Fact or Fantasy 1/17/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, January 17th

Does the NBA need to crack down on fighting?


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Right now suburb cries to not go ahead dead on today's hottest topics. It is is rise guys back to Tennessee. And it's brought you by Ashton and price for the best advice don't think twice. Call Ashton and Fries for the rest judge available well today it's fair once again it's yeah. Best dead period okay yeah hour that's at another way to say it that's how the guys at the Kline no actually a light as Ian terms but that's a pet now. Yeah there's no editing going on here. Or are gonna start with you grads again he has the Aston price helmet as you well know your ownership and he's just nice enemy representative of back to Tennessee supremacy. That it it's a lovely moment. It really is I still think that time you worried you might at a backwards you know I don't maybe I was looking into backwards in. I'm sure you from Oklahoma that I am not a time to time element. A leather an old leather throwback football helmet definitely yeah pitch right over the headphones to its great look. Anyway we'll start with you graduate pastor played well on pleasure of playing on the wheel well or play on we shall call me I probably. Alice did coordinator Todd Haley got a raw deal in Pittsburgh grads guys factor in us. That's famous seeing get a raw deal. And they haven't and have had a very good offense. And I having trouble believing he's part of it because the coordinator but that said it's very clear that there were some problems between him and Roethlisberger. Big Ben's gonna win that. It sounds like there were some problems behind the scenes. Between him and his head coach she's not gonna win now when either. In an addition he has some questionable off the field issues such as the following tale of flight stairs but now bar. Cracking ribs the week before a very important game I think that what happened is. Actually would have a slot in sports and in business to where someone's just one place a little too long time ago. I'm I guess I'm saying is I think the Steelers offense is going to be fine. All right Y eighty eaten ousted coordinator Todd Haley Arab pride tee Pittsburgh Chris inspector fantasy I agree that it's Kansas. On the numbers were good while he was there but I take you back to November at the time these steeler offense was struggling and in the post gazette Todd Haley was quoted as saying this in my five and a half years here we've done some great great things statistically what we haven't done is get to these Super Bowl. And have a chance to win the game that really is what all of this is about. That's the goal yes and they haven't done that. Plus he's what I call in football terms he's a weirdo. And he can't get along with big Vince over those two reasons you can understand why. The Steelers did this both things imagery is a good coordinator but he won get it done there was time for them to move on. Undid the wish I felt that I I thought I saw some suggesting he and his wife got into a fight at a bar on New Year's Eve not with a each other necessarily. I believe debt. There's a lot of different reporting about what happened yeah. All we know for sure is that at some point during what has ever happened. He went downstairs time so yeah at some point he went downstairs. But it's not like blue caught the icy patch yeah sounds like there's little bit more to two of them so okay. Right next question. So was that he and his wife gonna fight each other is what they don't know are so I don't know I don't know them Parra another in a bar yeah I don't know if I don't think they were fighting one another Barca. Next question thank you. The NBA needs to seriously cracked down fighting before things are really get out of hand Peres as activists. I'm gonna go fifth season. Long story short it's a very delicate situation right now you've got players upset about the officiating the officials are upset about the players now the sun yup players were upset with players. Something has to be done no question but the league can't command heavy handed here and start. Cracking down on it because and you run the risk of fanning the flames they have to get in there with the players union interestingly the and the players union of the the the player in charge is Chris Paul who is distinctly a locker room or the other team. But it's gonna it's got to be handled swiftly. But very diplomatically because you run the risk of making this worse before it gets better and it's on the had to be in really bad situation here. So they can be very careful about how they handled us. I Krantz yes the NBA needs to since the crackdown on writing before things get really out of hand as as active. It's a fact. Sometimes it is yet kind of more of pay that's great fear that as funny as fund the clippers rockets thing wasn't really close to. May be necessarily guys trying to take each other out there was. The post game scene and then in a locker rooms what happened last night on the other hand with a player taking a closed fist swing and another player on the court. Is the by far the most extreme but but AA the latest of the series of on court incidents between players. They're being incidents with players and officials but does serve a griping nature technicals and things like that. It's been getting more physical and should fear on the court for some reasoning ya. This is one of those cases where a leak in your time elite after all not you know of the playground or whatever we're league says we should get it now. And I think then the day after a guy takes an absolute open swinging at another player. It's a great time for leads say yeah probably now's the time push back. You both really good points I don't think I'm gonna go crank them. Do apologize. I don't think it did okay you sound like you're reluctant to go there won't be reluctant to get the point across the tube I know you'll in this case of yeah that's. Make sense nine you still gave a good argument. Thank you thank you the next question it's. I'm never gonna get that nominee and he ends you so chance. Rush on Rondo is a right Isiah Thomas does not deserve a tribute video from the Celtics as best actor for. I mean I'll be honest reluctantly it's a fantasy umpire I say that. I'm not the biggest fan of the that the league's gotten itself in a weird spot where teams just feel obligated what we got a plan Tribune media arena has gone back needs to be on our team. In Isaiah Thomas's case. Rank it's closer to. If you really understand what the Celtics went to the last couple of years I understand. He was very very important to their fan base at a time when they rebuilt. Into a contender again. He was emotionally. Connected. To his teammates into the fan base he went to personal tragedy in front of the fan base. I think even though he it's not like he was there for ten years but this is one of those cases. It's not about the bigger moment it's about he himself I totally get it and then they botched it the way it's gonna go it's not working out the way they hoped. And the right idea. Why AD. Roz on Rondo is right and Zia Thomas does not deserve a tribute video from the Celtics dressed as active in the fifth CNN. Right disagree hard mostly in at least Lowery likely there's no question Rajon Rondo is. Dead wrong. On this Isiah Thomas deserves a tribute video we're not talk about retiring his number promises all what we're about championships here now he was there. For what couple seasons three seasons. He played 82 games for them one years it's tremendous. Player who also has marks that you can't overlook this what he did coming back when his sister died in the Q Beckham played in a playoff game and the fans appreciated that and that's. Above anything else he was a great player but you you can't overlook that that's why he deserves it it's just a tribute video just because the fans love tennis like he's back. Thank you now we move Boller did it's no there's no question you deserve the tribute video and Rondo is dead wrong about that. I appreciate your enthusiasm YE. It before. You let four and I appreciated that out well that yeah final question worth all the models are through the two of his years there yes of that final question. Right the key is deserve NBA dot com's mid season grade of AD as as doctor Venus the fact. If you look at what a and the kings made they achieved anything this year maybe a little bit some of their young players. Have gotten a little better and they're continuing to shape the roster for the future. They haven't achieved much but minimum achievement. It's not a failure and this is what this year is about I think. And produce in the patients looks like going to be rewarded but for this year so far. Minimum achievement deep perfect that's the great they deserve. Cranks yes that seems deserving NBA dot com Smith Susan great of a DE Prescott factor transit that's a fantasy we discussed this earlier today. I upgraded them to a deep plus why he asked why the plus the plus is obvious because. To use the writer's point things are turning around they have made the moves that we all argued they should make. Lots of people were arguing for the young players to get more minutes the young players are getting more minutes there were people who argued. What are the vets even playing this as the season when the wins and losses don't count clubs basically was announced yesterday or the day before. The vets are going to be playing substantially less so I give them the brownie point plus. For doing a little bit extra than what a. Now it's a billiard. Not one but this. The points and win the. So soon friends. Describe their yet again. You graduate I honestly did not know we're known is going to sound it. Thank you your honor a deep plus two you can have our own beds congratulations. That's Ankiel on hang on to the Aston price helmet brought you by Aston and price for the best advice don't think twice. Caught Ashton and price and glorious moment in its sensational where did you get Dara. A department store Kohl's Macy's most likely step necessary to ensure in the Macy's basement when you bought that. At a Arden fair. Lots of values down there.