Fact or Fantasy 1/10/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, January 10th

49ers are most likely to make post season next year?


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Hit a Craig's VoIP I agree with them I think you need to have Belichick tried a better coach Saban but in all fairness. That is self people Levin talk about as we could maybe if people like I've got a little carried away. With coach Saban and another championship in the exciting manner in which she won and there. But. It's I think it's a fair question I just happen to agree that the Belichick gets the nod. I mean. But just not that it's. I agree but I don't think it's that ridiculous. Joining the national champions our board everybody that goes far too late for that Clemson beat I'll go backwards from this year claims in Alabama. Skis me Alabama Clemson Alabama Ohio State Florida State Alabama Alabama Auburn Alabama. Florida LSU Florida Texas in other words outside a Florida winning twice which is Urban Meyer. Yeah every Pete went in there them. Except for the one team that's won five times in nine years. You can lay outing your reasons you want to whiny and everybody don't ever gonna argue that the NFL games and more complicating college football. But that's not what is abounds about rising to the level of your competition. That's right and that's it's time to do that drives backed Unita go ahead dead on today's hottest topics. This is rise guys factor Dennis you struck by afternoon price for the best advice the only place thought after the prices we played today for the coveted Ashton and Fries. Leather helmets move. Which much to violence prize I actually have in my possession. And yet you do I actually astounding win yesterday I don't forget to keep a but I don't think I well. Sure is nice and it's my most prized possession next to my golden god Zola that's why sit on guns elicit yes right now you know I won yesterday because she determined me to have the the better. Answers remembers that game is actually I don't. And Cano last question I remember that don't know what question was it became analyze it ever not come in the last question and that's a great question can I don't know the answer. All right well I mean yeah I'll start with Yale I think there was a day when she said what you're not winning today yeah and then they ask you call that Dave Thursday. Whitey would like to pass a play I will play out right let's play. The 49ers are the team that missed the post season this year most likely to make it next risk is that defense I think it's fantasies. I think the 49ers are that team that finished last. Most likely to make the playoffs picture of the team to finish last seriously but I think the team that missed its most likely to get in next year I go back to previous. Back to Tennessee couple weeks ago we talked but the best team that didn't make it I think it's the cowboys. I think the cowboys would have been in this year if they'd stayed healthy I assume they're gonna be healthier next year. Stock up in the crowd I think Dallas is a team that missed this year that will be in the playoffs next year. Aren't cry it's the it's the 49ers that's in that missed the post season this year most likely to make it next as as fact but no it's a fantasy. Since Friday. Disagree on the team even though I think the cowboys are good choice by any other price be more than one team you exactly sure this is about who's the most likely to make the playoffs and missed. And and even though this is almost cheating the answers easy and that's Green Day. Green Bay gets Aaron Rodgers back they are an automatic playoff team that hurt them again you probably remember that guy right. Green Day at Aaron Rodgers our towers with physique that to really attempt like that's a serious one but I'm gonna have to go with Freddie and that's. I'm done and I've no one answers for you are who thought I was gonna. Gonna lose that when I know voters are older we live here's some advice for your cries that's an option. So can I start now. I know ski or tiger their bow gray hairs like couldn't give you attack her. So removing act always to go on the grounds Krajicek next question Nick Saban to the giants as the juicy is coaching rumor of the offseason ask inspector instinct tickets at Tennessee. And I really nominee juicy rumors that are left but of the ones that have been knocked down and the Saban rumor started in optical. The big juiciest tumor by far is Belichick to New York Giants and Belichick's tried hard to say that's not gonna happen. That argument was made on his behalf by a number of people who said that's the one job he would take that's the job he would leave New England for. I love the idea of it that's GC. I'll be using T as it happens but that's GC. Are ranked light heat moon nick save into the giants is the juiciest coaching rumor of the offseason as best actor fancy I agree. It's a fantasy. It's just it's boggles my mind that drew series is on with calling coward and says it's it's you covet that job why. Well we all thought the jazz were cool back in the day there's nothing there and he's not leaving Alabama he's not gonna coach the giants. Now it Jon Gruden has gone to the raiders I don't think we have much. Left in the way it juicy rumors met the tree media to the giants. Norv Turner's can be who ran the they Carolina Panthers offense there's just no juice in there even as dry maybe we're not we're demo all the data grew and grew and dwarfing everything no more juicy coaching rumors this offseason. Interesting but not inching anathema tight game forget you or is that not enough for the right now that. But I can get on this game and it does take you jackets showed up your stupid connected to me this is not hot air white beaches. Next question white. Kevin Durant going for 20000 career points tonight is must see TV as inspector and it is to me. He needs 25 tonight to get to 20000 for his career he would become the second youngest player behind LeBron to get to 20000. The reason I think it's worth watching it and it's basketball history. And it's gonna be in Oakland staff cores not playing but I think it's going to be very special I think STMR gonna help them they're gonna do they can to help get that. And I think the cool thing about it is if that happens in Oakland he will be observed properly now he's gonna get it eventually right but I think tonight will be adjusting because if he gets it tonight. Great fans in Oakland will give him his proper appreciation and I look forward to seeing that that makes him a seat in my opinion. Our. Crash it's. Under and going for 20000 career points tonight is must see TV as inspector respectfully disagree it's an. By the way Westbrook has prepared a video in cases happens and I actually have it. I don't like it's short but it's to the point and as Westbrook is so often it's not so much that I a discount. That its own career mark. Must see TV is to mean something that you either delights are shocked you or that you can't wait I mean. He's as what he said he's gonna get the record he's in no danger of not being that sacking youngest. To achieve this also it's a record that's kind of more of a modern record because. Back in the great players days they didn't get to come straight from high school or one year of college to the pros so it's really a shorter list of guys anyway. So it's not so much I don't think it matters is just if I see the highlight of that on sports center Ramon good. Harsh of it and that's what they won't be sure to celebrate the sexy guys it. Discusses any time anyone gets 20000 it's a cool thing. To effect there's an extra frosting on this one but that's a cool thing in the India you know he doesn't like during. Brent ripped his heart out and held it from home and that's a question of whether it's must see that was the question and it's just not. It's is not it's it's a highlight. But that was sweet remember wondering did that thing and they stopped the game yeah I remember. It's like to stop the game for salaries married. Just now please don't got this any more than he's party thinks he has. You're gonna column moderated to a us on make you. At the. Okay I don't quest and cried yes. Dallas cowboy Colby lead new rap singles the musical equivalent of a botched extra point dressed as fact or fantasy. I it's that's a fact arena has the right here it's an honor if it please the court I have heard of I hear it again eleven seconds of Colby's least eighty stings. Every now and. And marquee guy yeah Briscoe fluke shank it like a horrible extra point. But the minute you name checked the owner of your team in the middle of a raft. Jerry just doesn't belong in the middle of anything like that. And you name checked him right away please be a little less obvious. So we'll see today RA Betsy. Right rant but it dealt tabloid called Beasley its new rap singles the musical equivalent and a botched extra point as as occupancy I have to disagree. I am not a huge in the hip hop or how this is rap part in on a huge wrap listener. My daughter is a member of a competitive hip hop groups so I know a little bit about. By hip hop a little bit early even less about wrap up I didn't know what to expect from this I've got to be terrible. I think it's pretty good I enjoyed it I enjoy the references that's what made it accessible to meet. And for a wide receiver. As first rap I heard that that sounds very professionally done very skillfully done. I I don't things Abbas extra point I think it's I think it's has been 35 yard field goal good nothing good up and good. As he says I think its two clients I have to go to YE. This is flat from bad to I don't know some of the other lyrics right now. Overheads yet Maas reach for the stars I was tied dreams never stopped eat wreak Havoc like kappa. Bob DEA tuck in money then you've lost me on save and I'll have from a offspring can't snatch a necklace up off me because I don't have one thing I was spit and fire right there knowing you are let's. That's fabulous wasn't and now and how original. That's pretty original. You guys they still retain the Asher price letter helmet. They thought he might have surprised me best advice don't think twice last enterprise. We sell an hour to go on the show are you feel cared we need to bring it when you dissent for fan numbers and then when he the Packers are going to the playoffs because Erin Rogers compact quarterback. It's automatic. I don't know what that count was going to be was Zeke but the Packers are a playoff team in when Aaron Rodgers can't play they're not and then as soon as he can play their playoff team again. It's just it's it's automatic aren't okay downing was posed from question one. I mean I know he can you appeal the ruling before it's even made I don't know I don't know I thought it was a pretty solid all time botch.