Eric Musselman Interview, Head Coach of the Nevada Wolf Pack Basketball team 3/7/18

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Wednesday, March 7th

Eric Musselman was named Mountain West Coach of the Year.


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What a year for the Nevada Reno wolf back passion brings. The other Mountain West Conference tournament play tomorrow after going fifteen and three in the regular season conference play tops in the conference currently 26 and six in there. Their head coach's name out west coach of the year he's nice them to join us. Really appreciate because you know basketball coaches kind of busy right now pretty busy we welcome back a long time friend of the show coach Eric muscling congratulations on the coach of the year honors their coach. No thank you guys it's it's been a fun year it's all very. While you're no stranger to success but how is this season been especially to now. But it would totally disagree with that. If that's fair enough what has been an interesting year with the injuries in the what you had to do to overcome the right coach. Knowledge is you know it's been amazing because we have war. Transfers that transfer rules those guys have to sit out so refs or players sitting out. Due to transfers that'll have a big impact on our program so four of our thirteen scholarships are or eat not. With the with the transfers to help us next year and and we had a player that he had dismissed. Early in the year. Sort what does doubted he you know in in in in a small small number. All of rotation guys and then Lindsay true father obviously played in the NBA has changed connection it. Lindsay true blew his Achilles out six games ago you. And so we moved our power forward. Quoting Martin to the point guard position. We really are played with out of backup point guard or power forwards now are starting point guard. And then we have players Jordan Caroline's status immediate rights. The former NFL all pro. Jordan hasn't broken pinky finger that he did two games ago. And then our. Our best shooter Kendall's Stephens who's a transfer from Purdue whose father ever Stephens played in the NBA. Like Kendall has bombed it's gonna need surgery at the end of the year it's called floating bomb. Because his ligaments try to detach from the bold and so. Were banged up but we you know what we want six of our last seven. We won the regular season mountain west championship and we're here in Vegas and we're we're actually I just stepped out of a film session. As we're getting ready to play you what LB tomorrow by in game one of the conference tournament. Coach. I I read this and I just wanna ask you if this is really where a guy I realize you're down seven scholarship players and couple those you just noted aren't even really healthy. But is it true that you had to borrow a couple of guys on the football team. I did I walked over to to coach Jay our football coach. Eight coach. I can't practice I don't have enough bodies you have anybody. From your football team that I could use for two or three weeks and I eat eat it yes he gave me three guys' names I ended up call or text those guys today called beat later that night as a coach. They're you know what there's two guys are better than those guys. I didn't know what apple I 83 at the wrong day. Oh. I thought it up called the other guys. And so we react to guys like cook just rent those guys are our football players that are on borrow. You know we borrowed element and actually. I've read indoor baseball coach teacher aide Bruce. In the airport on the way here. And I said hey coach we're still possibly look for one other guy ORC it's expanded. Decent check out a backup catcher. Got a travel. It goes exports like I thought about it. And that night he got on his plate stolen. To play another series on the road back kolbe said taking yeah I want to catch or how quick about it. Actually back back you know what I ought to out of practice get back hell in a far. I'm all. No battery and a coach Eric must win whether it's great year they get ready for the conference tournament Caleb Martin's. Let's see where the years newcomer of the year Cody Martin second team all defense in the conference what are the challenges of coaching twins. You know what her as a challenge I think that's a great question. You know what I did know coveted. You know why I act I kind of equated it to a lot of you know if you are coach and you have a player plain for you that's kind of hard for the coach it's kind of hard for the player. But I never really thought about Brothers let alone winds. And sold last year they were both sit out guys so everything was cool goods are on the scout team and there's no minutes there's. No shot attempts none of that really matters but. It's it's an actual dilemma. For sure that you try to got to navigate the waters. With two guys that are great players I mean. Cody started off as a reform and now he's our point guard because of the with each through injury K look forward. Is a high volume shooter high volumes scoring DP it will be. Or player of the year whatever tree you wanna use shall. Now we have Cody handle the ball. As our primary point guard ball handler so he's got the ball adds it. Because his brother such a special talent a lot of times stole the ball that was rather and it's kinda got to make sure that everybody feels that ball. But the legacy coaching bowl the Barton twins. Is they are unbelievable competitors. High character and they absolutely hate to lose and sort rub off on all of us. There will win. The fact that they are the ultra competitors and they played the other end of the Warsaw although. Those guys are ball dominant force that you got to look at Cody Martin saint able on. Amid guards best player every night weather center power forwards that are off guard doesn't matter at east played defense player of the year. In our conference so that makes things a lot easier. Coach you say you've got guys playing at in in this couple specific answers out of position and of course you have a shorter rotation. The term limits really different animal as outside like your conference tournament because this is really for the first time this'll come into play. You plan back to backs and you know in the season even short players. Or absent semi guys you at least have recovery days. Yet no it's it's for us off for sure. You know our players are on social media and you know they understand that as of today. On Warren a favorable position to make DNC sort of but. I'm a little bit older than them and have more experience and I had to stand up and guaranteed and that's why they have these conference tournaments and you know our conference in the mountain west the only way you know you're did natives to wit offer us it would be three games in three days so. We we we're definitely in the dilemma. For sure because of the back to back to back that it would take. The only thing we can really focus on as we need our next game. We got a great non conference and that that body of work on top sports. Has put us in a really good position. We have gone on the road and played at Texas Tech played at neutral against TCU. And had. On usual amount of road games and it was because that's what we heard that he NCAA selection committee wanted sole. You know that little bit different philosophies and some other schools you know for instance Saint Mary's had a total games didn't lead the state California. We elected to go a different route. And and and and so it's put our our guys some things it's some good favorable. Opposition but we're here Vegas try to win this conference and try to take one game at a time but it and tomorrow's big challenge the URL because a lot bigger and inside that we are so now we'll see how it plays out. Nevada head coach Eric mosque when was this a Nevada Reno head coach coach speed on the road wins yet eleven road wins this year. What are the qualities that did make your club. So tenacious away from home. I think toughness. You know we we did try to challenge of morally. You know we we played a game in Hawaii it. If you play. At why it's called an exempt gain sole. We have one extra gain in almost everybody in the country regular season wise we you know we have. The identical record we had last year but we have the one actual win this year that was the YA game. People don't wanna travel all the way to Hawaii for game certainly. Programs what to go over there for term limits situations but the reason it's except game. Is because the NCAA and why you understand that it's hard to do it seems there are so so the rules that waiting in case that it up is that an accent game that's a hard place to where it. They have great routes. You gotta worry a little bit about the whistle over there. And you know simple we took the challenge of going over there like I said not many people want to go there but we feel like. We have competitive kids. That really take winning seriously we we were were one up or change the country that it not lost. By by more than nine points we have not had a loss in double digits the whole year which is hard for college student athletes and and the other programs that are in that category or Purdue top ten ranked ski Virginia number one ranked team in the country. Those two teams and Villanova and battles the teams that have not lost by double digits and we take great pride. Whether Reid Witter losing game and we always talk about people complicate watch you people work. While watching you like TDs and you gotta you gotta compete play every second of every game. And our guys certainly done that this year. Best of luck coach we're so excited for is so happy doing things congratulations on the coach of the year honors thank you so much you're timely help to talk again very soon. That sounds great that you guys are all right take it easy thanks cuts. There are some of the Nevada Reno wolfpack haven't really. Have you this year and I appreciate his dedication to trying you know nailing it down with the tournament win that there in. Minorities got them actually is a six seed the mean they've done the body of work that they're good for all of this in mind you know where he's coming from. I don't wanna leave it to chance they'd be stunner if there on the turn and they deserve their spot them.