Fact or Fantasy 10/4/17

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, October 4th

What was the msot memorable moment of the wild card game last night?


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Thanks for listening things did that nobody for joining us. Betty and do it and indicated it was one of the better interviews. I don't like that I don't know I don't know he heard at least two great questions so how could you gone wrong that's right that's for me that's a good question that was passed back and forth. Thumb tonight the Arizona Diamondbacks taken on the Colorado Rockies at. That's a skin was pretty good for awhile card game right I mean there was some are on ultimately meanwhile on the greatest games ever but from wild card game that's pretty inched thing I I I hope tonight's game lives up. Meets UI and I have. Colorado really has struggled offensively. Not against Arizona more so than against any team they've played this year and they played a dime backs a lot they know each other very well. But they average earning three point six runs a game which is lower than name their average against any team they've played this year. So it's possible yeah that this this on the air goes out is the boy I hope not. Earlier gonna go to somebody's right now. Good morning sunrise guys back Stewart then as CNN's brought to you by a passion and prize for the best advice they'll think twice. Call Ashton and price here she is obviously she hasn't been feeling well this week is I've won twice. Already. So if you feel. And as soon. I was gonna say it's very clear that I was I was ill earlier yes is it has no way that island patent. I yeah probably abstain Alan and it's to the other levers up cleaning up I must yeah. I mean things are looking good for credits it make them feel a little bitterness and that bad. But all right yeah wow all right real close you down in the best man and I know of was gonna get a fair fight here in fact it's all play. I am now let's immigrant nothing else unfair and why you're gonna start the isn't apparently you won yesterday already lords seeing in Iraqi attract them. The most critical moment of last night's wild card game was judge's home her as as acting. Then it's. Jimmy can we be can we be honest here I mean I'm always the McChrystal forget almost eerie Sanchez taking a foul ball. To directly to the groin area directly to the most sensitive area. That I can't coronal area yeah but I mean just like directed bullseye. Right there and I think even you know the announcers and so is offered for national announcers when they've got to talk about that even they had that while you don't wanna get it there nick Robertson in the picture. Wincing and doubling over as he knew what his teammate just went through about what I mean there's some great plays and I'm sure mr. baseball detail many in the forest by. Let's be honest that was the moment from that game that we're gonna be talking about. Down the road yours for Gary Sanchez take it went right in the Twitter feed. Those surveys and all the beards and the most unforgettable moment of last night's wildcard game was judge's home whereas guys back. Tennessee it's a fantasy elbow. Everything Aron judge does gets remembered that the most memorable thing the unforgettable moment from last night was in the first inning party for got to win DD and glorious hit a three run homer. To even the game Ramirez the Yankees had gone out with their 23 year old. Starting pitcher and he'd just willow is just fell apart in the top of the first inning they come in down three nothing in Stephen Norris of one swing of the bat. Change the entire tenor of the game it was the moment of the game right wonder why have one to zero that's. Oh sorry I didn't go and ads on China and time. It's gonna say that was. A good moment crabs that I have to go lighting. And all of that foxy is easy. It is exits more memorable evening goes of the question in the sense that it's more or. Memorable in company a moment not that we want to remember it right you know was not only did have a but the pitcher Robertson. Another have ever seen them before I'll never forget it and. Anyway next question grads in the three in one bills are more legit than the 31 Graham's dressed as fact. Katrina that's fantasy. I'm impressed with the bills that the rams to me I'm. Earned their legitimacy by winning on the road in Dallas last weekend. Then there really these two teams is commanded from a different angle of the bills have and allowed the fewest points per game of any team they play defense the rams have scored the most points of any team a league. So. There's no more legit at four games into the season but even if you were trying to keep score. Knowing Sanath the rams going to Dallas beat cowboys like that. Anchor points lighting. The three month bills are more legit than the three and one ray hands as a sack and a saint. Yeah fat. Let's not get too carried away about the rams winning at Dallas because. Last year Atlanta one in the NFC championship and last week the bills won in Atlanta. Binges beat the cowboys in Dallas they beat the defending champion defending NFC champion Atlanta Falcons in their own building. And the bills yeah they're given up eighteen point three points per game. Defense is the foundation of legitimacy of the rams are giving up 35 and a half points a game. That's more than any other team in the league I love the rams but until they clean things up defensively. They're not legit and the bills and they keep defending like that they definitely are. Good points of light and amid outcry is on the. Yeah. Analyst in the win a playoff game last year. Play off 02 in last year's playoffs. Next question YE. Best thing about the new NBA also our format that the game will be like that game risk as factor and is now. Meant no disrespect you know this isn't your fault I'm not a big fan of the new format. And I know that there are some people that are. Interstate in the pick up type feel of this I honestly think the most interesting thing about the new format is going to be. The draft. To me they game itself will be a bunch of guys plan glorified. You know grab ass like that's what the all star game is now they don't defend literally play are they don't want to get hurt. But this year will be itching to see if LeBron is at double vote getter who's gonna panic. Who's gonna pick unseemly picked ram whats he gonna do that actually is going to be the most interesting aspect of this new Dane deal. And I tracked its yes. Best thing about the new NBA all star format is that the game will be like a good game as as factor fans know it's a fantasy. I got a different one and it's more content to the moment at the moment the best thing about the new format is that. The Eastern Conference won't be Eastern Conference because. It's you don't get very far in in Eastern Conference players before you start running out of guys you think that is all stars not that there will be some good young players this year. But there was a migration of talents in the west best uninteresting. If its top heavy with all star talent in the Western Conference the new format means. It doesn't matter they'll get picked either team in a better chance of having a really good balance all star game. Tristan points made I don't. I am and record so. Here feeling better. Feeling mud spattered at yes. Until cries at all the marbles and I still got a chance you still haven't seen an idea right now I'm sure I still a fighting chance. What do you make. We'll singles and good can answer that they bureaucracy that guy called out judge. And I understand what's going on I look at it. Yes SI dot com stretching is that means they are drinking and the league's 28 bits most watchable team rise guys back to fancy and it's a Tennessee. And ranks so idiotic in every regard and especially most watchable. But I'll say it is you're not short changed when you haven't played together yet. I understand their thinking their thinking is they've got some old guys on the roster and even though they have really interesting young talent. Everything you know about the team's head coach Dave Jaeger is he can play the old guys too much. He should be playing the young guys right out of the gate instead he'll probably play the veterans and he'll make the young guys earn their minutes. Maybe by the end of the year they'll be really watchable but right in the beginning they won't be. That's a fact. RA YA DE. SI dot com short changes the king's I rank them the league's 25 most watchable team risk as fat. It's an facts. Come out purple coup it over here but it is a fact they're 25 that's about right but ahead of them they have. The oh hornets and the knicks and Brooklyn. Brooklyn and the knicks in the hornet's are there none of those teams of more watchable than the kings right now. Gearan fox is gonna set the league on fire the kings are not gonna be very good this year but they're going to be a lot more fun to watch they're gonna be a lot more watchable and they're going to be more watchable than the knicks are certainly Brooklyn and in that sense SI dot com is short changing. Yours and my beloved Sacramento Kings. Mine okay well I wasn't talking. OK and up. Even away and I really wanted to do this and really don't but I eight re like eat. I'll tell Corzine is she said hi I'm Kucinich or so and injures wow. Thank you yet Jamie yeah absolutely a good luck to hear your Cleveland Indians you got your wish you get the Yankees now yes I noticed rob over there where and his. His Yankee jacket in Yankee cap are we gonna have some some issues here. Communal issues I think hopes IE I hope knots but having gaming is possible with me in radio grab anything is possible. But made investment in housing. All right good luck to you must be collected his yankees as well. Yeah one before and root for a team that's so darned good you're gonna have the same problem this year cries with a your thunder again. They're trying to can be as good as the Indians but they won't excuse dad's smell and usher have that saved her a darn good. But odds BA in government in you know I'm rooting for so it's never a question. It's never a question. In you really think if the warriors stumble your team right there are no I think Houston's right there and I think San Antonio is right there but I think Oakland sees at least in the conversation. I mean I love I Paul George is a great addition that. You don't get drunk about it they're big east have to see how I know you don't wanna get drunk I just on the DA MP in this morning or what effort about it but it. Westbrook cast learned to play with them they have to learn to play with him. I don't know what Carmelo is gonna have left over eighty to learn. 65 or how many games I really don't know what looks like they're gonna use him in a fashion similar to what you suggested. Right after the trade was made. Spot up shooter I think he did some of that last night at NC I just saw some highlights. But I was impressed by what they did last night my thinking is that thunder and I thought when they made that trade I thought. This'll help them I don't know how much I think it's gonna definitely help them probably even more than I initially. Thought one that they had the MVP last year but they are not relevant they were a first round now. So I think they're relevant now. I think Houston's better. And I think that Santonio is better period just I don't know about San Antonio just like. On the Antonio I think that a lot of things they wanted to get done this year and they really weren't able to get any of them done rather than bring him back to know bleak. Who was fifty years old. Well yes sure but Ginobili for whatever whatever can be gotten out of him. You did Popovich who get it. I also think Aldridge is probably due for a market correction he's due for a much better here are my fears that last year was the market currency rpm that's dancing I'd understand their perspective I just don't agree that I think he's. Tony Parker is out front while learning how to play for for Popovich now and they have coli Leonard. Already there ahead of virtually. Every team in the west mean you make the argument on Houston and that depends on what do you violent in Tony Salant. Shimmy out works all the way through then all right I'm interested in and you have to show me and I system works although it's because never hands down now we'll see about coli Leonard who we was gonna miss the pre season. Because he's you know these guys are hurt yeah your guy Westbrook missed in the game last night and again undergo. Can you under get something he's under getting an injection nine he'd mind that's it might be exactly what happened yet I have to under get this one here so he he can add a a you know plasma injection is an even I don't know win I just know he didn't play last night I'm not assuming that the injection was yesterday. I'm minutes sounds like another case of a guy who had. A long season that heavy minutes played little in the playoffs in or out fast but short turnaround and they're buying him time and don't play yet forget it we'll play some of which NBA team if you had to guess and I saw this somewhere I think it was SI dot com. Which NBA team if you had to guess right now is going to be the most disappointing which of these teams that's receiving some build up here is most likely awful awful lot with a whoosh. In the NB day. Possible none of them will but you notice. Probably at least one of them well I mean. If you just about height you're gone filly art yeah if I'm high vs what man actually happen night I it's not unreasonable to say. I Philly still gonna be really good but not this year. YouTube you know filling in Minnesota covering for it projected for. The Minnesota did some great stuff Phillies got you know theoretically they're guys them and less they don't have their guys. Analyst or guys a chance to be healthy again you don't wanna ask me because I don't think you'd like my answer on now where you're headed Emmental I think a lot of people look at. There at the same answer again at the same it's eating out and say those guys can't play together. Yeah and just to meet ya she's Chiming in with Boston she's ready for Boston and oh okay. Huge flop page vastly overrated. Now Boston's going to be fund. Who knows they don't even know they're gonna be fine yeah there was somebody on the team was just saying hey you know when I got here we talked about was was culture. And chemistry and then they changed a whole team. It was a Jalen brown who and one of the player when a young players I apologized and was just saying here's this Alitalia preached and now we got all they got rid everybody's so. How might how is that supposed to mean anything it was a really interesting point here I mean if you assume that that came as she was the only when you're gonna have that Isaiah was the reason yet chemistry. My guess is that Boston's were into the culture than the chemistry. In the culture is. We'll build a winner when -- with talent first and then you just figure out chemistry Q should be fine to give you enough to know that there are some of the open questions and they've got a great coach and I'm sure that's I was part of their planeload we can make this fit with they were because of the coach we have. But they don't know they have so many things to figure out yet but they gonna be pretty good all they'll be pretty of the or be real good. Now on that we I don't even think they know that yet yes so let's assume they're gonna need some time to figured out boy are they in the right conference. They're in the right conference to need a little time to figure out because they're gonna get tough.