the NFL's. Goatee smokescreen issues well we're trying to cut down entries well. If you eliminate the kick off maybe otherwise you're kind of moving. You know chess pieces really. It's this part of the phrase will hurt the game and not so much let's face it. I don't mean to get cynical but not too much does hurt the game at this point they're still kicking off. Which is what a lot of people want it's the probably going to be okay. Interesting aren't quite deep final question. The NFL's kick off road changes are unnecessary a panel heard the game restaurants after can see. I think it's a fitness. But god for the reasons my esteemed colleague presented. The NFL kickoff rules are not a necessary. Changes had to be made and I I've been one who for a long time is said look to kick up a big part again you can't change it. But I I read some today that led me to finally understand some have to be done here. Over the last three years there have been eleven concussions on plays in the NFL. Kickoffs that work hunch backs. That's plays where you kick hitting goes through the end zone know anything carries the ball eleven concussions on. Touch backs if you're getting concussions on touch backs. Clearly something had to be done by a league that is trying to the curb concussions so to me there's going to be appeared where it's going to be a feeling I was gonna hurt the game. A little bit is going to be awkward supposedly going to be more returns but people are gonna have to figure out. How do you defend this now how big of a role that has but I to me the kick up rules I've finally come around I see the light these changes are absolutely necessary. I'm not. Very yet I feel like I'm gonna get there and then and it can take me mint ice I still think there are necessary and I agree cries that they won't record the game. I. Know I got its box and you're confessed yourself. That's up you know I don't even know it we've all been in the protocol for some time Dexter and you'll Mark Bryant Larry are you why you all be contest if you Wear that now there actually you know we're an actual competition. It's the Ashton and price helmet brought to buy Aston price for the best advice to on the twice call lasted in pricing Kuna treasures and thank you your honor. Your honor. Angela yes yes thank you for noting that it has been covered all I asked today was I saw down Lal a travesty democracy that I wanna my birth that's not true at all you want on your birthday and that's a good yet but I really the it was it was a one I was most proud of felt like key communities in in a major yes but thank you asked in a price thank you judge Amy get like you cast tonight. Did Jamie you know I can hear that came here any history in thirteen twenty if you're perhaps on the go. When again explaining you're not near TV. Or stuck in your hours on their office in business.