Fact or Fantasy 2/23/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, February 23rd

An NBA tournament for a playoff spot?


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On the ball better be careful you'll be on a minute restriction. You can't play Saturday. Against the but I think that's nobody needs to be fair about. He was talking about the FBI investigation into college basketball. And lob the ball says that players should get paid okay. But here's what he said quote everybody knows everybody's getting paid might as well make it legal. OK everybody's getting paid you that's not stunning news but you were one of the best players in college basketball. So were you getting paid he's at my dad wasn't big on that. We just focused on going there and getting out. Electable if I raise suspect that I'm Lavar might have told them we have bigger plans for you. Also. You know this is pretty broadly generalized into zone really know the back stories of every college guy whose names can turn up in this report but two of the ball fairly didn't need. To be paid under the table and they knew where they wanna go along in full scholarship to UCLA and that's where they only ever wanted him to be. Kyle crews Lois and was named yes he was via via. And plenty of other way as will find Josh Jackson as well yeah a lot of other NBA players' names you can turn up because we're talking about what's happened over the last. Number of years and when guys start to flip you know it looked ten guys are gonna rest. As guys start to flip there in an awful lot of information coming out that's just the way it works and so we're going to hear more names brought say the way this works. Bright guys back to Tennessee tried tonight go ahead ahead on today's hottest topics. And this is brought to you by accident prize for the best advice don't think twice. Paul Ashton and Fries back to Tennessee is now in session all rise for the honorable judge Castro. Thank you thing. You know be seeded. And and they get light headed when he stands you like it. Who's that is one actually gavel I don't know if you heard that that thing is this some extremists just. Way bigger than I ever get the credit for you have laid Billy to keep me in the basement so. Water it down and now. I'm very spacious you're honoring him is gonna complement you know. Thank you that Baylor theater for the question. Aaron Hill on this thing yesterday I think was cry there was more crime who won yesterday on OK your honor mom was so what do all right then. All right question one. Outlets brooks' game winner and the triple double in sack was more impressive than Curry's 44 points night 44 point nine Oakland. Right guys fact or fantasy I quest for prevents a fantasy. West front and shoot particularly well he did get a triple double that it was sort of it if it's possible he got a triple double without being overly impressive I think it was four for fourteen. And any even if you had a really good triple double the truth is that Harry's night was incredible. He was fourteen of nineteen from the floor he made I think eight three's. It was ridiculous and the warriors were so. You know the thing about curry they were so sure of them that there are running double screens anything differing and causing if you put it up it was in. That's impressive it is kind of reminds you how good. He can be. Win there again it I mean they're gonna be alone. All right. Lady. Yes sir your honor Russell Westbrook game winner and triple double in Sacramento was more impressive increased 44 points in Oakland. I suspect profanity has been. See it's the only way you can conceivably. Make that argument. And be taken seriously on any level is if the warriors have won by forty or fifty. And you could say well you know Russell did anyone think game at the end but staff. Really save there warriors bacon if I may make in a number of plays down the stretch and he was he was he was phenomenal. 44 points and as mark city shooting was being fourteen in nineteen you compare fourteen in nineteen to Russ four of fourteen. And a staff hit eight of eleven threes any had ten assists and I think the larger lesson here is we should not be so dazzled by. Triple doubles Westbrook won the game OK but he was. He had seventeen points at fifteen rebounds eleven assists stepped period and have a triple double 4410. And now let's see rebounds he had five but he had far away and vastly superior game last night it was nice to see staff returning to form as we've already seen LeBron in recent weeks. The magic word but. And it's the year you're in control the board. I would. Path there who are male like the stooges terrible Blount Irene and I was allows Manet. I'll play conservative for the NBA's final playoff spot is a good idea Rezko is factor fans. The league that they'll say it's a bad idea. It is to me it's a bad idea for a couple reasons one is they are already eight deep. In each conference which means sixteen every thirty teams already make the playoffs. So the idea of involving more teams in what if it's not a playoff it's at least a post season game. Seems to me ludicrous you've already deleted the regular season to a pretty great extent and nothing is that just as a fan. If you're talking about like the rate you know what would constitute the race for her seventh and eighth which is essentially what this plan would be. Timmy you in almost every. Giving year you have ten teams or so vying for eight spots. It's called the regular season it's not like very rarely do you have eight playoff teams and then nine is way back in the pack. Usually have at least two more teams really close in the last couple of weeks of the season function as this exact scenario except in pictures organically in the schedule. All right Y eighty yeah play in turn it for the NBA's final playoff spots is a good idea Rezko Specter cannot advance the it's not a good idea it's not a bad idea it's that terrible. Idea. The NBA season is already too long and then we have the playoffs the early rounds of the playoffs are not always interesting because you have some mismatches in there. What you would have here if you got to play in game for the final spots you would create more. Meaningless games he'd have a series of games. To determine who would get to go play the rockets or the warriors in the first round. Who would have they the honour of getting distant bowel by the warriors are rockets. In the first round would have the honor of getting all your bacon is eaten by the rockets are the warriors in the first round it's a terrible idea I see what you did there with the bacon but Craig's death. Play this card. Last couple still gutsy move but not not that way. Like taking that big here in the giants' super I've started you know I just don't like talking about baker myself. Pro aids you always got control them you don't control the power is back fired on meat processor blades I will play who are enabled. Legendary. Larry Nance junior wearing his dad's retired number in Cleveland is a wonderful way to honor him. Brent as that prevent you sound skeptical your honor but I think it's a facts. At all. I ain't. I'll give him the father son exemption that's basically the way out mechanic. Might be inclined to say soft you don't do that if it was to some guy playing on a team who really wanted to Wear that number. And the guy whose Jersey was retired sit back I had to cut. But if it's Larry Nance senior saying you know I want my son to Wear my my Jersey might uniform number I'm proud of this this is a great moment. Telling Dick inside is go right back up to the rafters not like you don't know it's retired. I lady yes there are. Learning and skiing doing his dad's retired numbering Cleveland is a wonderful way to honor his president's packer fan I think that's the thing. I don't know why this is an issue in recent years but to me when you retire someone's number. It clearly means no and is going to Wear it again there's not. Asterisk there it's like we are honoring this person they can quibble over will. Whether Larry Nance should've had his number retired in the first place but that's between he and the good people of Cleveland but once his number is retired. And they hang it from the rafters what does that mean it means no one else wears that it doesn't know what else wears it and lasts. If your kid or somewhere and you know getting. I here's a great way to honor him. Keep his number retired so that no one where's that what was all idea and the freak and first place. I'm in have to agree with license. But yeah I got that for. Well I mean legislated this made Dale Earnhardt junior and never drew the three. Exactly. Misses big saddest thing I mean yeah again playing against junior's dad wasn't that great players there's not much love to blow. That Estonia. I narrowing down the road on dealer marching on to say OK here on the on the road. Through various. He's clever. Why any final question and you have controllable brass knuckle bull. Cry of. Yes worst Olympic award goes to figure skater Mara I neither side and. Not that's not costume Nagasu an up or liabilities. Of the US women. Who came in tenth. That you say the US in the team event and just wants to being on Dancing With The Stars residents Specter Tennessee. Harnesses made it feel to believe your honor that's a fantasy. And worst Olympian award unfortunately this year has a couple of contenders. I think Nagasu may be one of them and I saw the interview and on Mitt it's baffling. But I'm gonna have to go with then pardon me if I butcher this name up front by a map to go with. A woman named a she's a pilot for the Russian bobsled team. And I'll tell you this I have seen people deny that they use drugs. I have seen people campaign against drug use and of course 'cause I've covered Olympics. I've seen so many olympians popped free using drugs but not until these Olympic Games have I seen someone test positive for doping. Three days after wearing a sweat shirt that says on the front of it I don't do doping. I think she might cross the boundary of good sportsmanship here. So maybe among other things don't get popped for doping. In the same Olympics in which she wears switchers that says I don't know. SQ for the US women who came in tenth. But claims he saved the US team in the the team event with a bronze medal. And just want to be on Dancing With The Stars residents actress fancy it's if. But here she is gonna metal she's not gonna get the gold but she is gonna metal and I agree with cry aids. Certain diva of the Russians gets the bronze yes yet did the sweatshirt that said I don't do doping and also said I and the south sports yeah the reason she doesn't. Place higher is because her sled finished twelfth. So who cares if she's taken. TDs or not it didn't help her much. They've brought the silver does go to Mariah nog as to who said either I just wanna be on dancing with stars by the way there's no way dancing and stars. Debt as should taker 'cause she's she was she can't skate she's gonna fall over when she dances the gold medal in the worst winter Olympian. I contest goes to Nicole's shot. John learned that figure skates. Who sets social media of save them last night by skating to. The music from Schindler's List. Where eights and let's give this would YE. Yeah okay. You know. I understand your honor and and I was at all on the weird ruling I could pull on the the Russian I had girls that it's a golden and I had to scramble there is three I had that what would you have done a fight. On first sign of things I had one way now hopper but we'll discuss it was you know who gives me the Asner price helmet. Passionate price for the best advice including twice in you do know at this point. It's simply using your possession courtesy of national price thanks cries for giving me once again the Ashton and price summit brought to bask in price staking your honor.