Fact or Fantasy 10/3/17

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, October 3rd

Don't get too attached to the wildcard teams because they won't be around too long.


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Brother says there's never a good way to win with the game I doubt that mystery is no that's not what I said like the Yankees along. A lot to pay violate any true faith and of the bears he's had his two game suspension trimmed it to one game after an appeal to any debate than. Is the one in Santa Vontae out of the hospital last Thursday night. Preventing call for an unnecessary roughness penalty was not rejected did he said I regret the level I hit him act. I think he should be suspended one game just for poor grammar sir but I'm in the minority yeah thing in a war. And especially if your agency draft a debt free that's especially egregious than. But you know I liked his chances what he can see appealed it to Derrick Brooks hello a linebacker merger appeal more they chances it was gonna stand to gain Newton. As soon as that was noted today and Charles Woodson of all people tweeted out. He said Derek don't suspend. Them so he had a pretty good feeling you know linebackers and chin that. Sure enough to resolve the bears looking forward to the true biggest key. The air. Whatever that means it means it to their tribute she's in either quarterback and healthy will be for a long time do you. Well I hope he gets through this season one piece because I think he's in for rough ride. I think to get through the season in one piece I don't know how success bill he'll he'll be I don't know how successful all beef. It's like going head to head with mark where I learned my guys factor fantasy this is brought by Ashton and price. What about device food they flies guide to its prized guy Ayers is is good day today. Quarterback. Complaining your steeler quarterback big bands and well I am Antonio Brown I don't know why it's it's a man make it banged you're you're you got a lot of issues off the field right now. I'm really not worried. And I'm not I'm not concerned NetSuite is what it is and so it's yeah are you the least bit annoyed I'm not a steeler fan but I'm annoyed by this. Minority you bringing it out but other than that now all of. I'd like to you know kind of talkative I guess I should talk about the Indians when you go on like talked about nine when your favorite teams and indeed he didn't think it was a little weird that. Did begin goes on radio today and brings it back out. Or maybe he was asked about it but he spun and until a whole other thing saying yeah he really he's causing a distraction. I think that it is necessary entity so that is causing a distraction because he is he's taking away from now the game in the players and our argument the sideline and that's necessary. So. But the candidate that would be well Big Ben it would not be as big of a distraction if you weren't talking about it right now. The mayor. True but if he was asked about and I need to chance to hear the interview that he was asked about it losing and not talk about it I mean. No he did a great job of not not talking to. He was all over not not talking about it well trusted lets not migrant anymore. YE whom you're gonna start since you were successfully yesterday you did and. Self uber successful and then I that that's terrific. Don't get to attached to any of the wild card teams could they won't be around for a long risk as factor fancy I think that's a fact. The wild card teams remind me this is probably before your time the old Star Trek the original Star Trek captain Kirk would take a lay any par let's go to the planet. Those so when gonna redshirt quite often that. Gentleman was summoned and Africa it was an African American and redshirt yeah you won around law. And yes like some happened a monster they're creatures whatever and and that's what these wild card teams remind me up let's take the American League game tonight can't wait. Yankees twins might be the greatest game ever the winner gets chance to play. The Cleveland Indians. You've done thanks for comment the other side tomorrow of course we'll have here and ESPN thirteenth when he that diamond backs against the Rockies and the winner gets to play. The Dodgers can either of these wild card teams beat the Dodgers. Furcal I don't think so so congratulations to our four wild card teams and a fine summer but you're done. Interesting long answer. Crack its gas don't get too attached to any of the wild card team who they won't be around for a long risk as factor fantasy league gets a fan of C actually leaked. Cleveland's a powerhouse. And I expect him to put out either the Yankees have the twins been over on the other side gets very interesting. I like the Diamondbacks at home to beat the Rockies in the wild card. And the Diamondbacks won eleven of the nineteen games they've played against the Dodgers this year regular season and playoff baseball are different animals. But I don't think that Diamondbacks having any fear of playing the Dodgers they know how to beat the Dodgers. They pitched well against the Dodgers they defended well against Dodgers will they beat the Dodgers I'm not sure if they'll beat the Dodgers but that's not the question the question is they won't be around long. And I can see that and IDC data is a five game series that would be a most interesting series like Arizona sank. Hang your eyes mouth. Yeah. I do believe what I says while it all that is highly ladies through only true and I recognize that teaches theater of the mind you know. I'd the next question yes it's only pre season but the kings got off to a nice start last night prisoners actually in his death duct. I. Only pre season is a great qualifier will be using it a lot. In the next two weeks. But if you're just talking about some things to hang your hat on people were very excited watching gearan fox play was really fun usually good high energy. They're not perfect I'll make mistakes but they had. But he he'll look too good either it's funny looks like the same guy may be a little bit stronger scaled it good the young guys look like they're gonna be fun to watch that's about. Where the bar is set this year. And the cape. YE moon it's only pre season but the kings got off to a nice start last night Chris as factor fancy notes at Tennessee. And it's nothing against the kings it's just that was just they had a nice practice. Big game wasn't even on TV. Had we had the kings that I don't know. It wasn't on TV one on TV anywhere why not because nobody cares because it was a practice they had a good practice that's not a nice start the season hasn't started yet. They they played a million guys last night. It's interesting there was interest in nice start no they haven't really started yet they had a good practice yesterday. I think we're getting a little carried away with a young team that everyone's excited about a we're gonna say last that was a good start. It was an instinct practice they had against the San Antonio team that could not care less and really probably would rather not have even been there. Came mr. basketball a appeal on. Cool yeah. Road. That was. Mean I'm looking at all Obama got out to a nice start where is the gay game wasn't on anywhere I could see the jazz plan the was the Sydney kings run TV last night from Australia they were her and give everything is set to keep her on TV or Pittsburgh. Next question why. So far the NFC west is the hardest division to figure out in the NFL Chris as factor for Nancy I think it's a fantasy. Organizers are very good we knew that rams are better than we thought okay the Seahawks and the cardinals are loyal older teams trying to hang on a little bit we knew that. That the division that's hard to figure is I give you. Wisdom of the Jerry your honor ship the NFC south New Orleans their defense has been terrible they just shut out Miami played well it. Carolina they barely beat buffalo then what they do last week they won at New England let Atlanta. They barely beat the bears in the opener and then OK there undefeated then they lost at home the buffalo. And they got Tampa Bay and they got a quarterback team as there are still trying to fair or see any good or not that old division very hard to figure to this point the. NFC south. Houston writes yes your honor so far the NFC west is the hardest division to figure out the NFL ray has inspector fans. I agree that it's a fantasy. But for me personally be division and I can't figure out has been a harsh media figure out is the AFC east. The AFC east has the patriots and the patriots are supposed to dominate everybody the jets were supposed to be tanking. The jets are two NC just like the patriots and oh by the world and by the way the AFC east is currently owned by the Buffalo Bills. At three in Warren. There's nothing about the AFC east that I understand right now. Interesting you both make good opponents but allied he was Markus Manson. Today. For a president in this movie before it's it's a and I don't Wednesday I think you're in good shape your body I'm not counting on just competing. I don't question where all our rules and rises starts at DO. Okay last play of last night's game was a great example of why you should never bet on football whereas guys factor in your honor that's a fantasy. I guess it would be a great example of why he should never bet your house. On football but if you are like and most people. Not an inveterate better but if for fund better and you put a few bucks down on the game. There's nothing like last night a perfect reminder of how funny it can be to bet on a football game. For for a half of the bettors after all they thought they lost they thought they were toast. They thought they lost on the points or on the over under and both of those things reversed. In the last four seconds of the game. I'm not betting at thousand dollars or 101000 dollars on a game on a bet the mortgage if I put a little harmless then on the game. That's the most ironic that it had watch and McCain. Into staying Whitey final question. The last play of last night's game was a great example of why you should never bet on football risk as factor fans I disagree. Only that a lot but I can't in good conscience argue the other side I totally agree last night was a great example of why. You know legally and responsibly he should bet on football and you should play fantasy football and makes it so much fine. I was watching us I didn't have any money on the game but I'd pick the chiefs. And I've gotten all my picks right so far my my locks of the week and iron streak on announce that early in the game well three at once not bad you know I need to pick six here or something and it's. Other unilateral thing or wait that. Ball's lose that she's hit it. If she's just wasn't that she's covered it made it's so much more fun. And that's why you should be. Bidding again legally responsibly it just makes your game more fun otherwise they game was already over and there are people that when a lot of money last that for those who did lose. Pay. Marcia you should never bet on the run king excellent addition what did you bet on football play Tennessee football it makes games so much more foreign. Puts them at stake for you and I I'm very happy to see static can imagine what it's like to win money on that. Also wanted to you today you ID because. The CNN on the guy. And you had the most Owens would consider a mighty wind driven. It away free cap because that typically like to go the other way there's no way I can argue the other side on that and I had my answer locked in before you give yourself a look witnesses. That was so awesome last night though so much fun. Was it hard to be in a mean look. At that responsibly yes please don't ever bets that you can't afford to lose but if you're talking about. Being in Reno or Vegas and puts about selling game that's about as much fun you can have talk about it chief Joseph seen in for again for roughly half the bettors. A loss turned into a win not just. For the chiefs that's it for all of you often end like the last four seconds and also as we discussed the over under was 48 NAFTA with a touchdown the over wins with forty guy named huge turn. And under other people you know thrown stuff across a room because there. There of their money turned to trash I'll listen to their ticket was a loser that. Skits stuff it is really it's why people played Tennessee to me there's an unexpected thing as Eric was Thomas Eric's buddy. Went from a fantasy lost to a fantasy win on the last play. By having you know Casey's defense or something. So following around all right good luck to your Indians do you care. Whether the twins are the Yankees win the winner plays you're team given preference I would of. For a lot to game against the Yankees at the hurdle I prefer to beat the Yankees and more satisfying that the Yankees on yes dad definitely but no like you pick and on the twelfth. Also there's. This and maybe you don't care but as a kind of a purist it bothers me let's say that the twins win tonight McCain and then they would play. The Indians in a playoff series will during the season they were in the same division. And the Indians were seventeen games better than the twins so why in the world with the twins. They don't desert the play the unions for the image crushed them. For six months if not okay playoff series now that's a promise have a wildcard stumpel will see becomes of that yeah there's not much way around that I guess Cleveland would just. Clinton would argue all we won the right to play the worst team in so they're the worst team in we get them mean. You know into bad for them that they couldn't be mr. in the regular season. But it should be there in you to get a buy like the twins theory did establish are way better than them and thanks to wins there's a trophy Indians move on who. Mean conserve your pitching I don't kinda idea mr. baseball tells me the Yankees will prevail I think so and that's that's a great series seriously is the most interesting series has been yankees and.