DeShaun Watson makes opening statement. 8/10

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Thursday, August 10th

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This one game just one game just one game. Just one game. It was just one game can I just say yesterday's exhibition game. I was actually more excited I was about the whole thing game thank you Robert I that's what I wanted to hear. This was a game game not not replace the melted feel game. And this came a little bit closer to fulfilling your expectations for an NFL game in that. For actually for both teams for Houston for Carolina. You saw some glimpses of some regulars and look if you had any interest in for example Christian McCaffery. Well wasn't there all night but ban. Great moment that's why you watched pre season. When you don't matter. You're here in the there's a big party that says this says scam I'm told we can take for right here but. You'll see something like McCaffery yesterday and I think that's the guy I've been wondering about that's the guy I'll look. The 49ers tomorrow night in Kansas City. Right here audience in thirteen swan if you're not listening to what does your probably watching it. On month on the local or the regional broadcast is not too much national happens. This time year most of its regional. I'm and you'll be looking for the same things and you can't help it clears the quarterback I would I'm hoping calcium ions not kitten. When he says he would like his starters to play about a quarter am guessing it won't be a quarterback let's say as two possessions are two series. Something like two or three series or maybe two possessions. I'm totally I'm all I wanna see where I want to see whether Carlos Hyde. If he plays rises to the level of what I've been hearing about him in practice. And we'll talk to middle cough about this in a few minutes but you know on the defensive side. There's a lot to wonder about. It's amazing. How football gets its hooks in. Because you already made the decision to be invested in the regular season because you've already made that decision. Everything about these three particulates rolling games and thank you for calling an exhibition. They matter they matter in weird ways. The Shonn lots into the field last night in White Sulphur Springs West Virginia. Well actually that's where they are today to the pillows on Charlotte. Playing for the Houston Texas and essentially made his I issued a professional debut on call that. Panthers won the game who cares if Shawn Watson was fifteen of 25 for about 79. He carried the ball three times. One was for fifteen yards rushing touchdown. Bill O'Brien. Looking over the film because that's what head coaches do. Came back today and noted that Watson was correct. About the Texans offensive scheme. About half the time. Since that's what a pre season dies you crazy. Which bill O'Brien said is quote to be expected with a rookie. So all caveats aren't they all the caveats apply. You know at it and I would never try to argue otherwise. You know that it was second string defense and all that but to Sean Lawson. Looked pretty good in a lot of fun to watch. I think you had a good time you judge for yourself. Yeah I mean this this is. Professional foremost is the highest level. This course so I'm of course and we faster you do yeah smarter guys but that same town you know I'm doing the same thing they're doing much damage on epithets are Sosa and then it is still football these dirt road that operate in. Your job. I coach would you see. First came out there thought he did some good things in its. It's big jump in a big jump from college to the NFL and I thought he handled it pretty well probably couple things that we could have done different differently he could play a little bit better on certain plays but overall I thought he handled himself pretty low. For the first time out. He handled himself pretty well. Bill O'Brien against Spain the you know you have the you have a sober reflection might catch a bill O'Brien doesn't exactly go crazy in the first place so. Very rarely does he have to walk back to comment today bill O'Brien looks the film the video should census block to build on I mean there's a lot to correct. He knows that I'd say is about fifty feet deals from the schemes we run right or wrong dried up to 2% of the time. And that's to be sort of I think several poison demeanor. In the way sees the game's always been something that's pretty impressive to me I wouldn't be boring you with dish on lots and stuff except that I think Houston's good. And I may have used to be really good because the defense is so good. And who plays quarterback is gonna wind up being a bigger deal than you think that's a team that didn't necessarily make a big dance last year. Got playoff win but didn't make a big huge dent. Didn't really have a quarterback more more like a quarterback situation. That's what they're trying to resolve now. IA you know I think dish on lots and probably want to quarterbacking that team and when you look at the whole landscape of the AFC. You know him pretty hard pressed to name just Naimi the teams that are can get to contend with the patriots as are many the Steelers. Would be my argument simply because they're real good they don't have a lot of luck in its New England that they're pretty good team. I did chiefs I don't know maybe. The raiders I don't know maybe I'm not moan not knocking them I'd love to think they could. You'll see them actually in the regular season just policy at the coliseum. Because the good the raiders and patriots are playing in Mexico City became it was taken away from raiders fans. And relocated to Mexico City with Mark Davis insurer fine no problem all the Mexico City gonna tell you that that was pre Vegas vote. Dish on Watson. Could he take over the starting job already here's ESPN's Louis Riddick. As long if Tom savage winds up turning the ball over a lot in doing a lot of things that really got the entire brought cost Waller you'll see within that first multi feisty. But it's nonsense at a pretty strong game two minus the first couple plays none of eleven isn't bad you were first pre season games so. I think there but the temper their enthusiasm. I date they will for a couple reasons one is that they they have already been essentially placed on notice by Dioner Hopkins or their best receiver. That Tom chat savage is the quarterback the other Hopkins was incredibly specific last week. In saying. Tom savage is the number one quarterback. Period it's not it's not close in on Tony as you guys played for a million quarterbacks. He was making the point that because he's been in Houston he's played for everybody which is. If you go back the last three years alone he's probably right front played for nine or ten different quarterbacks or try to play with a and he loves the guy. And when I say big I mean Tom savage so part of the selling job will have to be whether Da'Sean wants a good step forward in. Persuade a veteran is one thing for coach to say hey not bad half right half wrong. It's something else entirely for leading receiver on teams say yes when right now. John Hopkins the same nose so.