Fact or Fantasy 1/11/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, January 11th

Is it time for MLB to play in London too?


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Rob Pardo let you do or chapel late but OK rob Carter says titans and in the very next tweet is from Trenton says I'm the only tighten stand in Sacramento okay. Bills have acquitted bills already proven it's not the bills right. We have proven that there is a bill stand in Sacramento some low lying sicker Bryan Murray says Sacramento Kings and itself. What is that. They what this is it tries guys factor fantasy which is brought to you by accident price. For the best device building twice off accident price cried and I had they had on today's hottest topics. Who will determine the winner while that's up to the ones LA yet gaming maybe a little more effective than usual today because. Or Buckeyes are playing basketball on the TV Newton I'm more distracted by the fact that Johnny DOS doesn't browns. Yes I believe that's true well. Yeah I'd love to know that tag there's probably story there yet but tonight it's Jamie courses from Cleveland but Steelers and giants and guys it's not everything stuff he can help you do so much your out any lady around and I can't cap stand Indians fan Steelers fan yeah I mean you know there are plenty of people who are fans of the browns that once word but not the browns that are now. That spared that's an area Cleveland things that aren't aren't. Hey lighting yes you won yesterday and I'll you can tell by holding you hired lovely helmet Yassin price leather helmet of course. Would like to pass a play for I won't I will play lay on the we see now why the if eighteen I'll path and no I wanna play too late. If bikini sifting planets are confusing for thing and so they most Donna Lee are for the players as well as as Pakistan's. Obviously as of this. Lineups are confusing to fans night I think we can agree or disagree the philosophy to me it's pretty clear target that him on james' campaign. I think the message that the kings are sending to young players is. It's the NBA be ready. Nothing is given to you you may be starting now you may about not be starting next game you have to learn to be ready no matter the circumstances again you can agree or disagree. I don't think it's confusing to players I think the players understand that they accept that I don't know but I don't think it's confusing. I think the message is be ready is that the best masses descend will find out. All rights complaints yeah you want to know attract that question yet I actually did you count that work too so I didn't calling on metrics in bad. If the kings sipping planet are confusing to fans that they must be doubly for the players president's back to and is it. I have no idea after all that it's a fantasy. A I do have a small concern I don't think because is the NBA this probably won't amount to anything but my small concern is for the young players that this is actually their new normal. They're new normal is chaos is like in their new normal is we don't have a rotation. I you'll play when I say it's time for you to get minutes and although that establishes an air of authority. It's not the same as actually putting together a winning formula so that would although I agree it's a fancy I think it's worrisome. Well since I also must of the question we're asking you the point today every. How did you say you said it must be and must definitely be you know got down early so no doubt I think she said no other out slightly okay that works no doubt. Okay. Try this again. Cried next question Chris Paul was guilty of a series at a kit breach at the end of the Houston's last night as inspector and it's a fact. He didn't try to justify in any way he wants Steve that he win in sick in open court lay up at the end of the game in which the other team had conceded the win already they were up by 7199. And Damian Miller from Portland was understandably angry it's a straight up. Every day of the week understood NBA thing you guys are winning by more than we can. Possibly make up in the last couple seconds you've got the ball in the hands we're not guarding you because you're just gonna dribble out the clock you see it every night. Chris followed Randall McCourt for Aaliyah. To go from 35 points to 37 it was such a Big Apple look for a veteran who's Weirton. All right Y need them most and Chris Paul is guilty of a series and it it breach at the end of Houston's let us as a factor fancy it's facts and I'm day to. Please forward. I'd like that little context as well. Why was damion Willard so upset it take you back now through the mists of time November 18 2012 just reading from the Oregon and blazers veterans police Sunday's incident themselves explaining to. Rookie damion Willard after the game scoring points late in the blot is an NBA folk law. LaMarcus Aldridge told. Rookie deviant Willard you don't do that and I think he knows better now I don't think he'll do it going forward that's not good basketball etiquette so Damien Willard. I was taught that by veterans and as a rookie in the upper Tennessee Chris Paul do it you can understand why he was so upset it was a serious breach of etiquette uncalled for. And you although it. It's theater I. I'll tie it at the next question why you not. The NBA's London the NFL's better every year time for the MLB to be their own risk as factor fancy. Yeah I think it is. They wanted to be their last year MLB had plans to player regular season gave their last year they couldn't get it together for a number reasons. But baseball needs to be playing in London any especially they need to play internationally as much as they can. We just had a Gallup poll yesterday showing baseball. Make your money. But demographically shrinking in the audience is getting older and older and they need to do whatever they can to expand the audience to younger fans do international fans. And playing a game in London they've been trying to make it happen it's time to make it happen 'cause it can't hurt. Any efforts to expand the game maybe get it back in the Olympics would be great for baseball it would behoove baseball to get Havoc across the pond to London. All right trio gestures speak. It who have. The NBA's Monday and the NFL's every year it's time for MLB to clinic to rest as active and. It's a fantasy. Although there's no question that the demographics don't look too good especially in the Gallup poll and they're. It matches what you arena which is baseball's audience domestically shrinking. Actually think that if baseball wants to grow audience Aiken look. Close on my can look to Mexico where the sport thrives does very well but doesn't have a truly elite Major League. Equivalent it doesn't have anything like Major League Baseball it has the Mexican minor leagues. And the Mexican winter leagues which. US players playing from time to time. But the Mexican equivalent major leagues is not closed C got an opportunity take a superior product. I'm in to a place that's already really primed for your sport into really really grow your game actually ended geographically. I'm. Advantageous please where you can actually think about someday having a team. You look like very ancient good. How ever. Price for a series of those Krispy yeah and abstract. Rags who last question the best Monday and it footballer placement for Jon Gruden is Peyton meaning risk factor means. Whether it's a fantasy can help these terrible. But I think he'd be so predictable I think he'd be pretty polite and you know our shot see a little bit and not even Tony Roma. I don't think he would ever even get to that point. And I would like this for Monday Night Football. They actually have a pretty interesting history to all of you back off 48 years of trying to really different things. I feel a lot more inclined. To want to see them in the rainy mustn't my fairy god he's been really good on TV. If he's really outspoken and he's a good analyst. I wouldn't have thought he's one of those guys who never talked to the media so it's a little ironic. But he'd be really good and I just think now's the time for Monday Night Football to do something that's really distinguishing. Instead. Well he says it really famous islets give him. Why be eaten. And the best Monday Night Football replacement for John gruden is Peyton has inspector Tennessee back but it's only half right Peyton is part of it you need to have a quarterback Randy Moss as wonderful. We know that people gravitate to quarterbacks Tony Romo I think it's made it even more evident you need to have a quarterback America's people and quarterback they know everything. But Monday Night Football needs to be more relevant they just have their lowest ratings ever so Peyton Manning's part of it but they've got to get the entertainment. Quotient going again they need to get on Monday Night Football McDonough Aaron you know voice cracked where he's fine and Peyton Manning and then. RCH. Rotating celebrity hosts. That's what they need bond. Monday Night Football week one you got Peyton Manning making his debut and with him this week as breeze kick off our. Celebrity rotating celebrity goes how about if you had mr. Justin Timberlake. I was he would pick this guy. It's not every week somebody news release from the young kid wanna see who's going to be on nine I think that's what they need. And it's rotating loving healthy line. Just. The. Well I appreciate the name drop in to the play of the song I next in decried on the site. Maybe mosques. Pretty must would be that I just don't think it's Peyton Manning. Okay well okay my bigger play was that's rotating celebrity host but I don't think that would add on and that would blasts coming that would work that well Rick can you prove it no no. Congratulations tragedy you know there's the accident price while another helmet rusty basket price for the best advice on the price call. Ashton and price it's funny and I just you know Randy Moss as wonderful dislike coached him once in the agent Russell liberty game and he wouldn't. I Tom want to do even talked me so did not take direction well yeah he looked at me but he went actually there's a sore point there there yacht rides and thank you judge Jaime and here on.