Fact or Fantasy 2/8/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, February 8th

Are the buzzer beater and trades getting the Cavs back on track?


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And thing that you Mark Prior to their house is about this Laker calf strain that is. The lakers since they just made it feels today they could be shorthanded tonight when they Coastr Oklahoma City thought. And yep that's 100 present true. And the cows may be shorthanded in a major way after all of their deals. The early. I'm conversation dated today suggested that for their game tomorrow I've treated they play tomorrow. They'll probably have to bring up a couple of geely guys just have enough to have to actually have a roster. So dot they've got incoming players but not there yet they haven't based. The do one thing and it's not important it probably won't mattered all that everybody does have to take and pass a physical. So there's still some time consuming stuff at us to go on here now we have to pass a physical every day. Including drug testing before we play right guys back within a few times after which is brought to you by abstinence price for the best advice don't think twice. Talk ash in this. And Fries here she is she's got game yeah not. Studied for my drug tested evident tea we should be drug testing I just on the DA and key in this morning. I was gonna say I haven't received the results have we passed. These these drug tests and physical that we are not surpassing as the polling it's taken 100. Vote to showing up aren't accurate on Newton's. Cried zip yeah I'm gonna start the days that you have the helmets okay I'm past the flag Coughlin. Aaron the play. The bronze buzzer beater less the trades are just with the cavs need to get back on track as best actor and I think it's a fact. This was really unexpected even by those who thought hey they should really make a move. On to turn over basically half of your functional roster six guys. Is. No it's almost unprecedented no no team has moved more players at the trade on trade deadline day in thirty years so this is drastic. I am but it's exactly energy shot they're looking for the younger they are more versatile to get more help from the back court. LeBron get some playmates and I think he's gonna have complain left and all of that happened in the hours after that great. Overtime win. In which in white and I've talked about this IE. I'm totally reading into his body language I mean LeBron Marty knew that about to get stuff was about to happen today. Is he played with a life he has shown in weeks. I'm nuts there white eaten the bronze buzzer beater. Plus the trades are just what the cavs need to get back on track as guest actress in doubt go there. Because if nothing else wesun energized LeBron last night he was absolutely. I mean turn back the clock he was a force of nature. Dominant in the final seconds of the overtime game. It is amazing he was LeBron again him been that way people have been wondering what's wrong with LeBron he looks like he's disinterested to traits McGrady said. I've never seen LeBron if you like he was before. In the recent gains because he looks like he's not even trying. So if nothing else. They can't get a re energize LeBron out of this they do get younger. I think this is great and now you can't close the book on their chances of winning leasing it back the finals again this year. I agree with you both went dollar around and well after the trade to okay I mean. You know we inherently why the next question the NBA trade deadline was a wind for the teen's risk as factor fantasy. Idealized fairly decisive but I think they went today I think they're better off today than they were yesterday. They create cap space which could be especially useful in this summer when it figures to be buyer's market. Kings typically have to overpay to get players to come here. They perhaps will not have to do that this summer of their free agents at daylight they get rid of George Hill. He'd wanna be here. Alice suck and some low life and the team. They get rid of poppy honestly he's a bad draft pick but they're better off just moving on from that. They do gets guys back from Toronto has been called the Brazilian Kevin Durant. No not lately. But he has been called that in the ball well I'm interested to see him so the kings are they while this is a massive deal for them. No but I think they're winners today because they're better off today than they were yesterday. Okay Cragg and yes the NBA trade deadline was a win for the canes has as factor then I think it's a fantasy. They may as mighty suggest they may. Ultimately be better off. On down the road. Because of having some cap space without any of us really knowing what that's gonna be worth a weapon used for. But that's kind of the unknown it's tough to claim a win today. When you do three really painful things you you trade away two guys. That you picked in the first round. Of the 2016 draft which means not even two seasons later you've acknowledged both of those guys are wash outs. And have no further use which guarding it what's painful about trading Malick Kyra Jackson. Because this publicly embarrassing mighty you eat thirteenth and 22 picks up 2016 you shipped out. What's painful about it you're acknowledging to the world you whipped you got the Brazilian Kevin Durant not a stiff who's played 25 games in four years total in the NBA including two this year you got nobody back. You got rid of Malick IC would have to pay him next year and the other thing you did that's painful even if it's necessary is. You acknowledge that they guy you just signed as a free agent in the off season George Hill. Is nowhere near where the money paid forming aft get rid of them. This isn't about not saying that's wrong what they did I'm saying that's gonna win and that's technology in your your mistakes and trying to clean up your own. While I don't it's fishy here in objections light the I'm gonna go with you for. We're in today. He didn't wind dies I'm sorry. Faulty tracks in the bill thing it's not a win the next quest and rags. Gil Brandt is right the 49ers Super Bowl windows opening right now is as accurate and it's he'll bring is dropped it's a fantasy. I kennel like with the 49ers are dealing and signing to rob blow to me. Is. Even at a high numbered is really Smart they'd they'd like him they feel like you know with the god it's so hard to get a good quarterback greatness. That would kill breasts argument is a Super Bowl window of opportunity and I would say. That's exciting to think about but based on what I've seen a team that just won six games. By winning five in a row. Is probably not and it's of open window period yet maybe in a year will say hey you know when I think that wind is about to open up. With a guy hasn't played a full season quarterback I'm thinking saying that. I couldn Gil Brandt is right for united cerebral window is opening right now risk as factor in how it. We have here. Gil Brandt and bless them I mean you view pews then he was a legend like seven years ago. In about Ambien junkies it it is history is phenomenal but yet yet but this is a clear cases somebody is in learning about click bait or some thing. But that teams he's talking about with Super Bowl windows the Eagles and the rams. The saints and makes sense. The jaguars and the Steelers the patriots yet and the 49ers one of these things is not like the other some explained Gail. Had you popular Regis stuff puts them in there that's crazy that it will grab their attention and gives it what how the war. Yet which got to do Gil come on kill. Legend you can insult our intelligence you do your your ridiculous piece demeans us both you gotta have a dark horse candidate if you go brand that's where the 49ers keep him I think. Well Brandon and it's like. Fighting has illegally doesn't matter that welcomes onto the final question and weighty here is that different doesn't know. No doesn't here's the final question. Grunt movies would be good race and he'd be a huge Hollywood stars as factor. Tennessee. I think it's a fairness. Because I think he can act at all. I mean at all he can play the one goofy grown guy. And that you know there's a place for that but you can't air carrier picture where can this guy carry a motion picture elects not to. I don't think so from the New York Post. Grant could have a costly fumble with his role as officer weed in in you can't have it but perhaps it isn't his fault. Costar Joyner Krugman has said he was distracted by all the hot chicks on set. Yet another chance to redeem himself as an actor in the February thriller American violence but I love that lets just say he didn't and quote that's the New York Post so he can be kind of a goofy OJ guy he could be in movies. But a big action star. I just I'm sorry. I don't see it because he's too goofy. Cries out question yes ground movies would be great if he'd be huge Hollywood star is as factor in that is of course affect us. Now it's an inching termed such think I mean really not talk about Academy Awards here and we doing the rock Johnson has been in a bunch of movies that people loved. And he is a massive star. So I'll go ahead and be in the use of the word great because really just like Hollywood draped like. While you're in big moneymakers gronkowski can certainly do that by the way and far be it for me to disagree with the New York Post. But I would argue that drunks are pretty good actor because the other day when a reporter asked him if he was actually considering leaving for Polly said. What we're G here that. And I mean I was sold so no doubt in my mind he can do it. I was not sold under answers are gray is my whole life he gets the I don't know any president. I think you and Allen gives you that was real serious thousands there. Africa last question so all I can do I know that was well done you have a lot to work with strong terrible but I couldn't argue that he's regarded one. The asset price helmet which has brought you by Ashton a prize for the best advice don't think twice call Aston prize is awarded. TU that your son. Thank you it's been a long time and that's really elegant way Loria sent I missed it. Thank you did Jamie chancellor thank you Conner so you're not excited about rock movies. No because you hate the patriots.