Fact or Fantasy 1/18/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, January 18th

Was Aaron Rodgers' injury the most significant of the season?


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Back then Izzy coming up I hope I win I don't know. OK you can win. A couple of tickets to attend the sixth annual segment of sports hall of fame induction celebration on Saturday January 27 that thunder valley casino resort. Two answer go to the players club ESPN thirteenth when he a dot net yeah. Darren Oliver is going to be inducted we talked to him today. Use a lot of fun yeah. I'm talks Charles Mann yesterday Charles van yes extensible winners so. The should be a really good night and fundamentally yes Darren Oliver said as far as baseball implementing a pitch clock. Memory serves because that I don't know about that but somehow must be done. Ya I heap he really was more I think key. He thinks that the pace of play is slowed measurably and certainly in the time he's been in baseball that's true he wants less time between innings. Ya. But as you said you know. You know can change commercial time and that's the big that's one thing the baseball can't fix them until they all fastballs or to refashion them fastballs. But I agree moving faster I'm sure off I'm not sure he disagree and that's what he said he gays got guys who can throw 95 and they wanna throw sliders will just. All of them yeah you are irons tries to become run at me now I have that feeling. This is right guys factor Finnessey destructed by afternoon price for the rest device they'll think twice golf Ashton and Fries and now. Passes you make sure enters the one and LA AF. We. He gave me. Out hello hello Perry gentlemen. I am I cold but I'm fine you know how are you have a cold then please ushered germs. Too late. If it did it and you're in the studio at this Daryn. Crash and yes you are winning this week the tango would like to pass a plane I don't care. I'll and I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll play. That's when plan which now. DN Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe is right the idea Jacksonville beating New England is stress stress as back. And it's a fantasy I think he. Oh he might have used the wrong word because it's not preposterous to guess that one conference finalists could find a way to beat the other conference finalist. Especially not when one conference finalist Jacksonville. Has arguably the best defense in football. So by no means is it preposterous. He might have been reaching for some other words your honor he's from Boston he covers you know Brady and Belichick and the legend. And it's possible that what he meant was. It's inconceivable. Like to him. Or it's unimaginable. By no means is that preposterous. To think the best defense in football can give the patriots a problem. Night light eaten. DN Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe was right the AT at Jacksonville beating New England is preposterous. As best actress Lindsay. I think that's actually. Definition of preposterous. Definitions include ridiculous family. Did PGE says it's a Finnessey did it. You said fantasy and hit the cold medications at the facts OK got Jeff thank you just wanna be sure out is trying to keep you undertow no I was I was at an absolute ball bat I'm it is preposterous definition a preposterous ridiculous contrary to common sense laughable. One thing preposterous does not mean is impossible. IE is saw somebody today can who works here pay your pick in Jacksonville high. I'd be one of the few who laws of I've picked him right. Jacksonville could win but the idea that you look at the points spread and you talked a football fan if you go to football Jesse Jackson is gonna win there's a very good chance they will lap because the notion is preposterous doesn't mean Jacksonville won't win but if it's preposterous to think it late portals beating Tom Brady. Right I am I crisis and. Okay. Oh good you don't think it's preposterous. I think he made a better argument. Well I am on cold medication and that's and that's what I wasn't gonna bring that should keep factored in a different connect actually I wanna submit my last two weeks were effective Tennessee's been. Why Eddie yet the next question. The most significant injury these this NFL season was Aaron Rodgers pass a call Damascus actor fantasy that is a fantasy so now I'm going to press. As far as me Macon a little mistake last time Alaska option awards and young but I. Think that's great advice them the most significant injury this season Carson wins. The Eagles offense was phenomenal this year especially on third down at Carson Wentz were still playing at the Eagles. Would be arguably the favorite I think they'd be the best team in football I don't think with nick foals at the Helm. The Eagles are gonna win the Super Bowl that Carson wins they'd they'd have a great chance to win the Super Bowl so I think Carson went to his injury most significant in FL injury this year. The false ferrying no wins wagon. And. Nice recovery ready. I answer yes the most significant injury it is and it those season was Aaron Rodgers a Chicago and has as fact of him. I T think it's a fantasy enough. We establish that Green Bay is a playoff team. I'm if not that's of course it matters to give the Packers. And white and integrate argument I would offer Ryan Shay easier from the Steelers as the guy as to me the most significant injury. It's true Carson wins for the Eagles was a a game changer. Taking Ryan she easier out of the Steelers defense almost at the very end of the season changed. Everything there is no question in my mind at Steelers would be playing the patriots. This Sunday if she's there had been able to play for the Steelers user played in Jacksonville beat them earlier. Even. Last weekend. I want to go with Ukraine's but I Ashley is right and that's. And it's. Not a it live but. Next question who brag how many of these do we do. It depends on net a lot of things are right there on track for four okay. Writes stepped curry showed his frustration man throwing the ball off the back of the bulls player was a punk move risk as factor fans that's a fact who Jerry unfair. Terroristic. It was the definition of a little mini tantrum. I I think it. You know not been actually really happened after that when the bulls player because struck in the back looked round. And he was genuinely surprised that that was staff. So I think partly you know the situation didn't escalate because the bulls were so surprised. And it's easy to sort of say oh you know there's a strategy involved there there was 110 of a second left and if you hit it off the guys back the clock starts. Stuff curry never does that he'd just been victimized for cleanest steal layup on an inbounds pass he was clearly angry. It's very out of character it's really no big deal on the big picture but yeah it was definitely a punk move. All right light eaten stepped Carey showed his frustration by throwing the ball the back of the bulls player was upon Lopez inspector yes I disagree. Okay. I think rightly point but I I've vehemently disagree and I think the fact that the bulls player who was hit with the ball the fact that he didn't react shows that. It wasn't any thing that the troops in the putting to the bulls react now staffers already fired the ball off the guy's head. Like what we saw. From Blake Griffin earlier this week he was very frustrated at a very bizarre sequence he made a terrible play. But thrown a ball off a guy's media I'd LeBron than that now he has and he's he's done to get the ball back. It is increase way to there's a tenth of a second left you bounce the ball off you don't hurt them he and fired it wasn't malicious. Was there some frustration there I don't know but it wasn't a malicious act intended. Two in any way disrespect the player who was the recipient of the ball off his behind so to me away and step craven said that on Twitter said. I would actually tell someone to do that. It's have a second left I think it was a lot was made this now think it's anything. I'd think he tried really hard on now whiny but I can't get. Okay how you guys freak show that but I just I I strongly feel that way so I believe I'm in the minority but that was not a in my opinion is not a thing. But markets the point so blurred out his get the point. Yes that means he's leading going into the final question who can't indiscretions weren't everything's those regrets is a matter. OK but ID we start with you okay there's something very likable about those pesky LA clippers risk as factor and see. I think it's a fax. And they're not they haven't been historically the most likable team with guys like Blake. In CP three but that's it one of the things that's likable about them right now they've won six and around Billy crystal's on TV last night look six era. On the thing that's very likable about them right now is that they were held hostage the clippers were held hostage by an NBA superstar Chris Paul how you better trade me. And we've seen this before and it's unfortunate for franchises we saw what happened to Oklahoma City so what the clippers it is a trade them. And they got some good players back in right now they're playing really well and they just beat Chris Paul and that's what's likable as at a franchise said. OK we got a trade you your turn all the sausage are rightly you know what we're not bad good luck to you know we're still hold on our own. We're still make a run at the playoffs and to meet especially someone being in a city where small market India for interest. I think there's something really cool about that good luck clippers. Currents and a quest there's something you like alone at those pesky LA clippers try as best actress oh no hits event is expect it. And I am and I appreciate this in fact there's almost nothing about the clippers that he's cute cuddly or likable. And it doesn't matter what they're up against orb we know how they were treated in free agency you're pinning Prius is not in about that. Blake is although I like him as a player Blake is clearly not a likeable player. Doc Rivers is not a likeable coach. His son I might be the least popular player in the NBA and in fact address that in an article that ran an ESPN today. And they are chippy and they are melt the and I love all of that because it and it begins. Every league needs teams to root against panel likable isn't not at all they are not a likable team there'll watchable team. Exactly because friction seems to exist right under the surface of every game they play likable. Need to know. Do you really saw that grads that I actually agree to weigh on the eighteenth which the freezing. Chris I think the team is likable I knew I just like I agree with buddy and understand the depth of one of these superstars. Trying to run the league had a better straighten me OK fine. We're gonna get Montrose apparel and we got the Geico cave men run and point now well Whitey I present you with the Aston prize leather helmet thank you but you buy Astor prize for the best advice don't think twice. Call ashen and price please don't put them on hand. You have been dragging germs into the student one of my proudest victories that coming from behind from I don't even know what I was saying for half of it but thank you are. But it makes you feel that case it helped me out yeah why did of the argument to say that yeah. When Tara yeah hey anybody can push or wrong button it happens I appreciate that thank you yet Jamie thank you.