Fact or Fantasy 3/22/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, March 22nd

What's the game of the night tonight?


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Prides and I get ready to go ahead dead. On today's hottest topics in their we're gonna take you at this and sweet sixteen action we got the whole sermon here an ESPN thirteen points this fact them. All good in the their first game today is right. Right Allegheny due to write to the Nevada game so thanks goodness for those five hour energy brackets those labels which imports which some picks. Here in there and marinara and there and there. But I do think I legitimately still have three in my final four teams left you should be proud he suffered that's true because I am quite sure that I think I've got two left. Is that North Carolina coming out one of the brackets him and not only a month. In Virginia cal let me down a little light Tia Pollyanna go to the final four. I eat I had them out here to the sweet sixteen at least Imus yeah actually I had a coming all the way through that's exactly what I had. A North Carolina beating Virginia and one of the semifinals that you said you're doing pretty good on your sweet sixteen. Regular. Original picks on death. I I would say brackets I would say seeds you know three to twelve so I did pretty well and I. That's right through that see how well you do here. Cyber bread tonight. To go at each other on rise guys factor finishing its roster by accident price for the best advice don't think twice caught ash dead and price. She isn't she losses in the tournament winner Buckeyes were eliminated the what. Yeah let's check. It to lose lanterns but I deathly was like I beat Boston and it looks to remain on yet yeah when the next hour starts a week from today again. This is this is. Visited grinder week. Luckily have college fastball to keep you company away eaten. Most people. Sorry your honor. And lighting yes used to of the helmets. So you'd get to go first is it okay if I lost to where it is other it is it's it's on. And actually need okay John pastor play I'll play. At. Russia might sweet sixteen game of the night tonight's content Ebert Kansas State risk as factor Nancy I don't think so. Are split hairs here because all these matchups have something to offer to me number eleven Loyola Chicago. Curses number seven Nevada Reno which is the first game we're gonna have for you tonight. It's so unlikely that an eleven and a seven and the smaller schools are meeting here in the sweet sixteen. To mean this is a game it's a matchup that really captures the essence of March Madness are you kidding me and they're both really good teams to. These teams represent the surprises. That make March Madness so much sponsored to me that's again my most looking forward to plus but it possibly came on our show. Last week when a week or whenever it was was last week it was last week it's actually wasn't that many days ago assists a lot's happened in a short amount of time. Well credits yes sweet sixteen game of the 1990 detect Ebert Kansas State has as fact and not think it's a fantasy old school. And I agree with why he on the game and it's partly because it's Nevada but really it's because. Both teams have great back stories and really in the tournament I think a lot of us. Who did not follow Loyola of Chicago during the season or anything like apple we can get into a good back story. And both of these teams have interesting stories Nevada story we know a little bit better but how few. Scholarship players the event have left on their team because of injuries and everything I'm and the fact that they both had to score of major major. No that is cased as ridiculous comebacks to get to this point that's the best game. And to give all the gas I don't wanna tie but that's a good. And quite tight unit. Next question writes we want to worry the and it's well as doing the right thing by not changing the pass interference penalty from a spot south at fifteen yards risk as Pakistan's I think that back. When they're I'm I'm I'm just I've thought this all along the idea to meet. Is exactly how this would go. The way pass interference works now is if you commit the penalty the ball goes to where you committed the penalties so it's way downfield it's way downfield. If they had changed the rule which are thinking about doing no matter where you interfere with a guy trying to catch a pass it's just a fifteen yard. Penalty from the line instrument. So if you're getting beat horribly on a pass just drag your guy down because the worst it's gonna cost him his fifteenth. Anything longer than fifteen yards. Defenders would feels just completely free to just start Poland receivers down into me that takes away a huge part of the NFL the past game is something there's been a lot of time. Essentially encouraging and this would Timmy take it back the other way I'm glad they're not making this change. I like eaten the NFL is doing the right thing not changing the pass interference penalty from a spot out to fifteen aren't risk is back to meet us. It finishes its. Scenario Marc describe since the scenario that coaches fear here where DB has beaten so it fifteen yards on drag down the receiver. That does already happened in fact it happened. That late in the year Monday night game between my Bengals and your Steelers. And the Bengals weren't covered zero so they have no safeties Pacman Jones was covered Antonio Brown or somebody and he saw all. He's gone and so distract him doubt it does happen even now with the rule the thing is EC I got rob up for grabs and there. Sometimes a bad call because it's such a difficult call to meek. Where the official beacon changing game he won downfield but the way the rule is now and Alice sent a team there on the two yard line it's like. They really don't deserve to be on the two yard line so I would rather they have gone to the fifteen yard penalty instead of the spot now. Because the spot foul sometimes it throws games wade. Out of whack and I was hoping they're gonna do something about that. Interesting point made by both. Of biting. We on the I don't like doing that sound right. Next question mighty yes it thirty point thirty rebound effort from Dwight Howard is clearly one of the best performances of the year in the NBA risk inspector fancy. I have to go Finnessey. Another big. Well and Dwight Howard fan in the sense that I think hit his numbers are gonna be so enormous when he it would also done there's no way they'll keep them out of the hall of fame. But he is about numbers take for example last night thirty points thirty rebounds against two against Brooklyn. Eighth inning game in which neither team is going anywhere that ultimately is the legacy of Dwight Howard. Wow great numbers man does he look good getting help us teams win. Not as much as he should have he did help Orlando get to the finals. So wouldn't when we have Hardin doing the amazing things he's doing this year LeBron last night with 35177. And no turnovers. I'll Westbrook a triple double every night in the Davis single handedly. Lifting the pelicans in the playoff picture I cannot say that the 3030 from Dwight Howard while impressive I can't say it's one of the best performances of this year. All right it's crack it's been. In thirty point thirty rebound effort from Dwight Howard is clearly one of the best performances of the year in the NBA Christmas depressing. Like he knows what to think about this it's a fantasy. It's partly because Alex you've Dwight Howard credit for anything because he's one of the all time NBA compile errors but. Even so thirty points in thirty rebounds is very unusual but to what he's what exactly. Then it happens in late march I guess a terrible team by a player on a terrible team just reaffirms what Jerry Reynolds always tells us which is. There's even leading scorers on last place teams I'm just not been read into its are not enthused and give you about the point. All right yeah and a question oh boy it all comes down to this. Why is leading apparently yes a great. But just barely describe wouldn't go stages barely been on LA and I'm fading badly beaten. But prejudiced the first set of fiber in just. In culinary terms. This whole season has been to rig DDR. Thirteen sedans are as as factor fan. Yeah. So I think this even. I don't think those fans were really eating Mayo out of a PR let's assume that our condiment community hole in constant game we think maybe not but that was a Mayo jar. There's no question how much we know. But. Yak culinary terms. I think I would like in what's happened to this and season for kings fans. A more to eating broccoli your honor. Broccoli has it uses. Broccoli can even be argued long term to be somewhat helpful or even very helpful and I can even find ways to eat broccoli they've done it in me at all. However. If I have a steady diet of broccoli. It's all gas. And that's what I've been seeing this year your. Okay and why ebitda in culinary terms the holes this whole season has been linked eating mail from a jar for keying stands as inspector fantasy. I agree with mark Desantis. But I look at it another way broccoli Vaio is awesome. I'm not against I'm talking about all broccoli to me this season for king stance has been like. Yeah every rice cakes and get a rice cakes like this pretty giddy Neitzel has like. I got to put some on this this is as it's repetitious. It's really there's no nutritional value. This season for the kings fans because they've been through this they go through this year after year after year it's been like my engine on stale. Rice cakes like five year old rice cakes were like. This is just. Block like chewing on cardboard. No entertainment value. No nutritional value. What are we gonna get so no work with to at least put our rights gay ex king's. And you look really good analogy is. However I feel like quite a little time and effort and then really I do which is why he's been to the point online business. No nutritional. Rice cakes. I would notice or nutritional value and rice case but in the kings' season and I don't how can you argue that you need to tank and then say there's no nutritional value. I've been resort just having some fun here really. Focus on not having any fun of it. I've been out like you retain the -- price helmet which is brought here by Aston prize for the best advice don't think twice call Aston and price thank you just Jamie. I NF here or mark rather racist you'll probably will competed at tell you and I haven't fine we can take care they act as we got some marchment is coming up I'm excited about that and I will take yet March Madness. All evening as Loyola Chicago vs Nevada we're gonna start that enact Kansas State vs Kentucky. At Texas a and M against Michigan Florida State vs gun Zack that's good stuff. The you know and we're focused on Nevada. And rightfully so but. In you have Michigan coming out right on to the final yeah I get to greatness came in as a care for that but I know that's a good game yeah I Texas a and it was a good game so misty has done it all with defense. I am that's what they've done that defense will be tested by a and M has a couple of liking NBA quality bigs right. And basically witnessed in Xen is not shoot terribly well. And and win close games by playing just lockdown defense am EST I think had this stat but in that gaming is sort Carolina. Mean she grabbed 83%. Of the available defense agreements like Nortel I couldn't get a second shot. Com and Alice you know it's a team is used to score unfortunately. For Michigan. Each of the previous five teams to win an NCAA tournament game and a buzzer beater. Lost its next game tells me they have no to bush got no shot whatsoever okay. And then Kelvin Sampson had put somebody on the put a defender on the inbound her Michigan wouldn't be here now. Well that's true to me and perhaps there's there's I would think not there's been a lot of that going on. I'm. I think in Zach has passed as pretty. It can Zack gets it means a Florida State's a good team but can I think it's Agha beats Florida State. In if they beat Florida State did it's can dagger Michigan. And I you know I mean I've got machine going out but I think that's a good path for organs I I think this is using guns Agha has a better path than Kentucky. No I I still think Kentucky even though account partisan talk about it had. The doors have fallen open for Kentucky if they just and their plan that the other thing is. Earlier this season. That team was just a mob related in right now and again it's funny off one of saying this in the tournament but Kentucky's defense right now is sensational. And you know they have athletes mean he already knew he knew that he had an athletic roster but just not rosters. Playing very well together. But all of that wouldn't of mattered probably if form had held and they had a bruise their way through what's the one team if you had to pick one team. Based on how they played in the tournament so far the one team that's out there really should still be in that really hurt themselves jaws wanna give credit. To the victors especially in college basketball. To me at Cincinnati taking nothing away from. Coach Muslim and he had 22 point they had that ball game in their own regulator did you mean that like you guys really. Each interest there own fault they should still vastly because it's your own fault yes yes it's hard argued that I was gonna say Michigan State simply because. They went stone cold they beat Syracuse keynote. Probably nineteen times out its warning them they go stone cold down the stretch and score of 53 points and lose to any time. To speak exe. So I think Michigan State should probably still be in there. You know that's the tournament you play one bad twenty forget had a bad game you play bad twenty minutes and it's over fast Virginia probably could the price feel like you know we prices to Vienna you know who is in Arizona. Got beat by Tony pull us by about well. An early Vieira. I guess we're overseas and little my staring right at me like Dayton event and add them to go on actually the final I think Aaron that sort of feeling good about Villanova. Good luck with a.