Does C.J. Beathard really have a shot at being the 49ers starter? 7/27/17

The Rise Guys
Thursday, July 27th
Will training camp be a deciding factor?

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Introducing the rise guys home run call contest with Paul runs fly. Out of ballparks all over the an alarming rate there's no question that at this rate baseball announcers are gonna run out of home run catch phrases so we need new and so if you wanna check in on Twitter at our Chrysler at what he police and at radio rob. At ESPN thirteen point and whatever I don't what others know. Other than the you know the bill laws of the land. Federal regulations there's there's no limit rob just had a I thought pretty good when we watch enough highlight here in one harmony monitors in and of Pierce's home run to beat the a's today and he said it was like a meatball. And that puts America and he ball. And you know there that can work in some circumstances. It would work in that circumstance perfectly because describe exactly what I think happened yeah I don't know I asked all the do you strongly is that one rob every home honored just every so often. Every so often OK it's got to be I mean. Because otherwise you would say that every time there and judged on a bad guy I don't know what happened but it must have been a meatball is he 803 feet. I've libel some and meatball I could work not to. It's a terrible but they still work. You're just. Trying to help people through a long summer of home runs from the same call over and over and beat them and not every call and even. Agree call like robs. I agree not to be perfect for. Some really neat if you are friend can core rack who's a great guy. When we were at the a.'s flagship we used to try to convince him he had when he. Maybe you've heard it he stilled as the summit we will watch it fly. And receipt and you gotta do that every time that. Now I'm not one of those guys who does the same thing every time right if someone watches it fly maybe I'll say it right I'm not gonna have a catch rate has ever tasted so you know and every so often exhibit fewest in the broadcast buddies and not do that every time he made it fit that he made it work like. He would destroy my name. An outfielder going back on a ball yeah but sometimes you don't that doesn't happen so right one man. You know right. You would say that if that's what happens right. That's all and then that way it works and so as always we tried like almost every. Yeah I mean and have to really make sense. It just means I know because you're saying it it's a home run right. It's just like. You know. Whenever it is out of here which I don't navy times is not actually out there and there on that meatball there. What was the one you actually came up with one machine due into one that ball around her and I think I can round you remember it was about hurt. I. I've blocked one memory yet he not very memorable literally you came up with a and you remember well yeah in I mean but that's just means it. We're short on homer entries each. And there are only so many ways to ninety think this year. Has been I AM. A challenge to route not because necessarily just because of the volume of home runs. But because so many of them are hits so far. It's almost like you don't wanna say oh my god because the next home run may before you know I had one that they've Lloyd used on sports that are. And he said everyone loved it and he decided name in like rule and I I'll get to the audio that it's on our CD but he actually used it on sports that are. And it was it was. This is part and get our ball. And he actually used a the first time use it used to highlights in it was David Ortiz in between to go home run and Linda Cohn was due and then sell them anyway. This is part of it all back. And utility said the producers loved it he said it again later he said it just doesn't work for meetings. ESPN's graveyard for many common phrases over the years. Perhaps you don't remember aloha means divide they've been a lot a lot of tries to the decades ESPN. Some of them perfectly fine only semi waste doing right. Some of them not so find out what that there be a deal that. He won at the bears right on them and he's great don't get me wrong but it means he'd be a guy gave it a shot and it just didn't catch them. Did they can all be winners. Am are these rookie quarterbacks winners from rookie quarterback for the best chance to start and we won. But if they could be number one on the list. Oh man testing it to Shawn Watson shot Watson they agree with you I agree with you about make you feel better a little yeah. Connor award NFL dot com's sister Shawn Watson has. 25%. A 25% chance to start week one ballot that says there's a guy playing. For a coach is not afraid to throw a new quarterback in there. And playing on a team that really is. Opening camp with Tom savage. As the starter and still only and 25% chance. That truly an I mean of course that's a writer's estimation what I'm saying is. That's a pretty good. Short explainer of how hard it is learn how to play the position them. He's got two guys with a 15% chance they disagrees got Robiskie and show on Kaiser. With a 15% chance I think to Sean Kaiser has a better chance and Robiskie. Visitors will be short term they are solidly committed at least for now to Glen and and the browns do not have a similar commitment. To either one of their two guys who's ahead of not based on again you'd comparing them the comments of the two coaches is really instructive because. John Fox was and I think this is so Smart he was just an ambiguous yeah it's like now. We have a starter might learn and get our guys it's the guy we signed in the off season that's our guy they also have Mark Sanchez you know. Yes I mean I I ate the whole point is for too risky did not have to be rushed in to debt situation even though they clearly loved him enough to. Panic pick him the trickiest part for Kaiser right now that is behind not only Eric Kessler but also broke laws by old. It. Well Patrick arms Kansas City 10% chance and then you know court dropped way down after that that's that's in one in ten. Mean unless there's an injury that's not gonna happen right CJ bad third 2%. Okay you're telling me there's a change it I mean I'm telling you that they really really think he's probably two years away. But because there's situation it's not flu it is just not it's it's because it doesn't overwhelm anybody you wouldn't say there's no chance. Anybody comes by 49ers camp by the way over the next several weeks but it's peaking or anybody else can't to work. Is gonna walk away saying cornerback situations and uninspiring them. So theoretically that puts it up for grabs in reality not so much because Brian Hoyer really really knows what he's doing. There's a lingering in fascination with Beth third according to about that any lingering fascination. He's earning praise as the type of accurate game manager who typically thrives in Shanahan system arm strength on field smarts. Could elevate him more quickly than expected Iran knots and watch out he's starting way through right. We're just saying Weiler. 2% chance but. Maybe down the road maybe it's not all about Kirk cousins and Dennis Cisco that's been a sub compensation that the the when people write about because of the situation. If they throw out a disclaimer that disclaimer is you know. The one thing that could change all this is. It appears Shanahan really likes Panthers. And if he feels at the end of this year won that bet there it is and so far away from being able to takeover than they want spend money on tests. If on the other hand they get to the in his first year and he says yes I'm right my sisters are to learn from investors not closed and you bringing about a way to 49ers. Clearing. Ruben Foster according to Kyle Shanahan today. Clearing Ruben fostered to participating campy is cleared to go and we're excited to get him and the 49ers to their credit after they drafted him. They said he would be ready for training camp right. They're one of the teams blossom teams say lots of things about their players. I'm being ready. Most of its to talk to make sure that the draft narrative isn't spoiled and in this case these could go they don't have their first round draft pick on the field. They're not only team but for them tonight they're not they don't appear to be particularly close yet it was solid Thomas. Contractually and that's a little bit. It's normally I think you would just say OK you know. Amy's third pick in the draft just not that easy moon but in his case complicated by the fact that he was Stanford guy stepped on the quarter system. So he also missed a big chunk of time when he wasn't allowed to be on the field. With the 49ers because he is school had not. Finished for this for the year yet yet and of course the complications potentially with Foster was the fact that he dropped in the trap because of shoulder injury and surgery the 49ers. Did not believe he needed another operation some teams did so he's ready to go then we'll see but the 49ers so far so good that they were right. About a guy I was protected its top ten pick they got a 31 and that's what they care about is get him on the field early enough to get him in the mix. I'm so that they can start find out what usually guys because they should do them. And I know there are not a lot of teams would have said. He go back to draft days and if you can guarantee needs to be on the field at the start of camp. Clear in good to go out after Meyer I remember yesterday the story about Julio Jones whose engineering.