Fact or Fantasy 5/15/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, May 15th

The Kings are clearly due for some good lottery luck...


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Moment of the cavaliers and Celtics tonight. Liar. I care fierce and Arty little. Good bye good riddance draft lottery earlier today Dallas heart felt I want Sarah we are all sides acted on I didn't care where I can't wait for it to be gone just die die uncle on the basis you know. Evolving die lottery die like a virus she can get rid of it just says Cheney dead and dying dead die lottery it's not it's it's not going away naturally not but they're gonna change that percentage is at least. In that in head in ain't been admittedly lame but but but heartfelt effort. To prevent more teams from tanking this was an epic year for tanking in the NBA's got a problem and an acknowledges that it's a bad luck. It probably can never fix it as long as you get rewarded for being worsening. And I don't oppose you getting rewarded for being worse because after all. This is an entertainment. Industry and you don't want teams to stink she wants some semblance of competitive balance absolutely I'm not sure to parental would be if there was no draft. Oh yeah no I mean. Never an and I there are other ways to venture something closer to a competitive balance but can only do that. I don't think they've got the guts to do that to impose a hard cap for example. Where you actually get rewarded for being the better working front office. As opposed to the richest organization moon but they're not gonna do that well they don't need to because they're making too much money the way it is now. You can you can argue all all of the leagues can argue how rich they are. Your ultimately trying to carry take. Decades of Italy you know it's never about your this one year even three year five year projection line no but in order to do what you're proposing your radical proposal you gotta. A large cap is that right players' union on board and you know you got pretty decent relations so far relationship right now with the players union so it's pride not worth the trouble right now when there was make money as it is. Yes I'm. It's a great. I'm I'm very skeptical that this model can continue to existing teams tank. Anywhere near in the numbers and I'm not sure natural fixes its. Well I was trying police are addressing it yes we'll see I mean I'm I'm a little skeptical I think that the reward for tanking is now perceived as huge. And if that continues to be. Bottom there's a great trade off than you probably have teams continue to actively try to stick them and that's bad for basketball except we'll continue to make money hand over fist. Yeah you mr. media a year wringing your hands that's fine we're making money that's right thank you try to spend your money and we should do yourself. Right now Krajina about going head to head on today's hottest topics what the heck is this that's a good question. My retirement religious right has factor in his seat. Struck by afternoon price for the best advice don't think twice caught Ashton and price that you know GSB a little nervous tonight. Better caskets are down 01 yes yes she's the one they LA to. The very nervous not looking forward to it really helped the cavs can pull it out. I know you'd used to have a great distaste for the Celtics in Paul Pierce and yes but these Celtics. And punch you guys right price kind of like a. And not as much snow. I don't hate them as much out of politics is not fair but it's still not somebody I would ever for. Now by game five if UT QB gets a part I'm sure you'll have some resentment for guys like Al Horford and smarts. I made a mall on. No could be getting it fans yeah yeah I give it one more game you'll start to a sports at a sports say just fine. Sports Tate is not real hate. Sports say just puts it there's a lot of activity that I support to me why you're now but at that wow. Friends like you as he keeps open the darkened door yes you have a helmet he would like to pass the plane oplink Eric for as best you can apply. Let's play. The rockets we can withstand Durant game plan is deep these flood risk as factor fantasy. It's fact I can't believe. I say that knowing that there probably will never be. For them an exact way to beat the warriors it's gonna make sense every game they play. But what then but the the rockets coach Mike and Tony said after the game was essentially well he's can get his points and you don't team sometimes concede that but the way he sent it he said in a way of like we can't guard him. And I think that. If there's one guy that they might have a chance to to actually disrupt. It's a guy his six foot eleven but puts the ball on the ground. And if I were Dan Tony and I suspect that maybe there's a little bit less trees behind his answer any once you believe. I imagine inning game two that's part of what they were looked death exactly trendy is got and disrupt a guy who absolutely canceled them in game. Aren't white you. The rockets we can withstand drinking plant is deep they flaw addressed as fact or fantasy I think it's a fairness. I don't think it's so much deeply flawed and of course we'll find out here in the games to come. So much as it was just Corley exe Q did. I mean look at what the warriors did they allowed James Harden gave up by should say 41 to James Harden. So the rockets' best player scored 41 and the warriors were fine when that because they pretty much held everybody else and checked the problem for the rockets. Are right they they gave up 372. To rant but they also gave up fifteen wide open threes. To clay Thompson scored 28 so Durant scored 37 yeah I think they can live with that. But they have to tighten up you can't allow him to score 37 and clay to get whatever he wants. Their defense has to be a lot better even if it is to rant still gonna score but I think they can withstand a big game from Iran if they play everyone else better. I'm going with rides on the so odd. Deeply flawed though there's a deeply deeply flawed yes next question lady. And let's face it with all the bad lottery luck they've had the kings are due for some good luck whereas as actor fancy all that's just. Tennessee. It's like your ownership of prime may. Flip a point 5050 right button okay the five flip a coin. Eight times in a row and it's heads were early odds that is going to be had to next time. Same 5050 yes that same thing the kings and a lot of bad luck here but the odds are what they are regardless of what they've done in the past so they are due for any. Good luck. Probably the best suck they're gonna housing and enterprise where the words seven but they do for good luck as events problems in the past. No it just doesn't work that way that's not a math works kid's book that. Fair enough. Crash it's yes let's face it with all the bad lottery luck they've had the kings are due for some good progress has factored in it's a fantasy. Why he's certainly right about the odds that I actually challenge the question with all the bad luck they've had. I'm Jason Jones regret. Here at their best lottery picks that's less important to me than discovering by reading it. That in five of the teen years they have the sixth or better panic it's not like bad luck would mean hey we finished seventh but for some reason we got the tenth pick in the draft. They've picked six or higher five times. That's not bad luck that's bad drafting. I really appreciate the challenge the question don't read on the island of identity thing if you okay. Foot if you. We just move on Alice Errol why I think pickings have had good more often than not in the lottery they've moved down. Okay why didn't hiding chills when they went up or down but if you pick to me if you pick six or higher. And half of the draft that you get it that's not bad luck as bad draft Oca. We move on I. I was gutsy I really enjoyed it. Next Kaiser now rags yes job one for the cavs tonight is simple did LeBron Dowling has as fact Tennessee. That's a fact your honor the risk being overly simple. I am that the but the reason that I think that that's always the answer to everything that the cap org got to get LeBron going but in this case. I know how much he tries to get his teammates going early. And that is so much easier if he gets offered. If LeBron starts off to game incredibly aggressive giving us looks getting his shots in the floor opens up for those guys and you know. He wants to distribute a little he wants to involve guys it's so much easier. If he first and foremost to Savvis is that he's the threat again today that's what they should do. Aren't white medium job one for the cavs Knight is simple get LeBron telling risk as factor fancy well I think it's a fancy. But it's very close in order to get their offense going and get LeBron scoring they have to defend better. Edited video today were broke this down I'd advise in particular is spent thirteen twenty dot net to get a chance. The thing is in game one the Celtics shot 51%. So more than half the time the Celtics get the ball on the bottom of the basket and then a coming down and they're facing a Boston defense that is set Boston's a Berry good defensive team. You have to force them to miss so you can get out and run on their defense before it's set so in order to get the offense going which they must they have to play. Better defense if they don't defend better than they did the first game. They got no chance in the series. We got the and that lady. Is you've seen the video. I've directed the video I posted the video yes I didn't yet. While is that badly publicity Edwards still on deciding whether we want a process that eventually today as the answer to Torrey Don there probably would begin if we posted before the game starts otherwise no. Greg is among and it's just a pot and on it. Final consumer it. Last are. Ladies sends a DO. MLB highlight of the night was an earthquake shaking camera during the giants win over the red. Smells that. Fact or phantom army that's. It was awful I don't know he's the video any of us whoever it you know not to earthquake came here in California probably felt an earthquake. You know if you're at their earthquake came in 89 you know with a what do shaker that wasn't. Last night yeah I was watching game Leonard RK there was an earthquake in Oakland and this morning I get up on a video. Of the camera at the giants game and it looked like the wind was blowing it and the announcers didn't even comment on the highlight of the night last night was a detainee at two Maria. Of Tampa Bay. And he comes around thirty runs through the third base coach to stop sign. And he goes around the catcher runs past home plate falls down crawls back home play. And he's playing like patty cake what they catcher trying to touch the plate before it's tag any reaches around safe. That was a highlight of the night. The the whole thing they earthquake was very underwhelming. I appreciate the vigils of that explanation grads and a question. MLB highlight of the night was an earthquake shaking camera during the giants' win over the red dress is back or fans to. A fantasy plays and ever since right. I thought the crowd cheered really loud because sometimes that makes the camera shake a little that's about how dramatic it was so if you didn't know by having Twitter. Better cricket occurred you would never associated with the camera. I'm there was another play in that same Tampa Bay game that was when I wound up watching the most. And it was just because it was a freak that play at home plate was really fun I have recommended to haven't seen it but there's another Tampa Bay players name's CJ Kron. He he he so badly missed a pitch. That the he didn't do it because he's skilled he did it because he'd already committed to a swing and couldn't stop. The ball belts in front of any popped in left field as a fly out but it was a play that I went up watching on replay the most often. Both getting answers however I appreciate the visuals a lot more worries and no play on the sideline. You know well only because we aren't radio address the right answer what at present in the Asher price helmet thank you brought you as always by Ashton and price for the best advice don't think twice call Ashton in progress I show thank you mark rather irregularities in the here on. On dreaming absolutely rather did you have with the victory and you are correct he would try to results at Michael's starlet yes there you go. Thank you Ashton and price and.