Fact or Fantasy 2/9/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, February 9th
Will Garoppolo's deal be a bargain for San Francisco?

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I just clicked on up close to get espn.com asking that question. King that both real breakthrough in Sacramento and after readings of the evidence. It's pretty apparent he's probably not going to I also wanted to give you a chance grads before we get into effect Tennessee. Well I wanted to acknowledge. That have been Gulliver is a fine writer he agrees with you when it comes of the kings of the day they had yesterday. I know you said that terrible day we disagreed on that but there was somebody. Respected writer who agreed with you as it was of of an embarrassing and disappointing day for the kings in bush yeah I mean they're there wasn't a terrible that there was and it's terrible moment in what happened yesterday. My my point was it was tough day because you are having to really just clean up your own mistakes. Geek I guess you can if it makes people feel better you can only say well at least they owned up to the mistakes and moved on and that's true. But that my point was simply. It's not quite the same is progress now as I mean you've you're really just saying okay pain that don't work that didn't work and that didn't work so hard on we go on we go to are. As guys factor Tennessee which is brought to buy Aston price for the best advice don't think twice gulf accident prize prize and I go. Had bet on today's out of that makes the makes a decision and decides the winner Iowa that was the tech game. This tell us. Whether you cries RI AAR. And moved on to Friday and would like to end on a good note. Let's look so you'll have one went for the weeks. OK he had appointed now that's fine I didn't act which means righty we're gonna start with EO today we. Oh yeah yeah yeah I yesterday is when prom that. Do you want to be as a. I just let's say that I'm grateful. For remark cried learn from every day he competes at me and I'm grateful for judge Jaime and I'm grateful for rob. If you look who's here for up to fulfill their preference. No I say I play Iowa and I ever since I will gratefully play could not roll my eyes harder to saint. White respect. Gruntal and massive new deal and that being a bargain for the 49ers has a sack if and a. Fax for a series has once gum though that quarterback salaries just continue to go up and up and up and up. So it won't be long before he's not the highest paid quarterback anymore and that sent it'll look like a bargain. But also since they last won a Super Bowl the 49ers are 192 and 19 before. Me yeah so that that's not very get they have been wandering in the wilderness for along time. Look at the way forty niner fans are so excited about this guy and now they got him locked down. Just for the excitement and enthusiasm in your fan base he's worth what they are paying him right now. I would suggest he's already a bargain certainly the new deal will end up being a bargain for the 49ers. RA drag and yes your apple those massive new deal and it being a bargain for the 49ers dressed as back Japan's. It is a fact. Bargains kind of a funny word we've talked about guys getting paid a 137 million dollars or something. But really it's all about market value and what a guy's worth I thought they had their bats really well. You know about half a bit is guaranteed little bit more than half of it is guaranteed the rest. If he earns an all around it means he's done everything they ever hoped he would do you. And as Whitey. I'm pointed out it won't be very long before his number is eclipsed by actually multiple quarterbacks. At that point you're just a guy make a lot of money because quarterbacks get paid a lot. North Carolina. I agree with you don't you don't win as. Well. Enough stuff is fine. Well next question grads whose if that's the best fit for Joseph Johnson is with the warriors dressed as factor fantasy. I think that's a fact. There are some other very good. Potential fits. All leave those to light if he wants to name them and I am soft spot. For the thunder who could definitely use a guy off the bench but if you're talking about. What he does which is provide second unit scoring and leadership. And veteran presence. With what the warriors were very weird right now actually. For a team that's you know on first place could use. It's almost a perfect fit also. His style of play and that type of player. Teammate he is is almost perfect. With their culture so on every level I would imagine he he surely is gonna hope to wake up one base in with a contract for the warriors. Why be eaten the best fit for Jack Johnson is that the warriors dressed as actor fancy I disagree. They feel being with us. Houston. Joseph Johnson's nickname is iso Joseph by the way armadillo cowboy is also one of his nicknames according to basketball reference. And I have not the slightest idea why but he's known as iso Joseph because he's more of a gimme the ball get out his way to shoot the ball. Warriors share the ball more Houston on the other hand I think Libya a better fit for him. Oh Chris Paul finding Joseph Johnson in the corner thing is he's older. That I meant to be shooting 27%. From the three point line this year his games falling apart here a little bit and it happens he's 36. Years 225 days old. I don't think he can keep up defensively. Or handle the ball well enough to fit into what the warriors are doing it may happen but I think Houston's a much better fit parole. On the ol' armadillo a cowboy Joseph Johnson. As I already am prejudice. Are they wearing and I feel that's how I feel but be in seem to see if he ends up with the words. Worked everybody's just assuming that the worry as a go hard after in my attorney general I'm not here I am in ovals we'll find Alan Newton now does and in. Next question YE. Tim Lincecum showcase sort out are becoming an embarrassment as inspector and it's fast. Personal has nothing to do with his pitching he was an embarrassment last year's ERA with the angels over. Or was in the last year was a 2016 that is Gerry was over nine but his work outs are an embarrassment because the last time he wore like camel socks or something. And his catcher was terrible and you know let's see let's can throw as I could even focus on his pitching because those socks it was Wear and and they. Richard you have to you're catcher does he catches the ball that's where he's called the catcher. So I hope this time he's got one. Let's see I think it's Thursday this coming Thursday hoping wears better sucks he gets a better catcher because it was embarrassing. I grants mr. may is not known Tim Lincecum set is worked out RB. Are becoming an embarrassment as inspector fantasy that's a fantasy. I wouldn't disagree that he had to have a pretty weird workout. Once before. This is being handled very differently by and it or a essentially a training facility that is reworked tally pitches. This is being taken seriously by the team as an exit is another. Strong indication that you're not an embarrassment territory so they're taking a more seriously than I ticker question. I believe so I believe that every Major League team is going to be represented here. And again he's not 4333. So horrible I think he's reached into you know self parody stage I think there's a legit chance he comes out this with an offer. I had to Democrat on the on again it man. We've been here losing momentum from looking good today. Final question who worth all the marbles. Cracks yes the best cure for fans missing the ball this week in watch the Super Bowl and then Redskins back to an easy. Why can't go there it's a fantasy. It's never easy is it. You get so conditioned to that weekend football fix in minutes not there but. My advice even to a great football fan and most football fans of sports fans generally is power through it. And find the other things that you like in sports just for example. Tomorrow. You get the warriors against the spurs at oracle. That's a very very good game a very interesting game on Sunday. You get the cavs in the Celtics that's a really game for lots of reasons. My advice is. Acknowledged the obvious it really is over. You don't even have a probable look at so move on with your life and find other sports to left there right there waiting for you. Now I Y eighty final question. The best cure for fans missing football this weekend watch the super bully gay and has as fact if. Aniston fan he's a factory right. It was a great Super Bowl and it's just gonna make you more sad that there's no more football understand what mark saying and that's how I. And deal with the loss of football's a much in basketball all the time anyway and we got the Olympics but there are some people. Who don't like basketball there are some football fans who can't just all watch golf but we can all do that but I you have to respect some fans love football that much said. They don't get close to the same joy out of watching other things to them I would say. You need to channel your inner Quinn picked cock. And I think we can all agree Quinn pit cock is a former NFL player. Who had to leave the game went to Ohio State. His problem among other things he had a video game addiction and it's one of the things that knocked him out of the National Football League. So what you need to do is get mad and eighteen. You got to let's see the new update one point one know out today. Channel your inner Quinn picked cock play Madden eighteen. And then won't be long before we'll have a com bind they got a spring league in Texas this year in March just channel your inner. Quinn pit cock in you get through football be here before you know. Yeah I can't can't can't give that to you writing I can't I gotta go cred on the sorry okay congratulations drive right. Yeah. Food is actually not true honor don't do. Nine any of it including the part about video game addiction I believe all of it yeah. Anyway I give you the Ashton and price helmet you for the best advice don't think twice call Ashton and pricing a crisis makes me very rare that all weekend long and all straight through to Monday that going give it. You know back to this. Beautiful studio but not until I've enjoyed you know we can thank you thank you judge Jamie thank I was up by the way pandering for points is just so happens that Quinn could cock went to Ohio State. Well they just did some weird Ohio State gesture when you said that so that was super weird but it didn't help me did it not today yet there was no stopping crime there today.