Deuce Mason Interview 10/3/17

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, October 3rd

Deuce and the Guys talked about the new look Kings.


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Time for what he's starting game from rankings pre season opener last night another big plus minus guy. Stay out of this day. Sherri it's evident and wanted to be on the. We can both agree there's not fitter indicated. Pre season plus minus ladies pre season. Opener player of the game with more on the kings' first look at the Brandon king's nice not to join us. I he is part I don't know if you produces or that the a demo induced podcast. He's involved with that somehow the runner I think this. Sacramento TV and radio star and of course from the deuce and a podcast debuts base in our today deuce. While full caught off guard right now that it currently is working today. Lol weird it's rare that you guys. Yes I would it's funny because I was I thought about maybe not coming in. I sure I would argue about that's my bad I should've warned you about another trouble I was too. I'm watching teen stuff look at it kings highlights and all I see your tweets of deuces face on the big board so. Kind of slowed me down in my word but apparently you're considered by some there. Handsome man or was that your own Twitter feed on confused now. And and I think I think the people at. The just to verify that was your Twitter fees. Idea of a report just Jenna. Pay dues how about your boy bug on its last time I think the last time you came in for Chrysler and as you point out you know. Yeah a lot of opportunities they can any time yeah. You were gone crazy over his mix tapes so hot out and actually look last night. Everything helicopter picked papers. Your number one. Usually I don't like to play that much but I thought it Falwell. It's interpreted the bailout bands or deplete small forward. I think he just shooting guard. He can't shorter that I thought your strokes or I think but he you'll. But. Applied helping anything really jumped out. To me it's about the game you would like ward that outs and actually knew who was like you expect the standing ovation. It yeah Arthur should probably get used to being closely followed by kings fans right here. It's Unscom part of this thing but yeah. Hey did you watch. You are a at least your your percentage may be higher but I know that you're at least a 60% shooter from half court. On live TV right fantastic affirmed. You know probable ire okay I'll I'll pick the army to short change is a hot come Justin Jackson could make a shot last night. It'll purple I've inherited a couple of games like that was some really do you like curry gave them last night gonna get anything to drop. If you political block the last. But she the good thing about him like he's gonna keep shooting into the same thing at Beverly Daniel Orton. Operating normally give a shooting that I had because big guy that I. Archer Africa but you are bought on them every kill him right away and you eat eat you can just tell people law I mean I know are gonna get you young period the road. He's got a good feel for the game act broad believe. At a bank Europe last night that. Who has anyplace you spent like getting into paddy milk. Pretty optimistic that the teens young talent. Ideas can we agreed to hold up the record day these Mason is paid employee of the Sacramento can. I. You know me I mean I've been a long time. The first ones that I like audit. There are returning but I don't think they're going to be eighteen this year but I think for one but it gave me they have some sort correction now neither all that and these young actors in the legitimate talent. But I actually OK there they're on in there and I think all of us would be here are but I. And opened enveloped. D.'s how can the kings hope to compete win the refs are obviously trying to figure out where Willie cars on in fifteen minutes. Or the last vote. But I'll let you know that that broke Whitley right. Huge year for you know the third year and yet they're released type in you know you want to be more than just kind of like rum runner I think that Portugal's market that there is that that QB and defend a couple position and to confront before he envision themselves being like that guy on the scene. It could have an aspiration but I don't look they're realistic. And you had. About a dollar pre game and actual amount you know in some really be and out but you know. Deuces sharing his first impressions of the kings last night RS yes would you agree another guy without really a lot to approve amongst the kings' young players is your body Malick I Richardson this year. You have a lot but I I don't know org that I'm trying to figure out where it fit because look at the shooting guard spot like okay. So they've got yielded bought out of this. You would think that Faulk and you were true it would ship it back or it will that the word again after that shooting guard. He's on call or. Yeah he I was gonna say skews even it to me he's almost got to force our hand is gonna go out. And make shots and get to the point out that OK we caddies and so when he goes one for five I mean innocence the first pre season game but he really can't afford that right now. No he can't and I think many people that students at it on when he found out that your the every year and they hear it straight into that player or a little well whatever but it does look bigger in a stronger. And I don't think you're envisioning playing more small orbit yet it'll open the small forward in training camp at times. Back could be an opening for him but you know they've got bands they spoke Garrett Temple regret jumping Jack. Europe I think you've got to make shots you gotta make impact when he gave the game. I Dave d.s Mason so do so last night. Jaeger starts all of his debts and they played a number of most or all of first quarter basically in the let the young guys play. Do you think how hard you think this is for Davey acre to kind of get used to the idea that really this is a young players season. And that what he did last night is probably not gonna be doing very often. I don't know I think out of your top bell pepper I I think you'd only you can spoil other older guys are a lot. I just he had scripting were like you like experience he wants the young guys Kruger you know you want to bring the young guys along slowly either don't want it just yet. Eight New. York team run with it. I think you've got to make these guys earn and kind of low played a little bit I think that's probably going to be one being keen to have it be frustrated with early on as Major Garrett. More Bennett. And young then you're in a dangerous thing Q where what do they are they get off to a related to its star quality. Its strict. And war actually Jaeger was a key role and now. Older guy at that point can you also in game. They do is what is it like for you and you you know you were you grew up here even watch in the kings since you've been watching sports at all what's it like to go to see the kings play and Vince Carter's plan form. It's weird. I mean it's crazy or what they are playing they put them but I like. It went. The spree that would argue that like about him to appear adamant today. But he's the nicest guy in the plant. And I don't try to respect the fact that he's still play. But these adjustments you made in the league has been pretty impressed because you know circle echoed would never durable where did you which. Now I'm Coby that they recorded by a game. Where bin had to adjust to being role players are about that that he started he accepted it or watching the best six man definitely. In league history and I'm into what they view on the dubious start my role. And implemented during that flight took it and our record or your gold don't want the plate can read so much money. Deborah half the way. Prefer that the key planner and I think he can really. Hope the young guy alive I think those younger and from the comic collections. And even want to warmup yesterday attic where the game. You dunking spill but how important it's important or critical. We have plus DC in this goes back to because about Yeager he says the kings because he thought he would play. I mean he's is not like she just wants to be immense you know I hear it on the bigger tell them hey you know there's obviously minutes here. I don't Alessio is on our plan yet. I think that's definitely I mean you look at the position you can get opportunity out of Egypt earlier about the balance you can order. Hopefully deuce Mason from the deuce and a podcast that you you've seen on TV issuance in a much sense I used to our TV. Yeah it. They're actually beating dying of Al Ali great idea I think you went on the front on this thanks rather we appreciate your time talk again soon. Our guys greater advantage. Mason there he goes and they've reduced Mason. I'm date they. I I it's think it's going to be finishing mix I agree with deuce I think Jaeger. Is I don't this doesn't come naturally see Yeager and it doesn't matter how much he understands intellectually. He doesn't want to be the guy who racks up the huge bevy of Els. Because assigned to play kids just not going to be easy for him.