Darren Oliver Interview 1/18/18

The Rise Guys
Thursday, January 18th

How did Darren Oliver make pitching look so easy for a long time?


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Very excited about the 48 team Sacramento sports hall of fame induction celebration. January 27 that thunder valley casino. You get your tickets now at Saks sports HUF dot com and among this year's inductees our next guest scratched according here's the majors unbelievable what you laughed his dad is at its. Twenty years in the majors with nine teams currently a special assistant with the Texas rangers'. Darren Oliver joining us Sonny has been thirteenth when he Howard today Daryn. Great book about a month he bent to them more who have not who doesn't it. If we can definitely. It and keep model as big congratulations on this on this latest honor pitching at the Major League level is obviously a more difficult than most of us will ever know. How did you make it look so easy for such a long time. There are other you know let the group and won't vote will go on and if you thought this would no secret formula I mean this you've got bit up in the what will be the book ball up on what their walls some people back on the bubble probably about a little bit too much about it. We couldn't stop the bombs stopped shortly. Darren you made an adjustment that a lot of pitchers are asked to make I mean those guys are starters in in a big portion of there. You know their road that gets them to the big leagues make you. Who as a starting pitcher. You had great success you then we're asked to convert to the bullpen and he did that mean that had to be part of your longevity was it was that adaptability. Well we'll talk more. All the actions were wrong. About it at all. All law is important work out but actually apparently are is that what fanatic and it will grant welcome. And who is for the kind of what Israel did you know didn't look out of them into the being. Stop on the wall and more fork out for the war with their markets in North America and look well at all. Up and their little political control. Darren Oliver nice stuff to join as one of the inductees this year Tony eighteen sacramental sports hall of fame. Story broke this afternoon Darren that Major League Baseball is now considering. Just gone ahead and implementing a 22 pitch clock and baseballs also looking at limiting the number of visits a catcher can make during a game. Arm what do you think I've I've more all school fan I'm not crazy about these changes is a guy who played the game do you think it's that time that we needed trite sound like that's. That they're prepared and opened the essential if arm and the thing about the color of our principles of good things while. Well other than what the that was different or opposite of that Britain will be such. I think that really helped create a better expect Martin are out of the things that I liked and you know it'll look at. But there's no doubt that what you saw. On Wallace is there a look at who they have been. And because commercial ones who brought them aboard war but I think that could be other things or could this mean it's the culpable for the. It Daryn what's your position on and on sort of the state of umpiring in as a pitcher you're acutely aware when the strike zone is for whatever reason out of whack. Do you think it's become more of a problem in the big leagues or were is it possible that we're just more aware of balls and strikes and now they look on replay then we were before. I mean are your regular public part of burdensome while command more. And applause slider in my view of Obama pop up bar with little left or so what other place to look at what did he do it. But we've got struck out convert it without the jobs. You choose to. Warm up our cause so soaker this gentleman took it out and then she says will begin to. It's important so that. Daryn how grateful are you that when you pitched baseball didn't have this super bouncy rabbit ball that just practically jumps over the fence on who don't. You pick the ball laden use a little bit and also are there have been far. Up there at all or developers that is all choked up on what you should look up by. World War II bit not a good weapon what was. When the final solution hit the ball. You know what I feel for almost unthinkable. Let that Carter are the property or her ball. Parks there. If the. So it's a challenge. For every pitcher now as an Emmy night I realize that most pitching staffs are trying to. Respond Daryn by blowing guys away but I mean I. If I repeats or I would almost finished. Because I don't want I know if he gets my fastball it's going four or fifty feet. You are in the laden does not mean you know to get into some look at all fault or a little awestruck. It's it's it's all there are. But the governor is doing this sort rejected those shots out or sell it. At this bat so well Albert went more wrong. I'm such a salute you don't want a little bit unfortunately you're sort of different mcdonalds. Also it doesn't work between now though. We'll get all book and so I have on the go it is. I'll ignore the law would talk about a lot. It's thought that it. It's assumed I didn't them argue that the article on. Our program that we have I got I got it. Google didn't believe me nonchalant it's all. If it hit and it gets it up with Darren Oliver again Daryn one of the inductees this year Sacramento sports hall of fame. Celebration is January 27 thunder valley it to take its its exports HOF dot com. Wanna ask you about a controversial potential hall of Famer but nothing about PDs. Was Edgar Martinez in in your view was he a hall of fame hitter. That book on it among that bet that there are our constitution. Like that it is not form of the Croatian Army and arguably the huge. We're getting in and while it didn't figure because of the group which is there any church or. That played on the or consume. I'm due to the public should finish it up and the content from the so RIQ why shouldn't should be what are the apology won't. We looked it up oh so popular a couple of which took it would. Go. There was some of the great hitters would it be a situation where maybe you're able to have some success one day was something and then the next time you face and they made an adjustment all of a sudden. And that worked last time and let guys all over. Yet there ready definitely hazards are accomplish. On the will be that certain people will go out with an open or he just did our people so with a tool. The person who do what they're on the ground could revert that should get a chance to get him out. But that was early. So would you vote should be available for the most book is definitely you know on wall to wall should. One of the things it so. Beautiful about a career like here's Tim in twenty years he spans. Actually changes in the way the game was played but also so many great hitters. Did you have a guy that you add and I'm talking about a premier hitter. That you nevertheless felt like I've got this guy was there a couple of guys who just couldn't it. The phones through it was cheaper. There come on their options at their military action or a product ever. You jumped. At him on the dark colored you know that kid if you look at the book that you guys. Remarkable laugh about it that's for internal politics of power should get yup yup. And I went around a while just walked. Let that get you communicate without it ever fortune times. All evil Google street. Hope it will law. Well. It's this is such a mystery is one of the parts of baseball that I think is the most confounding. You get into a place where you do certain things beautifully in yet for whatever reason a guy can see everything you thorough or. Maybe in the case king Griffey he just couldn't see what you're throwing. Although not yet with a glass of book they're all over the future Ali. You know it's gotten to where it wouldn't you know and resort. And so now. On number 000. And it's a site or some form known as the people out and could achieve what doesn't. Followed small. Small molecule. That. Musical production should there was the war. The president this or that. And I'm the part me upper appreciate you got to be very familiar with a couple of new giants how much you think McCutcheon and Longoria are gonna are gonna help the giants this year. Our. As. He double clutch hit. You know it just sounded a little database. He signed with it and then you. A into the great but not. Fortunately it was sort. Of things in the wouldn't cut it out in this particular are so. When Johnson just went quote that I'll. No doubt about it either until. I'll let the student at all sugar. What a popular little portable. If they do when she spoke with Aetna with. Well aware that it's sort of form at the age. Would Darren your your pride get in a very different view now working. You know alongside Jon Daniels in the rangers' front office. Teams like the Rangers to have to make really really difficult decisions every off season don't they about. Where to spend the money that also about how seriously they think they can contend. Our are you. Among those that console. On the wrong. Include large capabilities such a strong pitch to justice. Which is so. And get it up on what rob us you know you know what I call that the or conditional on Waldman ought to within. Which have been out there what that. Without in what's going on that. This is the prolonged war could not of course as much work that you couldn't. What are a colored people are being from the trip go. Check it out there a couple of that's what this forces. What have been at the blast so we won't it won't. That's normal are all people to that it won't surprise you or one. You know. How how old were you when your first able to get your dad out consistently. Won't. Bother you pump that you either totally I would say that's a local people that I. Lou not that I I if you got him out when you're twelve I guarantee here that are residents there are a report. Darren Oliver when the inductees to what he eighteenth sacrament of sports hall of fame class thunder valley on the 27 Darren thank you congratulations again I think there's so much your times are we appreciate it. All we all thank you that. That's an easy thing I ask Michael Thompson about clay won yet oh Rihanna. Absolutely it. A little tough to get Bob Bolivar on it. Donna I ate it got me out is twelve has no chance no notes it's a dead designating that even as an app.