Fact or Fantasy 4/10/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, April 10th

What happened to the 4th quarter lead for the Kings?


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Nomar and cried like today. He's got Jerry do something effective candidacy. Maybe an easy win I had not so fast you you have to respect the competition. You have to respect the competitor and I certainly do today. I'm both cases were talking a factor Finnessey. Phil Phil and although I know you have kind of a checkered past a factor can see how all the reasons there was left and you're here and every sings and I don't know a lot of play this idea do is I don't and I think I'm one in three years of doing that I did decried the ones but TJ you're killing one you've actually judged fact yeah he doesn't judge and in the game from every angle I consider myself the second best judge in effect of Tennessee history. Really yes. Because we got to write hearsay your own yet but he doesn't count oh OK he gets even realize he is it just he has no idea right now yeah. Time for. Dental nodding my head to head on today's hottest topics this is rising respective communities and destructive idea clemency here. After the prize device to make plays golf action and Fries and a huge. He is and I have to pay. Republican Senator Clinton can hear you going to need anything just JB UX but you notice that she didn't actually get it didn't. Relatively well. I should imagine that record she did ask she did not heard that she's very very and then forgot that I out there that's OK and Horatio to in the masters fan about Dustin Johnson Dustin Johnson. And didn't look so good and does not look so good you know I don't know why should he should dominate that of course I'm telling you he's got to go home and you know and in his his father in laws are like. What is coming into trophies with Jamie tips and how did you do did you win a major championship yet GAAP. You are deliberately drove he's a guy like 47 most valuable player in Australia. Great. That's low got the idea really as you do today that that's his head now guys that's a real when he got yeah okay you know. Are right knitting and not why eaten. Do you possess the helmets and shoes at all like to pass or play I'll just I'll play. You wouldn't perhaps for your guest well. Would you got to go first he's already said it rained right way that the boards the play he Marty said okay I'll I'll address and gentlemen and you didn't take an outcast. To stand darted 200 what neighbors question those pesky kings loss last night in San Antonio what should be all for taking a lead into the fourth quarter is as accurate as. I think it's mine says maybe we got a lot of great education for Google had not also be applauded their ego they should be applauded for tea lead a fourth quarter. Odd since I'm not sure what actually were answering here I'm gonna private sector. I don't think they should be applauded because to meet yet my English manor they gave me. Egg a game effort but then. Fourth quarter game only Indy as they gave up by a handful of consecutive dunks and layups with the game on including one to have guys like seven years old. In managing notably so I'm not gonna all bought those plucky kings now don't appreciate the with a decent apart last night. I am a tennis again and am I didn't get straight for hitting the road for me and those pesky kings Los plus nights in Kenya they should be applauded for taking really into the fourth quarter as as act and. Now that's a fact. Yeah. I know they did play poorly in the fourth quarter but for three quarters say a team in San Antonio that had to win. Had to win to make the playoffs and probably walked into that game they can they would win easily the kings gave them all they wanted. Fox was great Willie college Stein was great so yet they fell apart in the fourth quarter they didn't play well at the end of the game but for the first recorders and taking that lead into the fourth quarter yeah I applaud them for that effort. Again to fans and others. Kennedy underway here thank you I don't I want cocky Cam Newton mess plus Monica. Okay thanks moving on and a next question okay the giants' biggest problem is still at disappearing off Spencer is as active fantasy. I'm gonna say that's a fantasy. That is a problem but it's it's in the context of who they've been playing good the pitching staffs of the teams that they've been playing Diamondbacks and the Dodgers the biggest problem for the giants this year is that there and very tough division and there are going to be looking appeal at Arizona and probably LA for the rest of the season so I think that they have to be concerned that not getting more hits but they have to also recognize the situation and feel that's gonna that's gonna write itself going to on the line. All right light. Yeah. I mean in the first two games they won this year there 11 to nothing in and they want an extra innings on Saturday then they lost 21 extra innings there was 21 last night. Lot of strikeouts the game ended. Sunday with Brendan Bell taking strike three the pitching has been really good especially considering. I'm able. I remember every other shot. And yet the pitching has been very solve they have not been able to take advantage of that the offense has been in a word pathetic to this point so let's have been their biggest issue. Canada does not feel. Thought that was very good it's not that I'm not feel it today I. Convincingly I agree with you judge obviously was a great judgment and dissing any record well it's hard because I don't even know with the way she's ms. reading the questions I know what I'm so lesbians can self. I think this sealed wow lost right there right now but let's continue along. Why next question I am. The pelicans are better with out DeMarcus Cousins than they weren't him as as fact or fantasy is a tricky one I'm gonna say it's a fancy. There are different than they were with to Marcus that's for certain. When he went down they made some trades that brought in. Made it to Chu has been a real nice complementary piece to. You know brown who's gone off in even Okafor has played well but let's not for kids that's. Before he went down. The pelicans were seven and one at all any gains before DeMarcus Cousins got her to actually beat the Houston Rockets so they're different team but I think it's silly to say they're better. Without the markets gusts. I think we're better without weighty pin and it looked elegant their betterment that DeMarcus Cousins and they weren't with the amorous inspector and it it's total but that's a fact. Yeah I mean that they're better because that other people. What they've added people but also. They've allowed other people to expand their game Anthony Davis being the key among them but also holidays played fantastic. I'd love to Marcus has been gone because he's had to. And he's not able to export areas of his game to have them into the fore yet Rondo has been very good so I'd say right now. Right now playing right now they are better without the Marcus cousins. Unfortunately I do actually and as I'm not so. Legal system. Got a objection bounces are actually yeah I absolutely love a judge yeah. Let the final question is worth all the marbles on cell and I had a lead to new loud hasn't mattered they can do it but you get to start some OK questions had to deal. Joseph Montana's rates the way to game changes over time makes it hard to cop any QB again as best actor fantasy amen say that's a fact. You have heard it go. If you refer to him as the go but it's it's tougher and tougher to tell it's all it's the shifting sands of time. Make it tougher to get a foundation on. Every era so you can't say this guy is better than Mac guy has the at the time they played and we're totally different even the rules were totally different the players were totally different to the same one is the best. Sure you can go with affected the most recent goat is the best because he's the most recent but I think you've got to respect all heiress. An all time frame if you just say it's too hard to tell who's the greatest win and it's not it's not equal playing field. Think that was the science and I think it was quite EU final question I Gazprom Joseph Montana's right the way the game changes over time makes it hard to call any QB that can risk inspector fantasy that's things. Well you know he's kinda. Figured he might yet game played in different areas players get bigger and stronger and faster the players of today are better. For the players who came before them they learn the game they improved this is a natural evolution of the game and has a game evolves so too. Do the players so it's not that hard to figure she's better Sammy Baugh or Tom Brady. Tom Brady is vastly superior to slinging Sammy Baugh because he's just a better athlete and he's playing how old are you go Tom. They're now it's 39 that I do most mornings. Forty so it's not that typical Joseph Montana's and a difficult position because he was considered the greatest. By many until Tom Brady came along I'm not a Brady famine Brady's greatest quarterback of all time. It's really not that difficult especially to gonna compare him to the guys who played in the 20s30s and forties. Come on you know you can't win that point no way. My. I'm happy they can probably do good go to bed real good car. And you could hear. Maybe just like how can I get a letter -- Smith grinned at me when when they maybe that's true best judge ever. You have one for the time being let me get it for the Ashton priced well it fantastic they used to Wear when he's in high school yes I did brought you by accident price for the best advice to only twice. Paul Ashton and price and you've also won this. For your iPod is Tommy LaSorda sing in turn down from what. Yeah. Perry got that's for you fan of congratulations you're the big win. And it's. Certainly worth it. Coming up next say just Jamie thank you think rob how did you ever scored. You're a hoax. Again either after the terrible things he's had a value of OK to have.