Dave Flemming Interview, SF Giants broadcaster and ESPN MLB broadcaster 6/12/18

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, June 12th
Dave and the Guys talked about tonight's Braves vs. Mets game and the tribute. 

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A night's Mets braves game is a hand guarantee became money SPN and Dave Fleming is going to be do in the game four is outstanding giants play by play guy ESPN play by play guy and he's kind of get ready for the game. So we appreciate just how busy like Dave Fleming with a sank to make in time for us today Dave how are you doing. Bieber went a little over but I'm going to. Absolutely can you tell us about the Genesis of this broadcast to be honest none of us. Do was come until this morning we heard about it and it sounds like got terrific tribute to hang care and you're gonna have me in the Booth tell us about how this came to be and what do we can expect tonight. Yeah you know we did one last year Willie at all eyes and eight gave like two hours arbiter of all I. That. Arco prologue I got stories that goes sparked other people about it. And Diddy out into Willie and really well beat everybody yet yet like it is now about record ought to act so. We've looked at the schedule is you're decided we're gonna game in Atlanta. Got a great game and at what a better spot they've tried it yet though. We figured we dad mr. and added that even though he really doesn't view a lot of public and many more gut than that he's around all bark out. Very low. On the telecast that. We got all our prepared and I think a rep developer a guy who. Even with the great stature in the game ever goes up a home run record. Still is probably under appreciated. That about every year though that that are about. You outsider I am. Great. Yeah what a great draw for you and in congratulations and it's it sounds like a blast but I think you may have beat me to the punch. Is it possible Dave that Henry Aaron is actually under rated. I think it is because people and those associated with all brought record cook. 755. Home runs away from him nor had reached out. Yet more than 3770. It in his career he's the all time leader and run that an all time leader at. The all time leader well look you're on at all port 25. I had only one different years. I mean I think he is very somber you know very very shortly. Rated player in history and I think we can't all of our attention was focused Albright and record I I believe that it. Taken away from people appreciate him for Al that he was. All round as a great player and that's kind of part of the point of all we're doing tonight is to operate out of the home run but all the other who. Dave Fleming nice stuff to join us here on ESPN thirteen twenties get ready for the Hank Aaron tribute game on ESPN. Or let things I know I'll always remember about Hank Aaron Dave in addition to the fact that he hit the home runs and thirty hits. But also our remember how gracious he was. In dealing with Barry Bonds. Oh overtaking that record and you're very close to the situation obviously was an amazing how gracious tanker and was as Barry Bonds. Overtook him as the all time home run leader. Yeah acrid a lot of other people weren't being very gracious about it and that a guy who probably had reason or anybody. Have about bitterness about it that's not. And I'll never forget that. We're now on the home run at all but they upbeat in the first thing they came on the giant city domestic. And here Obama ordered them so congratulating bury that. That was really the first thing that happened up there you know the initial load is circle great great. Art and art art and guaranteeing bought. And I am you know that. Combine that with the way you handle your own or go home front. Wet. They got so ugly and so bad that the FBI had secured all where you're getting daily run against them have been unbelievable about. Hate mail from people who you're not one year break the record. That the FBI got off. And he never won every. The app you've got to Kirk. You know that. Well that who do. It was a great player on the field but it for them. And continues to be. This sort of be crippled Oakley wobbly we we wind went our aptly don't act right way to direct the re. Dave I promise I'm not very tricky yeah you'll have four innings hopefully maybe even more with Hank Aaron. Sitting next year is there one thing truly one thing you'd love to ask this man. And yet we have a lot of them yet here we have a great picture of when he was seventeen years old has earned seven standing on the platform up in Asia in Mobile, Alabama grew up. And he's got a little gate and headed off the plate where a group like a month. In the negro is the last wired that the current member. Chapter eight or history last player to make veteran pitcher out there they do it all. And I feel I could await it find out what seven years old on like Willie. Bob was great player and will it grew up playing against other professional ballplayers learn from Baghdad. And that was not a great baseball player. You know he knew a bit about the birdie what a great player and I will not ever eat. Beat Auburn so you. Would then we went within weeks showing up. In Indianapolis. Like that every yeah he was getting offers from basically the year is not like. Yeah I am certain dumbfounded by how that happened a guy who at 08 or whoever that we're. Literally wake up what people don't or aren't all out within a span of a you went from that like the streets of mobile would let it fall through the great offering. Indianapolis. Thousands of dollars which is thought that that was. It's hard to comprehend how it happened like so we got that photo and I can't wait to hear from them a book story about how he got started. I'm Dave Fleming weather sunny SP I'm thirteen to one if I'm not mistaken he was a second baseman. And moved to the outfield when Bobby Thomson who was with the Braves at that time. Broke his lady is is that true Dave that's got to remember that playing here in history that I remember. That is absolutely true Bobby stopped them about it after soccer throughout the world are out of our mind and it's and it's treated him Lugar. Great and it looked great trait at the audience the belly they are not yet rallied in other great pitchers are. Our deck the hours of leasing the Braves should never made that trade. But in a way it is a delayed earth and as the option got hurt and that. Definitely celebrated I think it was one lead in its first retreat dampened the idea what these European picnic at the start eager utterly. Bump and gets hurt in spring training and Hank as a job and did that eat out all right about that that it record kind of a cool connection to the giant. And Bobby Robson a great player diet history how he got his Ers spot perfectly. And another it's a little bit of a farther. Following connection I guess but Dusty Baker was on deck when I run was struck Debbie had a chance to talk to dusty about it Dick. We we have we have just beyond on visual. Now like light throughout our court at night. I'd be very close with any and call eight mail all the record all the great stuff that make it an event in young. Well here's the meat that program that would just be that the automatic maker. And a lot of I mean if it really did that ordered. All of the only nation but a lot of late that who. Helped him become is that professional self. What a mentor and got we got that bird or a very good. Mets and braves tonight tank here entry became money has and Dave Fleming with a call can't thank you that your time Dave thanks very much appreciate enjoy the game tonight will be watching. Art. Says Craig did I so much man and today sewer. It'll Dave Fleming so he gets he gets a great drawing in days been getting. More and more great assignments. From ESPN that this is a special one and I had kind of got to admit I kind of forgotten. About the Willie Mays game Patrick became essentially and how how well and win and went extremely well so it's cool that they're doing it. IA first to acknowledge when I saw it announced type out what strongly Henry aaron's nothing. He's 84 years old in there in in good health in good spirits he saw makes occasional. Notes he's not in the public got a time opens up because he's not capable right so thank goodness it's really just more. We're here it's a flannel it's on U 755. Home runs and he never in a single season never hit as many as fifty element in getting hit 755. It fortieth time it was a compiled are right back via. Yeah that's why might one of my favorite parts of his story 25. All star gate teams in 21 years USA times changed I apologize if you're giants fan you probably were expecting some to ask questions we do know that Dave. He really we didn't even no we gets talked him today so he was a little bit says schedules a little tight yes yes yes we will get him back. At a more relaxed a time when we can sit down talk by the giants they're very good story. Very interesting story in baseball team and so are the Braves for cry Allah yes they are this is a good time to be trying to sink yep. Yep and you meet you might wanna watch a game to see how many praise players you even really know he's that's a young team on top of everything else. You know Freddy Freeman why because it's taken Branagh tells votes away he whose name should not be spoken at its part. Then I guess he's not a bad player is no way he's beginning morals are votes for space and brand and belt it. Many adults will be back he's. He's apparently close to rejoining the giants he's in Arizona. He'll rejoin the giants this weekend and continue his rehab with a big glee club which isn't a great time to think that Brandon belt has hit eleven home runs this year. With. With an appendix that was about to malfunction that's more impressive than LeBron and his. Pretty much broken hand if you ask me to stand generally work that way but okay Betty was haven't browse of that thing from the get go. It's not a game many home runs he data view and having a ball Q and yeah by the US military enix was acting like Taylor file I gonna get to try to back is fine man in August branding got to take that out he knows it into.