Edelman doesn't know what he tested positive for... 6/11/18

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Monday, June 11th
And netiher does the NFL.

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Just quickly here I think you'd big out for appointing insiders will love stories that he's talking about then you know it's a difficult time here as we all know. When you're dealing with the draft you don't know what to believe what's true what's smokescreen this makes some sense though from other sporting news. Sources telling sporting news Boston has expressed interest in bomb putting interviewing him at the Chicago pre draft calm mind two weeks ago. On the challenges getting a pick they'll be high enough to land him could go as high as number three of the hawks there's also been talk that the magic picking sixth. Are high and Obama so silly 727. Pick them multiple assets they're not gonna trade tea dumber. You know that Heyward coming back presumably so it makes it makes sense that they might. Try to cobble together an offer. For a pick they'd use on bombed. Consisting of Jalen brown. May be attorney rosy year so their assets are down makes all sense I don't I don't think the kings a do it too bit. I can see why the. A dispute as a shrewd move for Danny Ainge these are you can think of a couple moves ahead there he certainly has got. A surplus you mean he's he got bodies they commit nothing necessarily wants to. But he certainly I mean he can move guys kings can get their pick back for next year. And because you take this year's draft versions Elway never picked back for next year media that way on seventy equality but a great thing. You can't Jalen brown if you wanna think about it we talk about to see it today I think about it. I mean I'll take I don't know if you get both maybe you could in I don't think I can't yeah and if I makings I'm not getting too clever about all this stuff anyway. I doubt that they aren't imagine that they're still probably pretty happy sitting number two in the draft. And I'm quite sure that they understand what a rare. Bird it is and mean the only thing you wanna do is. In that case not do something outlandish. That brings the number two pick him to question. You can you know without knowing how any of these guys triggers a workout. At the very least make a solid ticket to loom if it's Bagley like I said earlier I don't think too many people are going to. Not gonna stormed the streets aggregate pick up the second pick in Nebraska Jalen brown averaged eighteen points a game in the playoffs. Why do these tell you know I I mean he's from cal right it's it's yeah I and he had a beer and a big growth curve learning curve in the NBA there's no question about that but he's moving along that learning curve. He was in the right organization might still be. And the right organization for him I don't know if he would've forced to a lot of other places but I think it is need to do better than that with the second pick. Yeah well that's my problem I mean I and I I err on the side of or I'd lean and I'd lean toward. A young but more developed talent like if you're already proving it in the NBA that means a lot to me. Verses a picnic vs a project or even just great. Promise if you're already producing on a regular basis to me that's huge. And that's established good players are hard to get me in especially in Sacramento. Meanwhile we were talking last week about Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots he does that (%expletive) you Tom Brady impression what are we all its books. Nothing funny about the four game suspension he's facing under the NFL's policy on the PED's. But he also said matter we we read a statement he said he doesn't know what happened. And according to pro football talk looks like maybe the NFL itself isn't sure what happened according to Albert Greer. And SI dot com cattlemen's result this positive result to a speedy test. Was triggered by a substance that. On the drug testers didn't recognize. So they flag the test now because Ollie was you. There's steroid that was because there's some in their we don't know what is right right always very interesting by the way it's not that that that's happened before. In. You know couple sports happen in MOB when they didn't know what the Kremer nuclear war by the way this going back to bonds us. Not bonds is tests but others tests by players. To try and progesterone known but you tell you about yeah TH EG yeah one of the substances that means that. The testers. Could on we can fairly say we don't read it's. They're so did that. The substances and high level on a high concentration and we don't know exactly what it is or what it does. And it may take a little. You know reverse engineering before you figure out exactly which got. So just because they can't put in name to it doesn't mean. That element is clear though it's clearly. Got enough of the characteristics of a banned substance to get him suspend it wasn't a stimulant because in the offseason. Depending on what it is not like stimulants in the offseason like knock yourself out literally it. Not a problem now yeah but it fits anywhere along the growth. Hormone spectrum or the muscle mass spectrum. Or just the straight to be fair just a straight injury recovery kiss again he's a guy come back from ACL. Injury recovery spectrum that's stuff gets. Now he took some thing if he cheated. Then yeah he should be punished I mean I'm not in Amman stokes on the soapbox among grinding my teeth about it but if you got to if you cheated he should be punished but if he he really has just taken somebody that these are staying in the past with the NF this was an anomaly. Where the tester said we don't know what that is but it turns out you know if you appeals. And turns out they rule out that it's not a problem that would be very unfortunate because there is a stigma attached with this. Story. And if he's cleared W really unfortunate. Yet he also took in usual step of apologizing. Publicly. I guess for the failed test. In knowing in bought it but while apologizing set I don't know what I did. I don't know what happened and I'm sorry but I don't know what happened. But you know all whatever audit rate I'll be ready to play you can be sure of that number only don't usually apologize for not. And at the very least if if your position is. I haven't changed anything about my regiment. So the fact that you can't name it makes you suspicious. That's what he'd be said. Instead of I'm sorry. I'm just that doesn't compute to me. A lot of this is not supposed to be public but a power pro athlete one thing I know is that any drug test results that are not supposed to be public there's a chance they will be yes we know the David Ortiz failed a test. And the results were not supposed to be made public this was long time ago because. What's. MLB would test players in the agreement was right well we don't have do. Start with the more stringent punishment and last X number of players test positive right and no one's supposed to know who test positive well we found out he did yeah. That's great is a fan of planet some of that now but as bad for the players that sucks right. What you're told is hey here's the agreement yet we're gonna do anonymous testing beautiful bunch guys test positive will trigger Arab tougher standard. Will what happen in my anonymous test. What happened this year. Your famous and someone clearly one of the result known speaking of famous three point 913 twenty RJ back with us the large guy. Today I just it's amazing to me other Brendan Bell is I think third in the all star voting in it's it's it's it it's just it's disgusting. He needed check in for some than yeah agreed. They pulled. And the fire or. That they probably know. Bringing up Bob firework and Europe where they also guilt UPD a memo be in any speculative coordinate ever program. I don't know that he was ever. Even. In a positive test RJ I can think the player you know art. I don't know see the guy that there was a whole book written about all the ways that he cheated and he never even was able to knock down. And was never able to knock down even one of the claims in the book not even what are clam. They don't go and work. Hey you can't ever tracked in our view whoever got in trouble for I think Clinton is still. He dizzying and obstructionist how about the other Brandon Brandon Crawford how many seeking I have this year 7374. Semi five where does this stuff. You've seen stats. OK if you bought number one and I mean that's that are restricted use that would be an MVP candidate right now. And yeah I'm fiery. There's no and Glenn Close still expect to shortstop where you don't like those. That's true right now yeah we've got to be one prop you're pretty. Natural leader. It's only June 11 but right now he's legitimate MVP candidate yet. And yeah me and yet we're before important it's important which I'd lap because. Occur around the cut through them but yeah yeah it's exit. But if you're OK can't buy it I mean any headed up character right. Three out of me. Mike good mauled a man is incredible. RJ may be you know the answer to this maybe mr. based on us. Has there ever been two guys with the same first name who shared MVP award I can see Brandon belt Brandon Crawford share in the MVP this year. I think that's a legitimate and I temporary email outside seldom. Great to elk yeah any you'd beat the record really you know ride. I saw that I was it tweet what I saw was a tweet but yeah. Okay production are. Great turnout are all right well done well played thank you RJ thank you are today. Yeah I'm Brandon belt actually think was taken swings yesterday in Arizona. So it's it is and as though he's never coming back or that it's way off in the distance they're already trying to. Get them comfortable again and make sure that his physical. Condition is okay National League all star voting first base one Freddy Freeman. 633002. Anthony Rizzo cubs 248 down hard on Brandon bell 162000. That's awful not blaming fan base when you get an enemy for. I'm not mad at you about that of sand and many other reasons why I'm mad at you that's not one of I mean they calcium that's terrible cubs fans ought to be the ones who were embarrassed you can't out voted and I challengers for earth. Well the Leno okay. Yeah I I get it but I mean if a braves player leads in the voting their some cities that ought to be embarrassed right now.