Fact or Fantasy 3/12/18

The Rise Guys
Monday, March 12th

Nobody deserves the weekend game ball as much as Tiger


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I'll. Save on your next oil change when you purchased five quarts of pastoral high mileage motor oil and a micro card filter for 2499. The price of Castro conventional. Increase your engine's performance with Castro oil and filters specials at O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day. Limits apply see store for details. I'm old blogs. Excitement and exhilaration the risk. And nine. Celebrations and a couple of different. It's absolutely. Yeah. They casino resort. 49ers getting rich. German who would it onto. But it makes a lot of said. Well it does not necessarily offering just on the field reason which is we're. The forty measuring wind download all the sudden and they want him to be a part of that but he's also. He can earn his money in other ways I hope you're in win now mode cried because it's time for Unita guy a day ahead on today's. Hottest topics. It is his rise guys factor Tennessee and has brought to you by accident price for the rest of my stomach twice. Call accident price now Ayers is I don't think she's too worried about are Ohio State Buckeyes to an out of state maybe she should be I don't know which used at. I'm not worried yet. I think we can get through the first round I'm not yet yeah yet I'm pretty confident in the pressure on undid you know worried after that but I'm confident in the first round. But you don't care quite as much as you do. About football team and I'm right or is it just is the best ball team typically isn't his playing is and playing as many big marquee games is proposing. Both have all sports I just prefer football over basketball so that's where you know my allegiance goes first but got you the Buckeyes threw for yourself you know. Dwight. Saint Mary's was the biggest racquets now of of the selection committee rest is fact or fantasy I think that's stands. Pretty clear to me the biggest snub by a huge. Was USC. Now gonna talk about RPI which is rating percentage index. It's where it ranks teams based on their wins losses strength of schedule okay. USC's RPI was 34 and they're out so USC. Highest ranked major conference team. Ever left out of the NCAA tournament in the 68 team era. Ever this is a team they came in second in the pac twelve during the regular season and in that turn and it. So you'd you finished second in a tournament that sense other teams how in the world is USC not. In the tournament it doesn't make a lot of sense and I think they're the team was snubbed the largest here. Okay cranks yes Saint Mary's has the biggest brackets snub by the selection committee risk as factor fantasy. No I also think it's a fantasies. Think why and I both agreed it Saint Mary's despite piling up huge number of wins. It. Cot did itself in with its nonconference schedule. Tom I also disagree on USC because USC for a team that finished second in its conference not great conference as your only got three teams in the tournament. Didn't beat any of the teams. Who would be considered highly ranked in that field including Arizona State in beat Arizona State in the Selig can beat Arizona they had one win over tournament team all season long. The team that I think got snubbed is Oklahoma State and that's a team that was only nineteen to fourteen but. Maybe Kansas toys to beat Oklahoma twice oddity Texas Tech West Virginia they went about eight victories over teams that are in the tournament. They played a strong schedule and they pile up losses and that's what do the men. And Democrats on the violent protests. Oklahoma. From day one would think as. In Oklahoma State and your time on Oklahoma State did I not say a honest I know you didn't. You did not confused when I say you can give you an iron on the same page you're correct twice confused he said Oklahoma State so we're gonna next question okay. Practice is an attempt to throw me at work tolerated petting gill at the OK your honor though. It's clear that USC in Louisville were left out in part because of their involvement in the FBI scandal. As best actor fantasy no it's not. Clear it's a Tennessee. And it's not clear it's just interesting you know I mean. What US seed yet not into seeing Oklahoma State it's also a team that had an assistant coach you got. Interviewed. So there aren't actually a number of teams in the widening probe. The run up on the outside looking in but. Let's face it we're mostly talking about bubble teams anyway. And there isn't really click any clear indication the NCAA wants any part of that conversation. Into the tournament. I'm it's a conversation in fact that the NCAA doesn't wanna have. I'm as that term it rolls around the selection process so it's kind of what has good gossip items that doesn't really pan out when you look at it very closely. Great white eat. It's clear that USC in Louisville were left out in part because of their involvement in the FBI scandal risk as factor fans are great market. Tennessee and he sure looked like it was a factor because even Arizona. Arizona four seed they weren't seeded very well Louisville out Oklahoma State out USC out. But I agree with mark I don't think the committee wants anything to do with this whole scandal right now. They're kind of pretending it didn't have been so I think this is just kind of coincidence I don't think they meant to send. Meant to send any message whatsoever as far as the FBI scandal. Did you know at the white okay. Next national ID month. If the raiders want to upgrade their defense they need to jump and in Donna consider rest as actor fantasy I think the fans. Going to visit tackle we don't even know if they're gonna play 3443 but they they just resigned to the raiders. Tackle Justin Ellis he was going to be an unrestricted free agent they like him. They like. Billion euros on time hometown guy so they like their tackles very much so I don't see them especially when they said. We had a cap space to go after Richard Sherman. I don't see him going after a guy who plays a position that they seem pretty happy with right now. In addition all the off field problems are syndrome feel proud Republicans who like to step on people who. And during games and I just don't think they want any part of that not their thing. Ask any old raiders now Al Davis at different time area absolutely. I pray yes if the raiders front upgrade their defense they know why they need to jump on and on consumers inspector fantasy. It's a fantasy. He's a pretty good stay away at this point also as light when it doesn't really fit their needs but. They do have a couple of free agents that I think they've date or or they have a couple players who will be available to them that they should be looking at closely. One is Jermaine Johnson who is no longer needed in LA because the rams update their defense everywhere else and decided. That they would add other defensive backs and Lee let him go he cost too much money. The other is Malcolm Butler again a pass defender from the patriots apparently don't want and are making a free agent or at least making available. Because they implant in the civil. I think it's inching by the way one of the teams that are said to be that is said to be and should Malcolm Butler is the lions. The lions new coaches met Patricia. Who was just the pages defensive coordinator so someone's gonna have displaying them on to me. I'm Democrats that price. And I guess you must give ops you know you're absolutely right so I can't explain I don't question. Worth all the marbles that cried starts at DO. Yes frank is as official week in game ball should go to Tiger Woods tied for second at the Al Speyer is as factor the fact of course. It's a no. Is is it is. It is not the culmination it is not a final feet the final fee will be him actually winning a tournament. But Tiger Woods playing on Saturdays a big deal tiger was playing on Sundays are very big deal Tiger Woods playing 161718. With a chance to force overtime. Is an enormous steal the ratings show it Sunday ratings put this. Basically at the level of a major practically from golf and also ahead of must the other week and programming. On now in in ends on sports television including. Some stuff that normally out rates golf by quite a bit so that's an easy win to hand to a guy. All right way be eaten Prez is officially in game Boston go to Tiger Woods tied for second at the mouse virus is fact or fantasy cuts its. Great thing about tigers used to win all the time tigers a winner in like Mike Singletary said when Niko to forty niners I want. Donors when account of the game ball not gonna give it to a guy who. We almost won and that's almost an insult to tiger he's almost all the way back now but he's not tiger and to actually winds eight tournament. So it's tremendous that he's almost back but he's not tiger yet. Now don't they I'm gonna win this point. But I think they got deserves a game ball is Isiah Thomas playing against his old team and it's your beloved cats. First time since they traded him and he shows them with twenty points in nine assists and five rebounds and helps the lakers beat the gas one point 7113. That took a lot. Onions also you guy you traded me yet here's what you traded away any goes off and beats LeBron and the cavs Isiah Thomas get my game ball. Well that Ollie gets and that's why he did that's quite good. Thank you like yeah I had a feeling when you Winamp they camps that you are not that's OK I think he's most deserving. And I think your most deserving of the gas enterprise helmet which has brought to by Ashton and price for the best advice don't think twice. Call Ashton and price Russia are just happy to have one of the things I do not have the I do not have a crowd of superiority for asking a decent question that was sent his helmet and I love it and it's from national price that makes it very special bomb the crown of superiority doesn't go to some one for asking a decent question goes to someone who. Gets say that's a good quest you we're told that's a good question in my opinion you asked a decent question that's why I said at the way it did. While. He's on fire today.