Fact or Fantasy 3/7/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, March 7th

Are the Warriors back on track?


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Factor can see coming up vs its RT you've been waiting tonight right wants to TV is have softer side by. Factor fantasy did you go to battle they are today what's going on sir. Walk in your new phone sounds great today are doing O nine you know you just don't move where we are just. Fear is driving putting park. You'd think they or relegate. The Oxford yep well here. The Seahawks still have other decisions to make you know they be as much as they're getting their defense now they have to figure out. We do with Earl Thomas is another like highly valued player that he really has no place on your defense so. Yeah I don't know what he's the enemy fire and yet here it out about it for about what they law all have basically made them one into. So they've now lost four super ultimate one right move to give him like you can let patriots fairway fired and five. I mean what teens who needs Hillary merely bought tickets which unit of careful in percentage. Of its in its at least been the receivable. I might hide my mind's blank I can I have nothing four yards and I'll researchers don't get back to you. I think they're out. Out there you know the LA area. Dennis Avery can outs. Effort but no shirt vendor Erica and yes I am and I enjoyed it literally in this secret kitten. And then I Hartley at halftime. And that was at halftime I was at an okay. Or it. A pretty well thought oh it was a monster. Talked to him on the front you have did you ever see the sack attack. Welcome mr. Yeah of course racquet you know those with the news and what that caterpillar that ever without coach to cap mean joke that was O brother. Surprise that it sticker on a out of electrical want. On a football watch. Thank you largesse RJ some sort of just about anything you putting golden ones some people would wanna watch case you get to go legal once senator Washington. Yeah that is of backyard right now senator tried tonight. Yeah I had ahead on today's out of some exercise gets back to Tennessee but by after the price for the rest of my building wife thought I. And Fries a kid nobody beyond lame. I gentlemen how well your eyes your honor charity and good and do. Great to her rags and you have the helmet only does will start at the of these so hard to beat your honor and any advice. Trier a. You're in a pastor flagrant stuff like that's like he he's so good on the Smart move know why it's a I'm not really sure it is I just had to play yes your honor let me on bell is tremendous oxygen to get through in my event. But he's not worth fourteen mil a year to the Steelers as as active and actually that's a fantasy. I don't know your honor if he would get fourteen million dollars on the open market. Although I think there's a chance he might. Even though that's a high number for running back really high. But he's definitely worth fourteen million to the Steelers and we know this for two reasons one. There's still aspiring to win a championship in two. They just agreed to pay of fourteen million some early show at the confusion is clearly he's worth it to them end. Let's face it he's an elite level running back in a league full of pretty good running backs he's way beyond pretty good. Right why the move Levy and Ellis tremendously is not worth fourteen million to a year. A year to the Steelers risk as architects. Yeah I knew it commensurate rise and I I think that as fast. Kenya as mark says they've agreed to pay its dome but he may hold out they may have problems with them he could show up for week ten here's the thing. He is phenomenal. But they have too many defensive needs to your Steelers especially with she easier hurt. Too many defensive needs when you've got a salary cap or a pair running back a disgruntled back at that. Fourteen million dollars to many other things they need to spend that money. You Democrats had maintenance until you started touch play so well I'm right. You know. Yet does seal of approval from a steeler fan I know it very gratifying pinky and tell them let's go get rid of and then into our own. Clearly trying to they went anchors. After going through some mid season only to clear the warriors are back on track as as active in the eyes of fans. Alex six in a row but let's just look at the last to those losses last night they barely beat the nets they were getting booted all they were losing in the third quarter. He before that they barely beat the lowly Atlanta Hawks. Dream on green is not shooting well is three point field goal percentage this year is under 30%. And they're not defending the three point line like they did last year last year there were number one this year they're number eight in the league. So they're fine team but they're not where they need to be to beat the rockets and they're not all the way back yet they still have some work to do. I'm right in your mention it turnovers. Frank soon after going through some mid season Malays it's clear the ward get back on track Crist as active and that's factor. Back on track. Is a great way to describe what the warriors deal and winning 60. You know they they haven't all been not every team they've played is a giant killer mean they played the nets last night but. Couple things have jumped out to me one has been. The way they've shot particularly from three point land which they did again last night and put up a ton but they made. Eleven of 23 in time we shooting 48 proceed to its right and the other is they're doing what they'd. To initially did when they were really really good and that is Dayton they turn of all of they've created turnovers they've blocked shots and they do a lot of that. And those are things that really put him against it. Actually agree with you parents. France is the point all right fair enough your honor we. And feel. More flash drive. And here we have to go with your permission I have producers tell him merely on several more questions. Okay then final question okay grads are gonna start with you oh okay. Sewell was right last night when he blamed for good rest for the kings' playoff loss to Shaq and the lakers in a two risk as factor fantasy. Now positions clear it's a fantasy. As I've said many times a great talking point I covered that series I was at those games there's no question that went out in the fourth quarter of game six. Was at the very least unnerving. It could have been straight out. Crooked although I don't think we're gonna get that far. The problem for C Webb and everybody else involved there is that they still had a game seven to play they had it at home. Against the lakers right down the road from where are sitting. And they had it late in the fourth quarter loss in the fourth quarter got forced overtime and then lost the game in overtime partly because. They missed fourteen of their thirties free throws they had the championship there to be one just awakens. Aren't final question where I'd eaten C Webb was right last night when he went cricket grants for the kings' playoff loss to Shaq and the lakers and out to risk as active fantasy yeah I think that's a fact. If I see mr. credit my esteemed colleague even said he used he Carty said dad might have been crooked. It fourth quarter might of intricate game six yeah and if wasn't crooked. The kings win that series Scot Pollard fouled out of that game six he found out in eleven. Minutes. Lawrence thunderbird had three fouls in six minutes the lakers in the fourth quarter game six keep in mind the stuff that the NBA won the lakers to win. Other series they wanna game seven they needed the lakers to win that game 64 quarter of game six lakers shot 27. Free throws twelve seconds ago king's death of one Mike Bibby gets elbowed in the nose by Coby. His nose is bleeding. There was no foul call that's why a lot of kings of clinic into this they will tell you. Yeah we should of one game seven but the referees that's so it was weird about game six crooked refs cost the kings game six in the series. I think you both make great points how ever. The point and the wind shows stale flat. I was like as a truncated win today so with a masters but I'll tell elementary and does religion isn't the other trap Ozzie oh there's the asked a price on how to last year price but the best I don't think twice on Ashton and price a few. Mr. Craig Weller Michael Leiter they think you're on an acute.