Fact or Fantasy 12/5/17

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, December 5th

Did Kreids or Whitey snag the win today?


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Ho ho ho don't quartet that is going to ESPN thirteenth when he got that. And taking a lot of holiday movie are you who is automatically gives you a chance to win at 500 dollars. Visa gift card did have you Denny actor Isaiah Santa Claus conquers the martian. You did not. That's what I'm going away at that what do think of that boat alone. I know I have no idea why not I I Africa. Speaking of films I have a feeling this may come up and doctor fantasy which is a coming right up. From SI dot com the highest grossing sports films of all time you're surprised aren't you yes the highest grossing sports film of all time. The blind side. And then. That's sometimes human eye is actually is says you 156 million the water boy second 162 million longest yard 2005 version under 58. Talladega nights sports rocky 45. Rocky 36. Sea biscuit blades of glory remember the titans and its glory and ordinary okay. Now gone quiet on sports movies well it's about figure skating cheer it's a comedy but it's those bouts works as an my gas. A lot of voice a second day escalating clueless or some real time was a water boy of sports where. Where's like miracle like what what happened they didn't happen to us. Yeah and that's movies don't make life seriously. Which movies are make time and so many dads sports movies out there that it's hard and I would have thought. I don't know just on residuals alone bull terms like surely it's just killing. Also it came out so long ago yeah yeah that the move when you write it pulled icon yeah yeah. Right now as Democrats are nodding. I have been on today's not a static this is thrives guys factor Tennessee and it's rock you've by accident price. All the math that I thought they might tell us that price that I am here as he's got to have a would you like it from college football playoff with in the first round Ohio State against Alabama. Would be in the it would when I I do agree that we will mentally get to that someday. I aid I think I agree with you it will be allowed but then yes I did see that coming. I think it's inevitable and at that point series I would imagine that there'd be lots of conference. I'm. Eight season in head coaches even use a little wider regional conference championship then. I behind State's claim for Wisconsin but they both know they're gonna fall comfortably in the top eight you don't play a conference championship. It doesn't mean anything that I'd rather have a playoff game night. I would too but the conference stuff has always been either at home or at a very very. Home oriented neutral field. I mean in the canals go out wherever we happen in other pac twelve championship game at Levi's wouldn't be here with this and no not at all not at all but that but we have they given a station a lot of I think yeah that's a classic. Yeah. What I'm saying is it would be it would involve quite a bit actually. Move in parts rhetorical question Korea is. And let's get started guide its Kreider does argued today since he won yesterday OK first question ST. The number one take away from Monday Night Football is that the Steelers can win a number of ways residence back if not for me that's a thing. I mean yeah they can win they can date date they've won close games but that wasn't my take away. It was weight to the brutal and out of control game for that to be my take away. If you wanted to by the Steelers specifically might number one take away was their vote more vulnerable than I thought they were especially in their secondary end. That they have even they've been winning close games recently without really looking very impressive so they've got that good record. That doesn't necessarily make you more confident about their chances that was my biggest takeaways about the Steelers. Interest and sorry your honor. Interesting way for his question on the number one take away from an and it's a pilot that the Steelers can when a number and in a number of ways as as factor fancy. It is a financier and I think. Mark's point and we already knew that about the Steelers so. That's it's hardly news to me the biggest takeaways that we've had. You know violence on the field last night a Monday Night Football and we also had that a couple weeks gone Oakland Crabtree and to leave in both cases you have grudges that are being settled on the field. The biggest take way is that the NFL I think has to be more proactive in defusing these things before. Players start taking matters into their own hands suspensions I don't think they really help I think there's a lot of guys last night. Judy Smith Shuster gays get suspended a bit too there's a lot of guys on this team right now sand that was great what you did so suspension is not a deterrent. But when you know that teams really hate each other players don't like each other in their scores to settle the league has to figure out a way to diffuse those before it spills over onto the field. For the good of the players and also they gained which can afford situations like we had last night. And he gets points for the. It's not vulnerable. And shear that thing. Next president lane the warriors recent lack of composure is alarming risk as factor Tennessee. It is a little bit. These were the good guy warriors and if you go back to when they first won their first championship. When he 1415 they were eighteenth in the league in technicals and injections combined. This year I know it's only December but they would be first in the league. And something has changed with them. Maybe they're bored. Maybe they got a target on their back now but yet Steve Kerr this is why I think it's alarming the coach saying last night we have to play with more composure. We are not playing like champions if the coach is concerned enough to mention that I think it is alarming it's certainly a departure from where they work I think it's a little alarming that already this year. They're they've had they. Teresa's been injected. Twice in three games they've got to play rejected and each of the last three games that is alarming. Scratch it it's just the warriors recent lack of composure is alarming rise as Pakistan's. That is a fantasy. I think it's more noteworthy and it is alarming that it's noteworthy because what he's right they're getting. I'm date date date they probably talk more and then they used to they probably get into it more. Especially with the officials and other players than they used to collectively. That's noteworthy. They're also a you know two time NBA champion three time NBA finals they're nineteen and six they've won eight and it's and it's not long term a big concern for them alarming is swing you you have bells going off and you think we've got to fix this. This is to me a classic example of a team that's board they're bored nearly season. You're very convincing but not quite an. You're alone. Hey cat just had voted an official the that's alarming while courting the NBA the official lebed his forehead which is why the official. Is spending a week now and the players always been in a game person suspending a game out for a head butting an official. Oh yeah. Next question to element in prides the NFL's most inspirational player of the weekend it was Marshawn Lynch residents factor in a city. It's a fancy concert say I don't know. I don't want upon the contest but. You know about the whole NFL the most inspirational play. Think it's a hiker who are not lose this well we can't mail it back tomorrow if I just talk about straight inspirational I was more inspired watching Jimmy grapple plays first. People start for the 49ers. Because he made throws that they haven't seen made in two seasons and he gave them an idea how to go forward at some ridiculous clutched. Beck and that. Why you let the bills most inspirational player of the weekend was Marshawn Lynch stressed it's accurate and. Spanish. Very pleasant operational team Marchand go for a 51 yard run the most inspirational player was the saints' third string quarterback. You've probably never heard of him his name is taste some he'll. He was active for the first time this week he's a quarterback but you know what he did play quarterback. He has been playing special teams for the saints and he made attack all. On that kick coverage a third string quarterback on special teams make that tackle that's very inspiration cornerback and has been on the court of executive and a need somebody kicks the ball for me when we play catch and knoller and he's out there contributing on special teams. I think that's inspirational. I appreciate your preparation for this segment so why biggest apply okay. I don't guns on 04 associated question and I think I think there's an answer here that somebody already has but it isn't me. That was one of them. And that I don't question brides you can still win with those questions arose but all the marbles and by neighbors or with you know. The highest grossing sports movie of all time in the blind side is also one of the best dressed as Pakistan's. I don't like that movie to me. Is a fine film and what's her name won some who did her word excel and you cannot lower but I am really colored by the fact that on this movie. Michael Oher himself hates the book hates the movie. People come out to all the time and they think he's the character in the movie and it's so far from what really happened. That he can't stand people talking to him about the blind side it's a fairy tale that has very little to do with what actually happened which is too bad because it's actually really enchanting story. The movie too it's. It purports to be based on reality and it barely is and I thought she is little over the top. Yeah and. And I just I was so it's interesting film it's it's good enough there's it's nowhere near the best sports movie there are many baseball movies better so now. It's nice you should see some time but one of the best ever there's no freaking way. But police Sandra Bullock acting is better than yours cries out a question that isn't dead on cinema that's exactly how she did have very close. The highest dressings whereas an adult and the blind side is also one of the best and as fact and. That's a fact. Sports movie the bar on sports movies isn't set overly hi I'm and the blind side is Juli based on a story. I'm in the same way that a lot of Disney movies are based on stories. Which is actually two for another one of my favorites which is remember the titans. In both cases what he's right if you get deep into the reality of what happened you take him. I remember that and could be. But I judged sports movies almost exclusively on the basis of their. Uplift because I don't watch a sportswear generally less it's gonna Jackie Robinson story to be educated I watched him for uplift its very uplifting it's very heartwarming. And it's actually a movie that I watched again. And I've watched several times that's easy call for me. Business stuff but it's. Just mighty. Friday for an accident sent out yes yeah. Why I'd need for the sweet congratulations why you delegate power Al's performance thank you I brought it today. And so we are pleased and over the afternoon price cup. But the best advice to on the twice call Ashton and price I would if you aren't Davidson on my desk by the end of the shows there and I think I'm being quite lenient on certainly we'll give you what you gave me yesterday. Hear about that.