Fact or Fantasy 11/13/17

The Rise Guys
Monday, November 13th
A Niner win is great, but New York may have quit on their coach.

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That really got money that would. Football I'm looking forward to watching the. Warriors. Orlando is 85 what's that about. Well here first other more well rounded than they used to be and secondly in this he's in overstate this Aaron Gordon. Has added to his game in ways people in seek common all of a sudden he's not announced reason. He's there having a hard time defending Orlando because he's really tough to defend to release and it stuck through questionable tonight as a bruise something or other. One of his legs heavily. They've had some questionable so far with bruise something or others yeah because of how does India does level can't say that anybody's resting by the way I want askew if not today maybe we'll circle back to it tomorrow. The kings that are really instinct ticket offer that I wanna pitcher your view on the path that I haven't run across this really is a little different and it's really I think it's gonna inching but I. Private right now cyber cries and I'd go ahead dead. On today's hottest topics is as residents back to Tennessee that brought by after the price. All the best that I felt like flies golf Ashton and cries tears yes. You know for Ohio State Buckeyes are still alive in the college football playoff race judge gave him that I hear from that I can't fan yeah. Immediately heats I was at Illinois and then you beat Michigan and then you were to be. Wisconsin. In that conference championship game ranked at depending on what else happens and out six out. Blasting it could be there yet that's Wisconsin's road to mean Wisconsin's undefeated damage done anything wrong but the strength of schedule keeps pushing them out of the thoughts football playoffs and they went out. They'll have to probably get past Ohio State. So they won't so they're out. There's that saying yes go Buckeyes. White team might gonna start with you today. So here at America ready. If forty narrow win is great but the New York Giants have quit on their coat risk as factor. Well bear with me I'm gonna go finishes. But for this reason that's our question where. I would say forty niner when his grade and at the New York Giants have quit on their coach does the win is great because if nothing else. You don't have to worry about going on sixteen that's the last thing a new regime wants is in their first year to make NFL history by going on sixteen so that's that's off the table now. And the New York banks have quit on their coach. I mean there are a number of players yesterday you could look at film and go Annika is not tries very unusual often it it's a Omniture is giving best ever to nor sting congested you could see. He has no interest in making that tackle so I would say the forty minute when is great and at the giants have quit on their coach. Okay. I answer yes if boarding and a win is great but the New York Giants have quit on the coach is as accurate and that's. Fact. And I understand why he's distinction he's saying both of us the Ab do win is great and the giants quit but but. Bear with me because. This is part of what we've been talking about today. The niners got a win that's actually hard to judge. Because the team they were playing is not playing hard. And so the 49ers get a win there's nothing wrong me he wins a good thing no matter what. But I'm just thinking about if you're talking about sort of the spirit of what a win it's like OK what does that mean for us going for I don't know. Neither does anybody else because the giants right now the worst team in football and appeared to be. Not playing hard and I mean we found individual guys out on the field yesterday who appear to be not playing hard. So it's like well that's ski school that you got to win but you gotta have and there's you have to place in the context that. You may have played a team that in trying to win but no matter what you don't have to worry about though and sixteen now that's true. Freeze. Its shares were split my knuckle hairs announcements and out there it's true I take rodeo you know next cresting grads. We need to see grapple after the 49ers back at his record means that's a fact. So. Seek advantage I think shown everything that they need to see from him. He's gonna be good backup quarterback in the NFL I think he's got a future in a league. And now it's time to see about the guy trade for who they think is gonna be their starter going forward there's really no reason now that you don't by the time you factor in the by. They've got this week and then all of next week before Seattle. They're playing Seattle at home. It's exactly win you would that you will have been in the organization pretty close a month at that point. That's why not I'm in now you have six games to find out if he's your starter if he's your starter and you know bet there's enough to be your backup. You really don't have new quarterback questions for awhile you get to worry about other people on the draft. Whiting. We need to seeger apple after the 49ers buyers as factor yeah I agree I. On that went all the way take that that data. And I'll just and it's also it's a great time to do it because you've got some positive energy going out you got the wind blow. And a bye week to enjoy the win and then and this week garrote blows coming so it's a great opportunity to great way to build on the success. Of the victory is by bringing in the got to yell will be your franchise quarterback. We must play. I agree with you both so you go. Next question Whitey. The NFL's concussion protocol officially became a joke this weekend Vazquez back to ANC policy fantasy. I assume your talking about Jacoby Brusett yesterday ticket looked like you gotta hit in the head and then you went to the sidelines and then he came back in because the Colston once got tools Jeanne. The play if I'm but I don't think they concussion protocol became a joke this weekend it was already had joked. We can go back to the Seahawks patriots Super Bowl and Julian Edelman and I keep possession got hit in there had got hammered. They stayed in the game last Thursday a Russell Wilson it was a joke then unless you consider them part of the week about. I think it's been a joke for a lot longer than this weekend and by the way there's also the chance that percent yesterday. When he went down and grabbed his helmet that looked like oh my goodness these contests there's a chance I don't know that there's a chance that he knew he got hit there he's trying to draw the flag by drawn attention. Two the fact he got hit their open though officials and throw a flag doesn't mean it was necessarily. Can cost. Okay cry it's yes the NFL's concussion protocol officially became a joke this weekend dressed as actor and its effect. What makes good points about the did this from the previous. Iterations of the concussion protocol but remember this year is the year we have a team right on the field. In you're supposed to go into the medical tent and is covered up in spruced it looked at immediately there's an eye in the sky now in place. To be evaluating guys and it failed again this weekend. It clearly failed on Brusett even if in what he's right even if he. Wasn't can Cust. We went through this last weekend as well. Or on was that there's a night when a player gets hurt out or or for any reason is putting the that protocol asked to stay there. And that got violated on the weekend in the most blatant fashion with percent. I also read today is because it just broke this afternoon. That the chargers are now acknowledging that Philip Rivers is in the concussion protocol loses another I would say. This weekend kind of laid bare. What you guys put together just doesn't work. Good points that I could get. Yeah we are splitting my knuckle here's trip and rides their care now and gruesome him. Definitely go eleventh do you have a little years you got a forest over the nobody has anything like mine. Moving on don't Weezer mine and if I want to you. Final question that all the marbles I need to weed wacker. It goes to you. This tears went over the line by celebrating a touchdown by mimicking AJ green's chokehold on Jalen Ramsey as as backed. Urbana and that is the fantasy. You know I liked about it. It's it's lick. All celebrations are kind of fair game right now and they're been some when's it were more successful than others but I like this because they're trolling arrival. It's really I realized chuckled not that funny except nobody got hurt. And it's AJ green in the case of the being goals. And it's just such a perfect troll job it's like your in your own game winning your own game making fun of some of the team in uneven playing that's an A plus. Are right wide you yeah. The Steelers went over the line by celebrating a touchdown by mimicking AJ green's choke hold on Jalen Ramsey risk as factor fans the class. If I may borrow turn that commissioner stern and Bennett after the yeah LeBron. Deal when he decided to go to Miami ill conceived badly produced and poorly X acute it. I don't really have a problem with the idea that I get it I mean I like the Bengals but OK I get it that's bold. But. Even the GG Smith Shuster himself said. Terrible probably my worst one the problem was he says. We were gonna shake hands holding hands walking off the field together we messed up we didn't really rehearse you can't really rehearse what's really going on. He said will get back to and get better next week for celebration. So the fact that the guy did it's that it was awful tells me. Yeah they crossed a line unfortunately. That was not up to their usual standards of the end zone celebration and it. I think you cynically thinks he asked do I go to angst. Not if Obama really stand because he had an argument to say it. That's engaged Roland right there. Yeah I was and he was asked what do you think they angles of the committees is I don't know I guess we'll see. Probably had too much down with the being mosque in yet. I think I think we kind of guy I didn't have a problem with a no I while OK yes. No I agree I am so I assume and I don't wanna jump you know the head of the facts here that the Ashton price cup. Sneak my way you or your gonna show it to me or you. Yes congratulations. It's the Ashton and price cup which is brought to you by Aston price for the best advice. Building twice car accident pry my ass because I've never seen did the did the real one. Well we re saying junkies it did not only lasting one. In the IKEA cutting out of a 7-Eleven cup in these candidates in me. What lesson on that I was using the clip my knuckle hairs for license those so but you can have that one I think they cleaned it out its full yet but you know we recently moved or years ago and fewer years ago when you move their stuff everywhere and I don't you know why you know where is. And mighty I didn't even exist for years ago aren't. Tell me about it preaching to the choir. To make the argument for me that's a people's isn't under the when they have no idea what to say that make him an argument for me no I'm really not at all. Anyway all right I apologize for it thank you.