Did Baltimore get Buffalo'd last night? 9/14/18

The Rise Guys
Friday, September 14th
Was Week 1 so easy the Ravens came out flat?

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Did golf market buffalo last night before we get that here on ESPN thirteenth when he. Cried you were wrong about that she's yesterday in the break room you advised me not to eat the cheese it'd been left in the break room at the conclusion that John mentioned I don't know what to clock putter was a there's she's out there. And I wouldn't types of stuff yeah did and it was delicious so. So just to be clear lady asked the question the 2 o'clock hour and went to the achieve what I did a little later than after 6 PM. It was still cool to detach and wants America to believe that he's okay. No I am on fine it was good it was still cool to the touch. That's that's how you tell us he's is that right that's right zealot geez you know. Okay. Well I wish you the best through the weekend oh I think I'm fine now I'm sure you do think you're fine now. I mean if I had anything. Wrong it would've it would have reared its ugly head right now is that anyway you were wrong about that. Why can't existed that idea I was wrong about geez I have had some there's just a cauldron bubble and it appears that we're gonna find out about matters shortly baseball wise the Yankees are playing in over the Yankees clinically in Toronto GAAP. Yes and we got the he's engaged with the rays. The rays actually have a chance to live. If they sweep they may be start to make that. That kind of interesting maybe they can climb back into their at least get near that wild card race unlikely. But it's while things that they could achieve this weekend. Well maybe get afraid to five's not nothing and it would stay at least mean that the last couple weeks of the season. Have something there but the truth is the a's are close to the Astros right. Then the rays are suited to the wildcard so you know if he AZ and win a game this weekend they're probably fine and by the way they have that we are scheduled where. After the show a chip they take Monday off. The middle of September and then begin around Stan I think it's the angels coming in so they're gonna win a bunch more games the a's are. And they're gonna do with no pitching. Trevor Cahill received an injection in his back. I'm I mentioned yesterday and Vincent don't for an MRI and it needs to. Quiet muscles spasm. In his back upper back sounds to me like he ate some bad cheese. Well that's exactly what I thought long and then. You know didn't season saucer who knows all the so it doesn't even mention she kind of pride not anywhere in the report I'm probably not oh you're rushed on deadline or what happened. I'm gonna withdraw the comment at this time the tax. The amazing thing about the Trevor Cahill and it's just we've talked about before but it's absolutely. Flattering gas thing if you look at his home road split and he's pitched like nine teams at home ten on the road or vice Versa. And is ERA in homes under to you and on the road it's like six it's unbelievable. I mean I don't Wear in the playoffs I think applicant and a well we can't start him in a road game no no we'll probably be kick start him so when will use him out of the pin. Well he's a mountain. At home. Where he feels very comfortable and well you and even stardom when you have two starters or whatever they're down to now well. Depends on what Brady Anderson can do better fight that I can get by with fires and Edwin Jackson and Brett Anderson that's what I would do. I wouldn't even bother with KO and that means I don't know how much Cahill would even be used but I am OK with that might be trying to I'd be seen. How close can icons from Iceland straight this thing you realize you can say guys buyers and Edwin Jackson out and Brady Anderson I heard the words you said that yeah. We're talk about the post season it doesn't get any less squirrelly if I put Hale's name back in the air this is just what they have to work. And that it's. Billy Beane had that long interview on MLB network that spared a few times this weekend but mostly taught at the offense in the home runs and all that. But he makes the point that we've been making which is we wanted to. We don't wanna do what we're not interested in full pinning we still have a choice. It's it's it as soon as they have a chance to reset and get some help the guys back which is for them the winter. Don't go to spring training without rotation they don't have any intention of trying to climb their way through a 162 you would know starters you remember we just talked about this what is the number of starters they've lost since opening day nine. Wow okay extra pitchers were Thomas starting pitchers yet. Pitchers who gave named as starters at any point during the season nine different guys have had to go on the injured list one style or another. Some short term luckily you know and inbred in shin-soo. You know it was a longer injury but he's back. It's that's what and how many have been just lost for the season it's in the area of five to seven isn't it well EI it's it's it's it's more like five. Except that they it also they always include like. AJ puck is their absolute top prospect who is a Tommy John lost for the season good in everything got to consider. As promoter bull sedate there also when they talk about their pitching situation they talk to about the help they thought was coming. That would arrive at some point during the season moon so there are remarkable story they really are it's the more on the most and usual stories. In recent baseball history. The giants meanwhile are talking about a shake out will look at what maybe that's. Could look like bottom of the hour here but some. Last night. You had the being goals over the ravens 3423. He was a high scoring game I think it was the highest scoring first half and Thursday night football history. And first half was all the angles Andy Dalton in the first half in said the thirty was seven for eleven with four touchdown passes. And any adult minaret right. All talked about getting guys involved because for the ball around and get our guys and vote and I think that's where this offense is fortunate as we go our guys that that are really good and so. Yes and it's it's not just AJ I usage had the three touchdowns but it. And tires played played really well. By the way bad news for the Bengals today that found that Joseph mix and who's been running the ball very well for them he's gonna need the surgery on the knee that he injured last night and what I saw was at their assuming he's gonna miss a couple weeks couple weak in the US into the midnight I think that they don't think it's more serious than that. It's certainly not good news for a team that's you know really looks like it's finding itself offensively but. At least short turn up for the first time in the history of the franchise the bingo scored at least thirty points in each of their first two games. Of the season but it turned. Will. Look back to just last year remember how they got Allegheny couldn't score at all. I mean they couldn't they have no offense at the start of the season last year. They didn't score a touchdown on tiller third game of the season they did score they scored nine weeks ago. And I'm sorry why wouldn't your grade score stand corrected. I'm there are a lot more versatile. And Nixon was again trying to find his place last year and for a lot of reasons they had there were problems. I'm. And part of it is I think he wasn't quite ready. And he looks a lot more confident prior to injury certainly did. But also I think gays have a very clear idea how they when he isn't in these are really good a dual threat. I have a theory as to what may have happened to the ravens a wanna see what to think first here's John Harbaugh he says the bingo style of offense gave them. Hits it's a little tough to get Dalton on the ground playing offense they play because it is a volatile quirk and that's what they do to RP offense quick throws. You know guys are inside droughts these these deadly attack had stuck assess what he does a ball came out like it's batted balls which we did but he's not a guy gets sacked a lot because of the office in Iran although we wanna do it's actually get there. Is it possible that the ravens to a lot of people were saying is a good team. Is a really good team they looked bad last time the first half Eric what else is we can't play like that early and win is it possible. That. Buffalo was so bad in week one that the ravens came out last night and they just were not prepared for decades because they. They met virtually no resistance in their first game possible I mean John Harley's as a team rating go get a bad. I think that it's it's possible that. That they overestimated themselves though coming out of buffalo just thinking. You know whenever people thought about us where even better than that does not like people didn't think they were any good. I know they they miss CJ Mosley last night but they actually played pretty well in the second half looked like they were going to be in that game they got back into the it. He didn't it yeah they did I'd think to their credit they've. They made a gig at the committee came up and they force insanity continue to. Score albeit with feel calls but to score innards to two Q now kind of continue to answer which being hosted but I was really surprised. Even if found let's just say that it's all true and did the bill's turn out to be just ethically terrible and that what really happened is the reds rolled a really bad team. And that it didn't tell him too much about how good they don't change the fact that the Bengals were ready. And played gay game and have a good offense and a good offensive game plan what Harbaugh said is exactly what you saw a few blocks a game last night. Debt with a couple of notable exceptions. The Beatles plan adult in his get rid of the ball we've got you got we've got some big options were you in you can hit them early so get. Real ball. By the way Joseph Flacco probably is gonna see a lot more blitzing in his last three games. Against the blitz he's 7UP to when he won as a passer who. We talked but I you know win in court after. Realize that fact has blitz and from there that means they're no bones and and how much Wear him out throw the ball. Joseph Flacco against the blitz last three games 721. Yet that's Dokic and you know they were trailer and buy time so they're not to be very balanced but he threw it 55 times. I'm as they just try muscles they're running is not yes sling their way back into.