Dusty Baker's take on his old team, the Nats... 8/17/18

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Friday, August 17th
How slow is the game getting?

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Played down the law today did an interview with the athletic and for the first time addressed how he feels about the nationals and a number of things and it's fascinating before we get to that. They hard knocks fans 343 left in the first quarter the browns' leading the bills seven or nothing. Newton and I don't care rep pre season I just thought maybe since it's a brand you might care a little bit and everything that happens with the browns I'm interested in Tyrod Taylor won for two for seven yards Carlos Hyde six carries 42 yards and a touch. Yeah I saw the assigned doubts out on the touchdown run it was not sure. Fuels and it's on that yet on us on hard knocks on we haven't seen Carlos died not at all but I think that may change I don't know of you know even in in now with the niners he was. Very rarely was he like a dominant storyline but he's a good interview I mean I think you could turn out to be. Part of that but. Contact with hard knocks is coming. It seems as though the series fears alive. And it's almost part of the game trying to figure one who can actually wanna be in a story in this thing. Because. You know outside if you Jackson and Ian Baker mayfield there aren't too many sure things them. Anyway I'd have a nice night yeah some of the stories have been so dramatic but I could see you Carl aside he's a good interview about you and diseases we don't have some are right that's exactly what it is to ask just how tiny heart attacks he doesn't write poetry. Doesn't mean and like drugs practice it and get pulled over by the cops that's that's happened that AJ McCarron two of four for seven or so anyway pre season back underway tonight to my you can hear the 49ers in the Texans. Moon right here. On ESPN thirteen twenty meanwhile Dusty Baker and oh yes you've talked to dusty. A timer to this summer right we hear your son's playing against each other I just ran into really during the college season I didn't see Darren went out to. To play indicate that he was only their first seven games and I don't know if he was. Injured which is extremely come after the college season. They're awful lot of guys to get out summer ball and realize man I need shouted to my but I don't know what happened. The newseum dusty has interesting things to say about the state of the game he didn't address the whole issue of position players pitching so much of that. But he said the game is getting so slow again this is in an interview he did with Ken Rosenthal. In the athletic. The game is getting so slow it's not exciting what happened to that triple scoring from first on a double our long single running three to. I think the game is gonna come back. It has to come back it's been killing me to go to these minor league games I'm seeing bad baseball IC bad base running. No bunting when they need to bond and excessive amount of pop up strikeouts. Almost a no hitter every day until the sixth inning no first to thirds it's terrible. Does she says I went to minor leaguer or minor league game I saw this one team taking batting practice if they had honored balls fifty government and up near home plate. Eroding the top of the cage this one guy at the top of the cage like five times and that's one coach goes. Good BP. Good BP that's of course BP I've ever seen in my elite. Like that since Dusty Baker barely exasperated with the state of the game right there are certain aspects of this game that he does not recognize. No one of the things that. He wouldn't recognize is that it. Sort of station to station waited two games get played. That that I think is includes Major League suit and I know he's talking about what he's going out and seeing. But it happened in the majors that's why it's being coached that way and managed to win miners. Which is way more cautious. Far fewer. Steal attempts that's structure. And definitely a reliance on the long ball so the idea is to get on base anyway can and then don't do anything stupid. Because we think there's a chance that one in the next two guys give him one count. It's a different way of playing the game and it goes back I mean that has its roots. In deep baseball history but we just haven't seen the game play that way for a while. And dusty certainly as a player. You know get ropes. And a lot of guys that he played with were line drive hitters whose line drives sometimes when out from rounds. And that's the kind of baseball he prefers he also I think as a manager Whitey. Mean he really does even now he can't help but think of it from manager perspective. That's just not a game that he wants to run he's really describing game that he wouldn't economy image he wants to manage actively. He wants this. Start runners and hit and run and delayed steal and drop about down like that's dust these moon that's his baseball world. That's a role I know. But I mean. Even at the cape this summer that's not really funny games is not a game to get coached. Isn't it though because. As as as different as it is for for some people. It's because we. Analytics people have studied the game and have a clear idea what your be your best bet is right and in the old days I got on for gonna. Hit run here or send this guy here and the analytics people can prove. You can do that and might work but it's not Smart to do that. Yeah and I think that the counterargument to that is. Not exactly analytical and that's why it doesn't usually carry the day but I imagine. That dusty east. Counter to that might be. You're telling me excellent information about the leak averages and what the probabilities are and I'm telling you I know my eighteen. And I have a guy. And it might just be one guy in one situation. I'm active mom and it doesn't matter what the probability is. Because I know Mike I've been right you do and I know the opposing team continued a strong case to be made on both sides he can't really answer in the abstracted after racquet. Specific. Instances but he also said that he now it's like managing against the computer. As is is everybody manages the same way because they tell you this is how you managed. So he says in the old days of be like trying to out think a guy how's this guy how does she manager how does he do it announced like why compete I know how computers can do it right. What are the probability say that they should do that's probably what they're gonna do if I'm trying to take into the other dugout. In the briefing about that in addition to bad it's different but but one of those strange kind of off sheets from that to me is. So if that's if that's less of an X-Factor than it used to be. Then what are some of the remaining X-Factor shall oddly enough it's umpires. As you do still have to guess what the umpires Kennedy. What does this umpire tend to think of as. A balk moved. What does this umpire tend to. Pick up his balls and strikes mountain like it's its weird and now you're putting the guessing game in the wrong places on the field and if you've ever been fired you can relate to this dusty says he. He doesn't moderate against the nationals who doesn't wanna read against harassment and talk a yeah here's a great quote from him from that article I haven't talked to anybody out to talk to any coaches. I've got some guys who text me hey big an issue. I don't wanna open in the any stops since I don't wanna open. This was the toughest room for me to close. And I'm sure watching the national struggled this season hasn't made it any easier run away may be even though we might feel vindicated what you really feel like it's should be did we would be winning. We would be winning if you'd let me finish what I started. In stated you fired me and hired a guy you'd never managed. To get which again. It works out for some teams the Red Sox are looking back but the nationals are really been through it hey what's the deal with Joseph David.