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The Rise Guys
Thursday, February 22nd

The highlight of the winter games so far...


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The once breadwinner is yours pro basketball at its finest again the number 1800. 499. Story now is an easy number to remember guys we have it right open to tip ball so you can't cold now. Simply pulled the car all Kohl later but it's an easy number remember 10499. Free. 1804993733. Even then number spells out free and it's a free what are against a spread do you right now. With Oklahoma City where Sacramento 184993733. And check out the website at blowout what are dot com now guys on the season so far we're 47. And fourteen against a spread. Hey guys we're just heat up the second half of the season's going to be even better starting with this Oklahoma City Sacramento match up easy points bright what are yours free on a recorded message hotline that's right guys it's a 32. Recorded hot wind to make it real simple Peta get the information and get your bit in on this easy points spread what are between Sacramento and Oklahoma City again the number 1800. 4993832. Recorded message delivering a big time blow out what are against a spread between Oklahoma city of Sacramento again the number 1804993733. Problem it's a blow out what are dot com again the number 1804993733. This is your host Rick Mason check of the radio show web blowout what are dot com. Sacramento's niners nation is ESPN thirteen one. Factor Finnessey Democrats have you even started work on your bracket yet by the way. I know. Note to answer your question I have no. But I mean you've done the preliminary view in the preliminary. Thinking we may be haven't committed anything to an actual bracket yet. I'm actually looking at teams that did I'm wondering whether they'll get in the tournament or not but that's just because we live out here and feels like. Half the pac twelve is on the bubble is not a strong here yeah I mean you Washington. USC UCLA. Arizona State I think is probably in but they're a bunch of pac twelve teams that have to win this weekend whatever there is on now that Trier is when you. Ineligible because of PED violation if that's indefinite which it. It's a little vague but it seems indefinite then there are incredibly compromised. They become they really would be. You know a top four seed in whatever region. But without them they think they might say get the seed that they they'll they would be tough sled in London. It is strange story they would need eight to be great if he's great it's too good story Kaz will be watching dad at kings might draft. I hope so right now it's time for. Scratch and had to go ahead ahead on today's hottest topic this is rise guys factor Tennessee it is rock you've by accident price for the best advice. Don't think twice. Call actually in and price factor fantasy is now in session all rise for the honorable judge Castro down. Please be seated before. They got out. And I barely economics here and dizzy so what impatient chip this with a honeycomb hanging judge Larry yeah. Welcome welcome thank you feel theater what have you done to the regular judge. The bird. Flew around the building Annika era aren't here and she's gave her yes yes. Who won yesterday I believe mark rather won your honor their anyway he had the affairs although the decision was very controversial and it was disputed in some corner I think the judge was feverish even yesterday you know possible down in the based and wind are rolling out you know a lot of rumbling about the score remark here -- at some things straight today and all right I don't doubt it OK let's start with you waiting all right to probably a you don't you do know that I losses to. Yeah okay all right its originator stop access in the judge why you know I wasn't I thought I did it clear that he rules yes. All right first question US women's hockey is cold is the highest. The highlights he's meat of the Olympics so far right guys factor fancy. I think it's a fax it was the most electrifying. Moment it wasn't one of the big. Marquee events but I think it was in that it was an electrifying wow USA wins gold every candidate in I would also say it's also part of the larger story of so many women athletes doing so extremely well at the Olympics so many Americans especially at a time when two women are under fire and under duress in all corners. And striking back in speaking out and I think that's. The big story the Olympics and last night most electrifying moment so for. Sorry trailer. Yes USA women's hockey he's cold is hi light of the Olympics so far Rezko Specter and. It's a fact I agree the lighting. It had actually jus T because it had you know the US Canada. Rivalry which is really real and hockey in him in women's hockey and had been going on you know not this year. Only but you know for years going even for years before that so for Canada having one Portugal's. In the US to win the way it did by coming back from behind. Calm down to one they got late third period goal that to me set the stage and over time actually was. What's the most interesting scoreless periods I've ever seen it was really really high intensity is good stuff. Nor Rooney Smith who cried amounts. Air. How is going through your honor. What to do. That yet as tragic as these I don't know either you'd better night did. Okay the strange case of Benjamin button I mean quite Leonard ha means the spurs' long run as contenders. And all our residents actor fantasy. Well reluctantly I think that's a fact. It's it's partly a product of where they are at this time and place because lots of franchises about upheaval gotten through it. And figured out a way to move on and it defied trusted anybody to do would be Gregg Popovich. And his entire front office and ownership for that matter they've done it for a long time. The problem for them is that why Leonard to be had this weird crossroads is way too young. It's on a timeline that they couldn't predict therefore they can't react to it and as I said time and place or everything. It happens at a time when Golden State is what we know it is Hewson has become better. Teams like the timberwolves are on the rise in the spurs are older. Tough way to go but that's not goes basketball. An interesting. What do you mean yes sir the strange case of quiet Leonard means the spurs' long run is contenders. Is over Rezko Specter fancy. I would say not necessarily therefore I would say. Still the possibility that coli comes back this year doesn't appear likely but there's that possibility but the reason I I don't think we can say yet that their long run as contenders is over. Is because there is still the chance based on what LeBron said. That if he leaves Cleveland he could end up with the spurs next year. That's not his crazy talk. He has said in the past 2016 LeBron James it would be pretty amazing to be able to actually play. For the greatest NBA coach of all time and he's referring of course. Two. Greg Popovich. So we can't rule out that possibility so it's just premature at this point to say that their run is done we have to wait and see what have looked quite this year and what LeBron decides to do after this year. I alike the early going with there. But I meant to go crash. That's I'm I just think it's. I appreciate your candor. Thank you for your candor yeah I have it 11 but it's actually 20 you look at it right here on the ethnic and repeat yet America. Bag. I bet you this is the other dozen Syria now maybe. I would go that far and get. Question three cried so in your court okay. The NBA's biggest second half story line is whether the rockets can top the warriors for the best record in the west Rezko as factors and is. I'm story Lima that's a fantasy. I think for me the biggest second half storyline and it's not really second half obviously we all know this is just a term. But to me the biggest storyline going forward. Is the caps they're the most interesting team they've had the most upheaval. They had the weirdest. And maybe even unhappy is situation of any team that people still think can win a championship and I still think they can win a championship cannot wait to see. Whether the trades they made pay the kind of benefits they think. They've been really good since the traded that was mostly LeBron very curious to see what happens. Our. Lady ready to usher in a game I was I thought we were done cook. We're still don't know how long is this thing out there aren't a whole saying handles that and I'll my head to went quietly and it was that. And Aniston's. It has the NBA's biggest Sagan have storyline is what are the rockets can tap the warriors for the best record in the west rise guys factor vanity. I have to go fantasy there. And I think the top storyline may very well. Indeed be. How many teams are fighting for to lose as many games as they can so they can get the topic. Second half of the season we pretty much know at this point who the playoff teams are going to be. And there's some skirmishes on the fringes of the playoff races and there'll be some back and forth to determine a particular seedings but we pretty much know who's going to be in the playoffs and that's when the season really starts is in April when the playoffs start. The rest this year the biggest story is going to be how many teams. Are gonna continue to taint. And how they can out take each other in a manner that we have never seen before it's unprecedented last year before lottery reform. You've got seven teams battling to be worse than everybody else it's fascinating I'll be very instant to see who ends up being the worst who wins the race to be the worst. All right I don't agree that is the biggest do flower fifth. I don't disagree I just don't I I don't wanna watch that story at all. We don't like basketball no I love basketball I just don't wanna watch the all star game I don't wanna watch teams grind for losses. There's nothing less interesting to me. Mr. baseball even since you're leading going into the final question. You get to pass or play this whole court systems got me confused but I'm ready your honor you wanna play you bet there are ranked. As a needle on this and audience really appreciate that. And that's the thing that's different about this form of. You gotta admit letting the managers send up whatever three hitters he wants in the ninth inning. Is a fun idea Rezko Specter and as he. An absence of Tennessee to. But not because Jerry Kill is doing it it's actually and I must say this very seriously just for second it's really because its Major League Baseball. If you propose adding T ball or something not course all these levels wouldn't necessarily disagree. But you might as well at that point if real manager pick whoever he wants to play in the ninth inning or hit the ninth inning. If if your point is what we just wanna change the game won't just changing completely. What's gonna tee ball volatility in the first guy hits an Al park wins the game for his team in other words if you gonna make it not baseball. There's a lot of fun ways you can go but if you're gonna play Major League Baseball for Major League results that's probably not the fun idea. In the past to your question you're asked if a lot fun. Yes I aligning the you got a man letting an Anderson that whatever three hitters he wants in the ninth inning is a fun idea Rezko spectrum NC you know it. It is a fine idea. It's not a very practical idea and it's never going to happen in. But it's a fun idea just think about it I mean we've had some fun talking about alike is it's a dumb idea but it's a funny idea. Like hey what if you had cake and ice cream for breakfast every day we and I gonna do that because of fun thing to think about it's a fun idea it's a totally impractical idea. But at a time when baseball's looking for answers it's certainly worth discussing and it is a fun idea I'll will never see it but I have fun just thinking about it and imagining the circumstances. There saying lone man. I meant to go with mr. no fly over year mr. baseball feat I think Giuliani on but I thought it was fun there's a lot of fun in Arab. A lot of fun. Like he gave me a lot of fine we have to vote idea I think yeah. OK that regulates is mark rather thinking here is a fun argument lady that we have does stand up when you leave now you go back. Prides retains the action in price trophy which is bracket by national prize for the best advice but they toys all Ashton and right. Thank you your honor a most unusual session. Flushed away not for him that's the way he runs scored that's true. He she you know what I think he gets to the truth by keeping people on their toes he does that's what it's all about yes another that's all you want it to us that on the fence so that's okay. Thank you your honor congratulations mark rather thank you rationing price. Up next why stop for the kings fans to demand. Error on ESPN thirteenth when he. I'm Craig asked in an injury offer rational price and actually a price you need to know that we accident injury specialist. Need to know your initial consultation always be with an attorney. You need to notable introduce you to the best doctors in the region. 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ES TM thirteen twenties you're home for the 49ers football field OSS okay Eric Zito said. Thirteen twentieth driven by media loves the Sacramento. And thirteen Tony Sacramento studios here's a lady Gleason. Lower Craig Blair. Hooray the NBA season has reason to leave you know they kings are back in action tonight against the I forget who they play Seattle they're playing the Seattle Sonics that he don't know they play I don't I don't remember I think you need to say it out now I can't. Oh circle back rather play in the Seattle Sonics they say the Oklahoma City Thunder that's OK fair enough yet you know how so many NBA teams now well NBA teams have multiple jerseys then you know which is it's kind of cool to see I really like Utah's. Red and yellow jerseys like I think their tribute to the what the red rock then. An and Donovan Mitchell war 1 am during the slam dunk contest really kind of cool I have an idea for another kings alternate jerseys too late to work it in this year. They should have jerseys that say bizarre rose birds. Bizarrely fast does is it turns out that's what they kings are among other things it. They are the bizarre O spurs and the Sacramento bee pointed this out. Over the weekend Phillip Reese put together a little piece here. Which points out that the kings have been the most consistent and worst NBA franchise this decade. And this is why I say it's just about time now opera kings fans to demand a lot better. The die is cast for the rest of this year we know where it's going this year we'll see where they end up. But in this offseason considering that they have no first round draft pick in 2019. Another that we says every year crucial offseason for the kings they have to show. Measurable progress next season so we'll see how the rest of this year goes but. No other NBA team has a lower standard deviation in wins or end of season rankings in other words the kings. They've been consistent and they've been bad they've won between 22 and 33 games each year since 2009. Including the current season kings of logged a 21 to 28 worst regular season record. Since 2009 Newton. Teams average indices and ranking is 25 worst than any other team in the league timberwolves come close but it just so happens hello. They have the fifth best record in the league this year. So as Philip breeze points out. It is rare for a team to be as consistent as the kings in the modern NBA where the worst teams each season usually get the best picks. The only team that comes close this deck guy decade in terms of consistency. Is this spurt she's. Unlike the kings they've been consistently successful. Logging between first and ninth best record in the NBA since 2000 and night. So we're so used here to. To allowing the kings are they reset things well they were trappings of the markets it didn't work you do well now they go with the youth movement but this is incredible it is. It is. I think that. They're they're something to be said for emulating success. If this is not all of alt all on divac understand. And I I know anybody who knows the history here knows that because the years why he's referencing included other ownership yeah absolutely is and all any anyone guide but I would say. It's it's it's notable. That the Vick came in with sort of a grand idea about a new NBA even in the NBA three point our kings should point out. End. The idea was not to emulate but to try to trail blaze. And the chief is that for the kings. The spurs aren't so far out of the model. In terms of the city side is the revenue that they can drive to the building in all that they're they're really not that far out of the model that they each. That they shouldn't be really closely considered well and what have the spurs done. That they've done well. They haven't really played in creative see a lot until the last couple years what they've really done well is draft. May have been very fortunate in no jackpot twice in the end there's no way around that you'd you'd need luck in in if you draft. High enough each year you've probably due for some luck to brag or at the very least to run into the right pick right they were more than fortunate because not only did they have the topic twice they had it in years when. Clearly there was a guy that everyone and wanted to and should have taken a number one the drafters change course now with so many young players via coming out but I think for. For what Sacramento would ever hope to be. That there are markets available to them and I think they're kind of headed down this road now. Like San Antonio Utah where did that sort of building pattern is there for you to see you don't really have to be different. Because the object in the NBA's and to be different is to win them and. I think there's it's it's it's available to them so at the end of this season the kings will have essentially. Tanked right I think it's fair to say yes it's not a that strategy at the end of the season will have been a year and a half essentially. Since the DiMarco straight that's right Zeller is any change that was the right on point at which he realized kids plus these Foster switched. They're trying to win right now and trying to win later so you gotta show some progress after this year especially because again 2019 you Bob first round pick. Bobby march today espn.com. Looks at teams draft assets Sacramento Kings alone 20181 round pick. Let's see here Sacramento Portland when he 182 round pick. They've got at their own 20/20 first round and second round and Detroit's 20/20 second round and Miami's 20/20 second round. And their own 20/20 11 round and second round of it and so 12022 but of course what they owe. Bet that those are picks on what they uh 020191. Round pick to Boston or Philadelphia. When he 192 round pick to Philadelphia. Because of one of the worst trades it's ever been made and OK okay what that was all water in the bridge skeptics and now but that's where you are so you have to deal that. So you have even a smaller margin for error so we need to see some results not a play opera necessarily next year course certainly not an NBA Jimmy tip next year but. At some point the team has to get better because it's amazing how consistently. Bad not mediocre they haven't even been mediocre. They've been so all bad for so long that the bizarre roles for urgent. Everything you say about the spurs turned upside down and you've got the Sacramento Kings. Yeah and it's goes way back farther analysis that they have an they had a break. Of a number of years in which life all changed around you're as far as the NBA was concerned. But if you've been here long enough you know that that period you're describing actually happened before as well. Did there's nothing what they're trying to do is hard vision and no reason has to to think otherwise what's the trend is hard in if you're wrong. I doubt any you know one decision or a couple of decisions they can set you back years that's why we're still talking about the Philly trade. Because it it's set you back in ways that are hard even calculate. Now eighteen means everything you really need to lose believe it or not as much as you can. Because of the deal you made as an organization that kills you and Tony nineteen. There's no way around that that's real anybody you made that trade passes and a lot of meter right guessed either come out and say it admitted allows a really bad trade. Or you know what if he doesn't realize that he shouldn't be the general manager I'm sure you realize its embassy being fair I'm sure he knows now that. He got swindled. That was that was a young in his case a young on the job I should take young GM move all of because he got forced into a rice or call all of a sudden had to scramble it well now I mean that's not your narrative but they'll. No but I'm saying because he realizes now that the terms he was being sold. And maybe was being spun into believing it was a pretty reasonable deal was in fact of an almost purely one sided deal by a really sure Eugenia. It took him cleaners and and I can't go there with you understand what you're saying but anybody in their right mind would say wait I have to give this up to get that and ran away I can do that there was does come. Well he may have been a guy with a knee got swindled their outsmarting loses Tom already got swindled. But I mean he he also. Could've used. Or or being more open to the idea of someone in his own front office saying this is a Batman I'm ides why fault I'm not saying. He is an innocent bystander scene he got swindled as a GM you're on the hook for that it's our responsibility to beat 22 and to snow with the ramifications are. And to know if there's another way to do what you're trying to get done. Which is really wire where that thing fell I think we pretty much agree on as spoiler saarc says I think we're on the same page or my point is you can't each year your margin for air's pretty thin. And so when you when you GAAP Tony nineteen is as a trade. Prospect entirely. You've you've really put yourself into a window of I'm needing to see progress now because you may hit a year in which English she score in free agency. Or make a major trade you might have a hard time showing progress this time one year from now I mean. What you are looking for is this next calendar year from the end of the season through disarmament in the next season to be able to mark to people we've we've made the. We may project where it could happen if they are able to land an impact player in the draft certainly not a stretch and we talked over and over and over about how so many teams are taking right now. So it's hardly a given but they have a very good chance in up with a very good pick and get a very good player. And you add Harry Giles Wright who by all accounts is really looking good and that's not hard to imagine. You know because you pretty promising player. You as that college player and maybe. You know you're able to take advantage of a free agent market. That should be a buyers market do its not hard to imagine real progress next year. But we need this around here we need to see it then. That's what they're completely about right now is trying to put talent on the floor that people can see developing. And some of it's not going to be pretty. But every time. A guy like fox about Don Imus has a moment that's what they're looking for Republican present they can sell. It's they look. He's better and you ball body was going to be he's gonna be good we're telling you these guys are going to be on the floor for the kings in the years to come. And they're being years and years where you would say. Black hope not or I don't think they will be one of the other. They're trying to sell different narrative now which is this a guy you like him he's ours or we're gonna keep them. I'll be watching most closely the rest of the way Justin Jackson if he continues to play well if he's a player. There are pretty good shape there's a good chance they're in pretty good shape but he's actually a player but he improve and yet that's right but he shown signs that he. May very well be these are critical games for him. He's getting plenty of opportunities soda for about that. Coming up next which NFL team made the more ridiculous statement today Nextel ESPN thirteen twenty. 30% in the NBA regular season remains will we be talking more about winning or tanking. Plus the front runner per MB and so far that and more Friday and gold coin goes on Sacramento's ESPN thirteen. Moments historic day Jack in the Box introduces a usually fried chicken sandwich with crunchy agents on Goshen junk mail but we're really PLC which tangy honey elite from the prime rib cheese steak smothered and probe alone sheets and to that I say hey I'm a return of his. I'll take what Aviv Shannon order Fries. Jack bought X went down and they do try the new food truck series of judgment. But the tunnel present for description later thank you gentlemen this all the wrong medication gotten in your household products had a reaction to bite or sting called poison helped line first for fast free advice from medical professionals call 1802221222. Any time.