Fact or Fantasy 4/12/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, April 12th

Baseball fights are good for baseball...


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The Red Sox yankees. Putting out the end. Got the Yankees who went spikes hi Austin. He was suspended five games Tyler Austin show some respect and I was a young kid he's a kid he anyway he went in spite Scion took out an infielder. I'm and then got dotted by a out of the pitcher whose name you haven't for an eagle I forgot to sister Kelly yet appellate so I don't tell him through Adam twice. I'm he got suspended for six games. And I and maybe part of it is because he missed him once. Is eight muted by the old rules rules of baseball you get one shot. You can't got a guy because after all he took you know he went after an infielder with a spikes but usually only get one shot. Abuja killing missed once inside and then him. Took Kelly six games Tyler Austin five game everybody else is a pain behind you out there yet but other guys are apparently going to be paying money to yeah Alex core till now and then CC sabathia is in a Bogart's Marco Hernandez and Dustin Pedroia and Mark McGwire for some reason audio perspective via the what are they can before the spill other day and archer. Still haven't actually heard anything. The league hasn't issued its. Ruling on that Rockies but theoretically any suspensions from the Iraqis potter sprawl could impact the giants series right San Diego. Right and I don't know if it's because it was so. Big because that one had in essentially two parts and sort of kept going. I am and so I I haven't seen a single also announced yankees Red Sox are but he saw that rocky spotter is known song when I was. Don't know who cares don't know watching I'll take our time yeah right now Centre crowd tonight. Go ahead then this guy like the brother of baseball right guys back with pins. And it's rusty by Ashton and price. Thought the most of my stuff like vice got an enterprise value of shares judge yeah. I expected as a brawl. Ideal back for the helmet we kind of brawl verbally. And then next time. This so for Alan. What YED she wants fists a little sign that in an act that's a good morning shift this. Why decency have been outlet for some unknown reason. Because I was victorious yesterday here on earth would please the court and even if it doesn't I don't believe it I don't believe it it happened. Well you it's choosy tacitly do you care sir no rob do you care who goes first prompted a denial of care I'll go first play than about anything. But scandal ID. The player with the most proven these NBA playoffs is James Harden is inspector fantasy vision point but I say it's how do you say in this game it's a fantasy. I would agree James Harden has some things to prove he's probably gonna win the MVP award this year but you know the playoffs are different animal and last year he fell apart in the playoffs when he got his equal in his bank will mixed up. And slumber his way through a crucial. Series inning loss to the spurs. I think the guy with the most approve in the playoffs and one of the reasons he's so greatest because he always places that he has a lot to prove. When you're trying to prove you're the greatest player ever and that your better than the guy who is considered the greatest player ever that's a lot to prove. Now he's actually. Amid a lot of headway in doing that but I think LeBron is that got the most approve now because I feel that way because he plays that way in his mind he always has a lot to prove. One of the reasons I enjoy lunch and. In testing. Crichton's. Yes the player with the most approve of these NBA play us is James Harden has has backed a fancy. No I also think it's a fantasy. But but it's close it's not LeBron either. I think that their guy with the most approved in the playoffs is a got to Houston added to make him a super parent that's Chris Paul. James Harden certainly had a weird into his playoffs last year. Chris Paul has been associated with the clippers team that just couldn't get out a second round just couldn't get it done couldn't get it done couldn't get it done. What happens he leaves the clippers to go to soup to its form this. Super team in Houston. In the regular season record reflects. That that's basically what they became. So now they will be judged and he's got the most to proof. But nothing to prove light come on just. Right. And that's LeBron is trying to prove he's the best wherever that's a lot proof. We Chelsea. Right next question yes attorney wants to play more and the angels need a friend wasted do that as inspector can also tell us. I don't know. He's excited he's playing well. But they have very specifically. Make sure that even though is good hitters that they given the day before he pitches off in the day after he pitches off there's a reason patent. The reason is that Major League pitching is incredibly draining. And that most of the pitches he throws are high leverage. I stressed pitches. And right now the reason you don't do anything in me even if he says he'd love to play more is that it's all working. He's been really good on the mound he's been really good at the plate. At some point. Wait later in the season there might be a moment where the manager thinks I can use that bat every day. But right now you don't change something is working this well that's this big of an experiment. Aren't aren't Y 81. A tiny wants to play more and the angels in different ways to do that breast expect a fancy. That's a fat and I'd be very surprised they don't find ways to do that as for the notion that well maybe later in the years they wanna do that. To please the court even into done a dozen isn't like saying. The thing is the games that are being played now the winds they count just as much as the winds that she might be peaking out in September the wins in September they're not waited like the last question in Pakistan as he could you got a guy was hitting. I may look up his average are 364 with three home runs. You got a guy who's hit the cover off the ball a red hot right now he's only DH Ing sound like he's playing the field. So I think you got a guy is that hog this is a time when you do wanna play a more when his bat taught so we can help. You win games which again cal doesn't much now as they will in September. I can't see it right we have just like yeah yeah I can't. Can't see why you'd rather have a guy. Wanna see it it's the exact same prayer went on some error when it waited. Put it a habit but okay. Say they him from posting what you're right I hadn't looked you don't wanna gas and now you wanna same for the postseason. Now makes national writing yup about it the policies saying. Yes sorry I lost my cool if she did. I'd like to do we saw yesterday are good for baseball prisoners after Tennessee. No right to their best baseball I think there's some upside. As fans we pay a lot of money to watch the games and we want to think the players care as much as we do ranked so when you see players fighting at least it has a while they're competing they're playing hard but the thing is. These fights lead to brawls they lead to of being brawls and being balls and lead to injuries and suspensions which means that. We're going out to ballpark in the guy leak ought to see may not play because he suspended or might get hurt which is worse so. I understand and appreciate the competitiveness. But the fight so ultimately they're bad for baseball 'cause they end up on where the other take in the best players off the field a stock good. Canadians OKMR race problem. Fights like the two we saw yesterday are good for baseball or inactive Anderson that's a fantasy. Oh how. I have a particular problem with the fact that some bit bit at least one of the fights was completely predicated on a young player not understand the rules of the game. That's why I mean I there are times when the the Yankees and Red Sox getting into it isn't bad for baseball. Everybody's gonna you know everybody knows there's two teams alike it's evident reinforced yesterday. The guy in charge amounted straight up didn't understand what happened. He slid into second base with the espy Ky and created a player in the cap you're gonna get thrown. The any gets thrown out and charges them around their stupidity. Makes baseball stupid. Well good answer dollar around points. When my all time. This thing is dead even. No no no one tile time. On the question not a game it's not announced a I don't resting Greg that the deal on the pregame theatrics before for the first NHL playoff konduz in Vegas work kinda cool as a factor in us. It's a fact. There how to cook now they it was weird so odd to describe it very briefly. It's the golden knights against the kinks to be OK so they have a guy skate out in the king costume. And a golden night skate out and what ensues sort of looks like medieval times if you've ever been to medieval times or Renaissance fair for that matter. But it also kind of because it was weird and had weird lighting constant kind of a little bit like an Olympics opening ceremony which I've seen a few rough. And also about that is sure to actually in Vegas last night and that was kind of cool this is not gonna catch on in hockey. That's kind of what I liked about it it was incredibly distinctive. All right white meat I don't question them the pregame theatrics before the first NHL playoff contest in Vegas work kinda cool residents after fence. I think it's. I mean if we're gonna say it was kind of cool because it was like medieval times dinner and tournament. I'm are right there I personally have an issue would it gets kind of cool. Who is also dumb because. The guy who is the Keene comes out any as the flag and the golden Knight has a suit of armor and sword and the guy with the flag strikes the guy with the sort of the suit of armor. With the flag. And guess what he was vanquished you saw that coming the reaction on Twitter was not favorable a lot of people just clintons and I don't know what the F that was. It was a very corn ball Vegas moment. Vegas won the game but I don't think we need to see any of those type of theatrics anymore from the biggest nights. Interesting. I don't agree I mean last year panic. Yeah. It was chemical muscling I'd say every NHL team to do all they probably won't do it often I think that terminology kind of go exam and agree it was and cool. OK fair enough I congratulations mark cried learning slightly you have won the accident price cup once again surprised helmet now. But a massive price for the best advice on the price. Call Ashton and Fridays usually plan your next visit medieval times dinner and turn and let that turn that began find great savings. Kind of cool. Extremely cool. Medieval times.