Cowboys take another loss. 12/6/17

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, December 6th

Who can clintch a playoff birth?


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I actually think this is kinda unfair and mark Weiler is from when they came up with kids. We've Tucker we were discussing how to we discussed this particular story parents as well another loss for the cowboys I think that's. Piling on and I'm I'm sure they'd be cowboys. You know ultimately Jerry jones' is behind this Roger Goodell assigned a five year contract extension. To remain the commissioner of the National Football League house another loss for the cowboys lined up. And the monkey. I understand that the owner of the cowboys wasn't crazy about this whole idea. And really really I think deep down just. And if this'll probably extended. Isn't really at this point a very personal grudge with Roger you know. Over the handling and physique Elliott thing and I think rod and I think. Jerry Jones got a real taste the appeals process to do enjoy that too much. So he's not happy with a whole set up he doesn't want Goodell extended. So quickly for so much money he learned a much more thorough review certain. Forgetting the fact that he was among the owners who unanimously agreed to create a compensation committee whose job it was to do this. So if Hillary gets the more like Al Davis Terry becomes threat never gonna be what Al Davis was but. But he has considerable amount of power and he wants to use his power in any way that he sees fit when it suits his purposes. Certainly this was a setback for him because it was made clear to him only after really public ugly. You know sort of brawl was make clear to them you know have the Jews on this one. And we're gonna do this deal with the commission. According to Adams. After the new contract for Roger Goodell would be worth 200 million over the life of the contract about forty million annually. At tiff owner to prove all the bonuses and all the incentives. If there's incentives are met new deal runs through the 20/20 three season base salary the new deal single digit millions. Roughly 85% of the total potential compensation package according to ESPN that common. Is from bonuses which would be subject to ownership approval and a validation Roger wins it and we know if he's getting the health planning on it in the use of the jet I'm gonna presume that that's a yes it's got to a final contract. Health care for his him as Stanley for life. I'm which is probably worth more. The 200 million and dad and Kenya he wanted to protest so trinkets that tear them. Kill ultimately make his money if the leak continues to negotiate successfully with the TV networks if you really cut through all that the language. When you talk about bonuses and incentives it is it's heavily incentivized but it's really incentivized to the staff that he does the best. Which is negotiate with the networks for money. He's made his owners of fortune and that's why he gets paid. I mean I'd what he gets paid is ridiculous and it's outlandish. And it's insane but it's in line with how much money he makes for the owners which is also ridiculous and outlandish and insane. I given where he was around that time of the Ray Rice. Crisis or Italy I'm a little surprised to see him emerges a winner here. I am too but we've been do an awful lot talking today about plan b.'s. And it's trillion worth noting that the league didn't have one. Has so in other markets that still birdies and I've no thanks and a surrounding part of this was the league recognizing that. They would be really in a very uncertain world if they did not do a new deal with Cadel. And sometimes it's the deadly you do you know you did leak is by no means. Any better off today than it was yesterday they're still PR issues everywhere they are. Competitive issues this year which ensuring count exactly in there are you know than the bigger picture issues are now meanwhile you believe. Pardon me meanwhile Ryan she's here's been transferred from a Cincinnati hospital to a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center facility the team announced today for treatment and further testing. On the spinal injury he sustained in the win over the Bengals. And you know what their ranch users hospital request to Ben Roethlisberger is no beat their ray events okay here's big band. We'll of course because it's. It was a brother a teammate. You never like to see injuries after a football. Regardless whether discriminate or something. I would have derived. It's. Scary. Experienced it and then we just continue to pray for him is fairly big been asked how do you move forward from an injury like that you know we've the senate votes first drive it's very obviously. But we begin therefore that we know Russell Ryan wants and talking to Ryan that's what you want us over and go home prepare for the Baltimore Ravens. Micro won us do and is asking us. What's your course management. Council. I don't need to tell you what what we thought both on your business. Apparently there's a number of players that have talked to them and they're pretty optimistic but for the other players though the fact that they're not getting a lot of concrete updates on us condition makes them a little uneasy so barely there is still quite a bit of uncertainty here. But sounds like it obviously much better then than it could be. Given what it looked like what. First was injured yeah I still think all signs. Indicate and not trying to get too far tentative. What any of you know. Doctor would say I'm saying the signs point to really serious injury but really severe injury. And so at this point I think they're just happy that he was able to come to Pittsburgh. And to even be well enough. Or. You know able to be moved because that was not going to be an easy process so. Get him back to Pittsburgh where he can. Convalescent. At home essentially and it and in with their doctors. With their team positions nearby as a big deal where are you with the ravens now I know you've been down down down on the ravens but they're playing better there actually taken more shots or put up 44 last week yeah in their win yeah I'm. I mean I think they're clearly at this point they're a playoff team. They look like a playoff they play like a playoff team so whenever I thought about the start of the season doesn't apply anymore they're the defense is good enough and I think it was mostly year vet. To watch the offense do what it's doing now and I I don't an ice thickness or even thirty. But to be a mid twenties or high twenty point team even that at the start of the season look like a long way away well there and now. So there's ever reason for me to think I think picks to surge in for a tough game tough tough game and you know notwithstanding. Roethlisberger was. I duly you know slap down for saying why you know AFC north football but that's exactly what I expect this game to be. The Steelers can clinch the AFC north with a win the patriots can clinch the AFC east with a win. There are other ways those teams can clinch Jacksonville could clinch a playoff berth with a win and a Miami lost buffalo lost. Charger loss jet lost. The Eagles can clinch the NFC east with a win the vikings can clinch the NFC north with a win. The rams can clinch a playoff berth with a win and Carolina loss of land loss Green Bay lost straight west Alice laws. Saints. Went to playoff berth with a win and losses by Carolina Detroit. Or when there's a number of different scenarios there so we're at that point of the year era teams are getting very close to its own up. Positions in the playoffs. What if that means that the that the standings will now reflect teams that have been eliminated. Is what you made the point that they wouldn't. They went start showing teams are eliminated in the standings until they like all teams believe or not. I hear it is December 6 only fourteen have been eliminated Cleveland the 49ers and giants in the bears at. Everyone else mathematically. So you tell me there's chance we talked yes read about who's really in the hunt right and everybody is in non other than those four teams mathematically. But it remains shoot today as I sit and look at ESPN dot com's NFL standings that they have not placed any. Letters or check marks next in the names of their. Of the disqualified teams and I'm wondering. If they'll start doing that now that they can also acknowledged teams that are clinching. It is a real let's. You may display last originally comprising knocked it to do it they don't wanna draw attention to the failures and only when the only thing that you can show in the standings so far the teams that are out of it you don't do that they were talking to Ted Robinson today how excited you think he'll be. This may be the most excited. You'll I have ever been during one of our discussions because he's got some actually positive to talk about no kidding. Think how many games he's called where. There was it was time we've talked to pull out would start to think it was your fall tough sled not a liar all of us are having with your fault when you adjust to the clash that put them. It seemed like every tour. No he just. Is isn't a different world now and so now you go in and a game that otherwise would have very little meaning of a man. Tank watch. You know this weekend and then going to Houston. Is just east inherently interesting because grapple is gonna play and maybe that means the whole offense is better or different or. As as grow up blow week by week adds to his knowledge of the offense. May be even looks more sophisticated it knows and one raider. No but I know we've touched on a timer to today I am absolutely. Stunned that the chiefs are. Suspending Marcus Peters for this raider game and I think it speaks to something else going on their lack of discipline in this is a symptom when he threw the official's flag. I ended the seats and then walked off their must be more going on there that Andy Reid feels the need to kind of correct here before it gets any worse but that stunning to me that that defense is already getting shredded. It's gonna sit down their best defensive back the game. Against the raiders. Now I think back to the. To do that the raiders game win Marshawn Lynch essentially. Kind of escorted Marcus Peters down. And I wonder if maybe there's just a bigger story that we don't know about where the chiefs trying to lock some fine line with Marcus Peters is either trying get his tension or. Head off a bigger problem before it gets there. Although last weekend seemed like it was getting there. Anytime you eject yourself from the game something's going to Mississippi writes in amounting here in May not come on back again I'm not ready to. Songs can run out there without socks up. Yeah maybe that's it maybe you didn't assume is gonna be suspended there are detected maybe just felt like I'd say that I don't wanna play anymore don't know but Andy Reid made a pretty big decision on it. Considering the stakes. That's a reeling six and sixteen this trying to stay in the playoff. Chase against a greater team that. Suddenly start to think it might have a chance. They're sitting their best defensive back against the raiders yeah. Yet in a game that matters absolutely.