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Friday, November 10th

Why are the Cavs and Thunder struggling?


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Got a little more in the the base Dunn's river bed today. Fifty something out of that stuff Mark Sanchez for the New York Post wrote not that. But fumble got. We could Mark Sanchez notes that some IG emerged nicknames and says the fans have swooned over for a debt. Whom they have nicknamed lonely god and loneliness master actually actually that's a quote from Whitney Fredette. So Whitney says that fans of swoon they have nicknamed him. Lonely god and loneliness master he says instruments loneliness is an honorable trait in China. It shows you're invincible. Okay all right fine. So that they are there and they're like they're in viewing him with them with with the godlike qualities yes okay. And he plays like it. Yeah but he just got spike stuffed by Stephon Marbury who's like foul them of his career doesn't seem right that was bow right now Stafford cries about it. I have been on today's hottest topics. This is right guys back to Tennessee in its rush to buy Aston price. For the best advice don't think twice talk Ashton and price here he is these guys. Like this before we begin a five day for. I've for a gold star. Okay gold star is apparently has been awarded to someone on factor Finnessey if they lose a point but it turns out they were actually were right. And yes they have lost a point on factor Finnessey yes I said that Adrian Peterson would finish with. Fewer yards than he had carries against the 49ers. And he had 37. Carrey's. Against the 49ers last night he gained 29 yards on 21 Cary. Gold stars were it not been as big a deal. I was says Jamie as it was with some folks are just like yeah you're right that doesn't change the outcome of any thing. Doesn't doesn't change the official statistics other than the gold star count. Which is big. I fail I will. Grants your application center. Fattest we're yeah and that doesn't jail as I say I'm not protests in the outcome or anything like that I believe you won yesterday and I you know the Democrats as anyway what you think you think you next sound there when you party one that OK I don't track this stuff I think you actually won for the week the main guy's soul. And are certainly know what we're doing here you know what I don't need to go rent our yeah okay. And I remind I ask you for two months. Right right answer it deal. The Yankees are growing at before our very eyes this week dressed as Pakistan a say yeah they are. Long ways to go but I think it started for example back to back wins. The game winner last night by nineteen year old. They closed the game last night with a 70 run to win the game and they had a key block by Willie Cawley Stein these are all excellent signs of growth of the team. Coming together starting to mature. Long ways to go but wiest we've seen the last couple games signs that this is starting to come together and the kings the young kings are starting to grow up little bit. I'm very proud. I'll proud dad. Cry is yes the Yankees are going out before our very eyes as weak risk as factor in this reluctant. When assets effect because. I go too far down the line of I'm trying to project what all this means when you win a game. I'm not a big fan you should talk to the guy I was working with a about two hours ago he disagreed with him when he came at a and I thought you were against all this. Well there's. We we have to define our terms them I mean I said I think last night was a big step for one guy. Will call Stein is excused from this conversation because I seen him have nice nights before. He did last year a number of tartan is never put it together consistently so until he doesn't more than once I wanna hear about him taking a step. The deer fox took a big step last night. That is a key moment for I wasn't cheating particularly well examining great game. Stepped up with big heart and took a big shot. To winning game when Isaiah also estimates at about your against all this site what I was saying was I thought you were against this notion that we should lead to any. Significant conclusions at all yet about this in case the wording of the question makes it impossible to disagree with because I think that deer and fox to could be extent. I will not go there for a guy like Willie college Stein his is not their area. He knew if he's ever use at the eagle complaints and aunts and no point dollar around you know viewers fox yeah. That's travel. That was the biggest over the weekend yeah I'm not going to that was a big step yeah that was a bunny hop forward. Megs grandstand Cragg group. The main reason it hasn't thunder are struggling is because training camp was too short as best actor fancy I think for them it's a fact. I'm not sure if that's true for every team around the league and it might become. In May be a trendy thing to say well you know it was a short camp that doesn't explain everything but. The cavaliers as you well now changed out personnel substantially. And they're not kids. And Oklahoma City. Brought in two players who are used to having the lawn hands all the time. In Paul George and Carmelo. And so there's no question that they needed more time to play together to figure out how they're supposed to play together. In if you watch both of those teams right now the first thing that jumps out at you is that they don't look like you know how to play together because he is more time just again. RYD. The main reason the cavs and thunder are struggling is because training camp was too short rest as back for fans can't go there. A main reason the cavs are struggling as they're just terrible defensively. Longer camp might address that but the problems are deeper. And the thunder offensively. They they're failing to execute they're not getting acclimated to each other I just think the proms offensive for the thunder defensive for the cavs. Are too great to lay off on short camp this year so far. They sent a disagree shows crash. Does not union okay. Not good enough next Cranston YE. That while Dwight rates last night was ansari work dug through. Baldwin's while it. Is there any of the right. Last night was a classic example of why it Thursday night football should go away as guys actor singer. Unfortunately. It's the players. Bear with me because it was hard to watch there're so many injuries Sherman hurt the cardinals lost at least two guys for the season but. What is thirst in that football really about it's about ratings and it's about money. TV ratings Thursday night football improved in NBC return. So no matter how many guys scattered. Last night is seen by the league is narrate this thing is working. Unfortunately. I cried yes Doug Baldwin is writes it at a last night was a classic example of by Thursday night football should go away as best actor and. That's fact he's. Right in every regard take that that data yeah. It it's it's it's it's not why he's right you know eat in you can pull out any individual game and say well I don't know that was it you know necked up higher ratings anything else on TV. That's not the point the point is how does it fit in the bigger picture if you start losing players at the rate they lost players last night. You now affect future games' worth of ratings he would have to tell me what the net effect is going forward on ratings for I believe that in the meantime. The Seahawks had nine individual injuries in that game. The cardinals lost three players for the season in that game and players. Not one player but multiple players came out of the game and said you can't play you know three days justices are getting hurt this is Byron getting beat up. Exactly why you don't play on Thursday night because it cheapens your product by taking your best players off the field. It's been gone for years it's got nothing to do with ratings in his net a net loss for the NFL period. Why he had me convinced until you start talking crisis site gives that points. Look at the same thing two different ways yeah I agree with everything marks but the league says ratings the two. I don't do final question. Is as TO. Dec Prescott's traditional pregame meal and spaghetti with the ranch dressing toss tomorrow act is worth Tarrant residents factor fans think. Well that's a fact. Wired awesome week don't care. You listen also chicken breast I think he has. In their with that. That changes it yeah so yes chicken pasta and ranch did the chicken breasts separate videos of the spaghetti with the ranch yet. It's not together yeah they're in in my experience is essentially it is in my experience I'm. The I mean rich makes a that a lot of things better but let's just take it and Pakistan. Your acting like ranches and rear arbitrary thing to put on hostile so's tomato sauce. So as Alfredo sauce. You know you you I have seen people put all sorts of things on pasta and ring stressing that the least offensive thing I can possibly think to put it. It doesn't bother me in the least. I've seen ranch put on just about everything inside view and most of the time it works why in the world wouldn't work across. Since they've Latin until after right egos who Whitey and how do I saw your face. Dec Prescott's traditional pregame meal and spaghetti with prince stressing is worth a try a risk as factor fans. On brand stressing is one of the things that's wrong with America. Because people over use it they miss use it it's a form. Gastronomic goal. Illiteracy. Me yes salad it's addressing for a salad OK will it taste good guy but I'm not I'm not saying you talking away by. Why not put it on each of you know you don't put it on everything. That's ridiculous every Egyptian he eats in range Nell I am not do it repeats it in rams. But if it doesn't belong on spaghetti. Now as a dip may be as on salads yes it's got its place but its place is not on lost. Not on my watch stack press got. He slowly daggers on out of that hole there. Undated up my way. I'd. He can't put that past no. You get out maybe we'll like mountain kind of salad with cost and it may BF as far as a moment ago you can't put tomatoes us Ian rant on net. That's weird it would surely insane was it to themselves. Yeah I don't think he's Evan any tomatoes it's a constant without even know that's not I don't like pasta with Alfred object nope it's not. In early and not the same thing prowess radioed dressing afraid it's a soft not addressing there and there and I is around you do. We bring them both and we bring you a plate of spaghetti with Alfredo and spaghetti and rents and try them both and you tell me that they are equal. Will I instantly takes this thing not I I is that buds. Even in the. Yemenis loser of our next vet asked to have a man done and eat it you can. With Rick Lynch I I would they would name the appeal and you gotta make an event that I'm afraid to lose up next how impressed were you by the kings by the way that's brought to you via Ashton in price. For the best advice don't think twice call Ashton and price thank you Ashton and price for that. This beautiful Ashton and price cut.