Fact or Fantasy 12/6/17

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, December 6th

There's no way MLS can bypass Sacramento in this consideration.


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Ted Robinson and Jonas at 515 in the course factors Tennessee is coming right out we got its go on there on the future of the NFL. And I had said that we were gonna talk about a sad comeback declaration which we didn't get too so real quickly 53 year old Rafael Palmeiro says he's considering it an MLB comeback and to me that's so sad and I think one of the reasons he gave his beavis and thousands steroids and if I come back at age 53 and played out. They'll see they'll understand that I wasn't on. Steroids that's so tough I mean he was on steroids. It's just. You know I'm maybe he's just looking around saying it can't be that hard to get back into baseball right now but I can't imagine. He's never he was named in the Mitchell report. Yeah I mean that he was you look at it the back of his baseball in our positive test it is eight home runs nine home runs I don't know runs a forty Perry here. You know he certainly was a great player and down but that's tough and the idea that he's even still kicking it around. Speaks to what some of these guys feel about what happened in. Maybe there regret they feel and they want their name's Mack keep them Mark McGwire to sort of kind quietly working in baseball. And that's been his way his. Workarounds if you as a sort of all right I can't fix anything so he just says I'm sorry for everything and yes I did it. And he is just quietly sort of having a career now in Major League baseball's coach. You are right now it's time for pride tonight. The go ahead they haven't today's not a static this is rising as factor Phoenix yes truth he has been winning it sets. Such a rate that I've requested that he be tested repeating haven't heard back on that but. Back to Tennessee's rat's about I guess he got waved off I guess you're not going to be tested. I like two words he has brought to you by Ashton and price for the best advice don't think twice Paul Ashton and prize here's judge James. Wolf thank you got the final version or fourth you know the words were a year and swap in both. Hey now that's done on and I do not Charles thank you to not use that kind of language in her courtroom knows terrorism Mike Byron. We'll idea that start with you today let's do that you won yesterday. There's really no way MLS can bypass. Sacramento in this kind of expansion as as Pakistan's yeah. By that first not a it's till it's over but we know that huge consideration for MLS. It is soccer specific stadium and concrete plans for that and Sacramento is ready to start technically they've started they have the plans at the funding. They're ready to start. Of building the stadium. Nashville faces a lawsuit over stadium land Cincinnati stadium plans remain sketchy and they laxity support in Detroit doesn't even have a soccer specific stadium plan. So Sacramento against second all the boxes way admit that Meg Whitman part mean outweigh commitment. On board now. So there are very few reasons to doubt Sacramento's chances given that concrete nature of the stadium plan I think Sacramento is. Ian. All right many who read me the million. France idea there's really no way MLS can bypass Sacramento in this round of expansion as best actor fancy it's a fantasy there really isn't. And you know I agree with. Pretty much everything why he said except about they're not being away and had its separate way commitment. You know Larson was on board that. My in this is what gives me pause and it's why I don't really trust MLS. Sacramento has been in really good shape for awhile now and MLS has continued to say you know what can you eat Internet excite you gotta be really soon he really coming up fast. Part of the reason for that is. In Miller says looking beyond the obvious one who had the best bid that's a really good place to start but MLS is looking at where it wants franchises located. MLS right now is about geography. And trying to spread its product wherever it wants to be in the US there's franchises he hasn't. In others in LA and to you actually now Portland Seattle so the West Coast is in pretty good shape. That's the way that Sacramento despite having done everything right it's so funny itself clicking on that on the from the outside in. If MLS does something crazy like say. Approve Cincinnati because they want since nanny because they think Columbus has moved in Austin. They've done it before I don't wanna say that was a long answer but. Happy new year to say now let's complicated that's how it happens unfortunately we play nicer and dare I know I. And get and so that's why. There's no way this. Wishful thinking Evans saying it for the whole time I think we're next I think the next I hope our next sound golf wedding day. Good for you your honor them. It's gonna argument the current. Spreads expression yes. A lot of welcome O'Dell Beckham is right not fair that is criticized for by an outburst more than Britney when he's not right things practicing it's. Sounds like some he says that actually innocent to all the equipment just the idea. We're he has no league. With his quick history is a diva. I'm just trying to compare yourself to Tom Brady get into with his own coach overplayed it didn't work out is just silly he's. He's arguing two different things I think in his mind he can slates and end all one. What people I'm criticize more than inning I know people actually distinguish between year tantrums. Mechanic and a quarterback getting into an account. Lady. About him his rights not fair that is criticized for Simon outbursts more than Brady was on Sunday arrest as Pakistan's. Let's fix it's tailback is trying to claim a double standard but for there to be a double standard in Brady have to be. On the same ground as did Tom Brady pretending that he was I urinating dog no he did not. And Odom back in junior has done an on sideline did Tom Brady proposed to a kicking net. No he did not as Soto Beckham junior won five Super Bowl rings no he has not Soto back in junior. You can't cry for me are river. Appreciate their Nike. And you look at point. Double. Well plans that are the next question why. Thinking is look keep going backwards as aren't as they keep yanking and players out of the lineup and sending them to Reno has as factor means. Now let's see. I'm very disappointed that just in Jackson's in Reno one of the things I enjoy about what to rankings this year there are a lot frankly. One of them is watching some of the young players develop like eons now they're both in Reno now what kind of stinks for me. But the kings apparently are sending in their younger players a message they act Cooley IndyCar Sampson. Who are up with a big club they don't have much ceiling as far as being good players but they play they're behind off in apparently that's what they're trying to teach some young guys. You go to Reno you play a little bit and you see how much effort got to expand at the NBA level hopefully that'll pay off down the road it stinks for me now. But I think ultimately it's a solid plan. Crack heads yes the kings would keep going backwards is on who they keep inking and players out of the lineup and sending them to Reno rise as acne I think it's a fact. I like the idea of having any guy on my. NBA roster and AK yacht pullen Hampshire pseudonym shirts in and Serena. I'm not sure if they can observe how hard the other guys are playing if they're sitting in Reno just trying to play out minutes waiting to get called up again they never get called up again. I I think we're probably still in between stays on what the G Lee actually is and how it works but the truth is taking a guy like Justin Jackson. In sending him to Reno does nothing absolutely nothing to enhance his development. He should be with the NBA team surrounded by India players didn't shoot out by an NBA coaching staff for what he is and is doing right. That's how he goes on the job. Actor your your. Yeah same thing is finally prove one thing that helps his development Reno is that he gets to way. That's the one thing else does development mean you didn't say answering back so I know that's why didn't okay and actually I've put Michael at. I non clients and where it all the marbles because we're all tied at grad starts at the okay. The underrated baseball signing of the winter as the car it's getting miles Nicholas who is who in 20118 a lizard and a video. That. The bill either Vietnam or your own mind that just. Anyway Jack looked called wolf I do. Yeah. Yet fancier on NF. And is worse than it sounded because he actually chopped down to see the video which I understand that you. And neglected to you can even listen to the audio yeah that today and he'd shoot siege hoped he'd be getting beaten. I'm so under be counted. News. There why do you ask questions they underrated baseball signing of the winter's the cards getting miles Nicholas do it doesn't have a eluded in the video residents activist and please don't play the audio again. Miles Nicklaus whose with San Diego for awhile he went pitched in Japan but what we know about him is. Little lizards that says the plane went when your baseball player and that's what's known about you. Arm that's not a good thing you'll be known for something you get on the field at some level when you're known as the lizard Jack he's the guy that ate the lizard that's not a good sign. So no he is far. From the underrated signing. Of the winter and instant karma is gonna get you he's gonna end up getting eaten by an iguana owners go. It's such it is and I did an annual monsters and. Well we can't and a that I demands aren't gonna give this to Iowa college today happens to be cracked. Wow fruit. Outcries congratulations on the finger you Ryan did not see that comment and I mean that honestly. It was a complete the holding of the time aside this agreement favorite no cannon yeah thank you that's way sometimes they are. Funny that so give it back to the asked in a price cup which has brought to buy after the price for the best device. It's why he's call. Ashton and price and we appreciate their sponsorship thank you very much and thank you Ashton and trying to send it looks a lot like my. Coffee mug but that's what he looks they go very pretty you can put a lizard in there and it isn't enough.