Does this football announcer have a point? 4/12/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, April 12th

...or is he just a bitter nobody?


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We've got the NBA playoffs here and ESPN thirteen point wizards and raptors and pacers cavs. Heat sixers and bucks Celtics in the eastern in the west T wolves rockets jazz under pelicans trailblazers it's. So they do these they do this Saturday afternoon and evening shift. And they're they're. It's we it's weird for everywhere your spurs game not to be the showcase game but that's where things aren't yet you may be wondering gee who's gonna win the NBA finals this year. Will will have them for at 452 teams are planned and who's gonna win some sort yeah I mean spoiler alert right. Might be you don't wanna know maybe you shouldn't listen that segment it's a lot of weeks to the finals you might as well just know now to wanna be a spoiler like the spoiler over there you know and should handle. Everybody's got a job to do man. Who won walkers huge dragon wound punched. Can you believe now what you tell me that you know of only seem to episode. Well that's that's the danger these days Truckee. Tennessee down camera that's the logic of these days that if I'm just Skinner and crusher you know suggests you know theoretical. Does the hypothetical. Think it's Kelly you seemed to episodes I think it's gonna be awhile before even. Gets to the Dragonball into it now it unlocked in light yeah NEC the dragon did have a now. And so yeah I may have seen sporadically some other episodes. But only a few well while I'm sorry I ruined all think Lauren yeah. I'm you know they just finished a battle scene gave up front battle scene for the upcoming season which is good for the young 2019. How many how many nights do they get to kind of took. Two of film it. Our battle seemed to wild nights 5555. Nights in a row no production problems here. I'm sure it costs are well under control 55 nights in a row part of the issue is they have the film fake innings so that. People like the spoiler whether they want to and I can't spoil it for people. Really they're not even uses scripts they're using. Books to go on anymore like it's over I don't know but they still can make up scripts which it did last year they have a good running ahead of the author's books. Inadvertently myself. What kind. All right well I I'm I'm way I do not 2019 USA. That's a best case to estimate by Genevieve who is this weekend exactly oh yeah. We were I remember when that was a thing that's gonna happen. 29 try to write speak and a TV. We're anxious to find out who's gonna replace gruden a Monday Night Football and of course we can't wait for Fox's new Thursday night football no color rush but that's OK who's gonna be doing the games looks like it's gonna be. Probably buck and Aikman right there is no pay me and that's what fox wants right. So a lot of analysts have been hoping maybe they're gonna call we know that Louis Riddick is hoping to get Monday Night Football right now while one or all of the various Hasselbeck so I don't know they're open to be environment as anyone involved somewhere yeah I mean there's a lot of them yeah. Tough to keep track. Do you know Mike may hockey as Mike may knock he's best known for being a real draft analyst. He's done Notre Dame games he's done Thursday night football for NFL network right in he's done occasional playoff games by milk actually used to play very briefly. Annie's a very good analyst in terms of the draft in Greeley. Analyzing the technical aspects of the game. So Mike may arc just did an interview with one of these works for you BO shows in Houston team they still votes. Yeah I mean he's an idea this so that's what they do is pay tune in and we'll talk sports rats and it. That's all it was no chance that's all they do bad debt but but probably tonight he'll exports and better stuff OK but also some lower that because you have to good luck with that anyway all kidding aside my -- was on Sports Radio sixty and in Houston he was asked if there's any chance he would call Thursday or Monday Night Football. And apparently yet touched an error if I am. Highly frustrated and magically heat in the when you don't have a big name. Come and having not played two years on what many good night and I couldn't stay healthy. If you don't have all green jacket pay income. Hard to get a high local jobs corned millionaire industry now I've done noted he's being special Saturday grip on curt can I cook all up cola or I can't I I feel like I like being there and actually look at. Though I care about it and by the way idol that's my favorite thing I mean people Cokie we would declare my favorite thing you can do being. And it bothers me did network executives. Think that the only I mean let's put this what. Has Thursday night football and they feel like he only person can do that he was Peyton Manning a peaking at. Eventually we got into cool week I don't understand that ball probably stood Cory Cory Booker a stable of other guys that can do you really well so yeah home frustrated. That's might may not I can understand his frustration but I'd be eased I don't think he's seeing things clearly using him that to being a big name is part. Of the appeal of an analyst on on a featured game maybe that's not fair but that's the way bits and put myself in issues nobody knows who your yeah. I I've been off and her mother lived there I put myself and issues though and I do understand where. He's part of some of network. Sports right. And he's busy said she's done some medium high level stuff. And inevitably the part of that is people talking you up are you doing great you sound great doing great. In a tremendous say we want you back come back you know regular deal. And then at some point to have those same people turn around and say we're not a name. I'm sure is very frustrating. It's not getting it anywhere he's frustrated and agitated well he's not famous and he's not Peyton. You know and he's you know been Brady has retired yet but the networks know who they want. They want a pay a former quarterback can mean. To step into the Booth and start talking about football game I mean look at ESPN we are taught gruden is gone still don't have the money and acting film. But they do have that gruden quarterback thing filled. With that current quarterback whom Russell Wilson. Who's actually playing in the NFL yeah it's going to be talking to young quarterbacks and are coming into the and I've her I turn Russell Wilson is just bizarre yeah and that shows you the links to which the networks will go. To try to have that could not just to name of course quarter. It's being reported that some one condition of fox picking up third football. Was that the NFL from the NFL that they they use a talent in the Booth A list talent he listed on in the Booth for Thursday at football. Okay well I mean what does that mean exactly well means someone that people know which is not Mike may shock right. Now you just talk has some guys in Houston and OK I can understand them but my goodness I'm really you don't unless you're you don't understand it. You understand why. Fox doesn't want you do on Thursday night games I mean it's why NBC. You know. Hired Al Michaels. To do Sunday Night Football. Because if you're gonna make a serious bid at this thing you're gonna have to make. The leak happy mom. Or your parent company happy. And they want and yeah. They want the biggest name in the world maybe it's not fair that the networks are looking for big names but you know what. CBS that for Tony Romo last year any knocked that the park apartment mix baseball metaphor in here. Knocked it out of the park Jeff and I to be remote with the way it went with her alone. It's kind of like a few years ago when he NBA teams started hiring guys who had actually been head coach. And Pitt action it worked out a couple times couples are sort out really welcome sir now that wall falls and you realize. Yeah you know if you like somebody really don't have stardom on the eight. Team. You know are the team broadcasting the sixth best game that weekend if you like some like Ramallah. It worked wants it can work again you know they worked with him really hard before they ever got to a game. And I'm sure that there's no doubt that ESPN and fox both thought Peyton Manning. This'll take two weeks are there any help jumper on top analysts who were not A list talent in the NFL I guess. Read the summer's troop Collins worth would be probably. An exception. It is a very good receiver but he wasn't a household name. He'd he'd be an exception I think for the most part. You know Aikman. Is dominant the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys I horse around the room and as quarterback of the Dallas cowboy yeah. You know follows Super Bowl to link and they can get Jeff to retire he Davidge of Christine I don't know somewhere dating life seconds ago where right where a lot of the element. Yeah that's that's where there that's what the networks want. And if they do it right that's what people mean Romo added value. It's really easy to see that he added I mean another thing is a lot of people think that may not he's very good at the x.s and those very good but a lot of people don't care that's right. You know I mean Romo likes x.s and those two but he just expresses it so differently. You don't even know your being axed a note exactly you might learn something make it about the game we have to be much is being entertained. And that's that's what the networks are kept.