Coach Shanahan is sorry... 9/12/17

The Rise Guys
Tuesday, September 12th

He didn't get his timeout and is now sorry.


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Ever hold I heard the old expression I think it was a police on Tuesday canary in the coal mine did you feel like canary in the coal mine today I was called that. Really I was called pecuniary by certain. In here and we'll remain nameless. There canaries in the coal mines because that way if there was a ghastly that you can smell in the dictionary died then you Niro got to get out right yeah. We had a ghastly here are building. And after a while they're doing some work in the parking lot you know evacuate evacuate. And after about al-Qaeda jocks can go back in but nobody else. Nobody else to go back and there it's dangerous to your guy had he not essential personnel only hope we're denied those overs and and I wanna be careful in there about I mean they're so people apart across the street view a lady come on in the line it's okay yeah you on the air you are no I don't even want your car here you go over there bloody money. Usually they you know they they change your key years something or Elvis and you can't get your emails but that's a new and go on and carry out their buildings evacuated it you can go in I've been locked down assistant before but I'd never been welcomed like this is a little weird but you know it all worked out our mind share rob fired at the fan and we opened the dealer is gay got the gas Miller out of here pretty click. And then you know big Al brought cookies so it all worked out yet thank you big Al. They're phenomenal Al thank you seriously apparently word is some of those are for me but I have nothing to do this I mean I appreciated but that was you. Here in Ohio State guy and and mark rather from Oklahoma so. That's between you guys good for you not at all listening these are to be shared in fact be out running in no joke two plates of cookies. Which on any day other than ghastly day would have been the biggest news of the day et Al you got edged out by the guessing I'm sorry but the cookies are phenomenal. And I'm not kidding. Mike could you that I did in two was still warm. At all that's TLC. Them. This call any time from now on how I we'll take your call hopefully he lives close of the ways that are right at us or trying to. It's a warm drive you know that thanks beat out he passed right by the ghastly can honestly hand gas leak could bear arms it up on archer yeah. No prize went home but he Corsican you can. Drive home ball starts Karr an athlete yeah. Yet you to look he had a short walk. But it was it was a day for. It's a date for venting guys send us or didn't. Am today's event Tuesday mom well Kyle Shanahan was venting during the forty Nana game here is upset member I don't know if you use on a closely watched the game. He was upset because he was asking for a brief timeout. And official win gimmick timeout. And to rattle yeah. There was Hugo cruises that down judge. And Shanahan went nuts. Because there's four national call for delay even though Shanahan was screened they're down 23 to nothing in the time the fourth and one time out time out time out time out no Hugo crews. And here. Shanahan was going nuts and that was a bad look for a rookie head coach it was I mean. I'm. Gonna meet him bother me as miss I thought it would. Seriously I thought all you know lights tomorrow and you you look out of control. I collect. When it was all said and done really yeah he was like I understand I'm not that light I'm coaching life coaching to the finish yeah a tree so that is basic isn't time now. You have to see they had coach is screaming for a time out. Let's not suggest. That big lead the official wasn't able to hear they head coach in empty Levi stadium. I mean I give the timeout did you know that in 2012 when he was the Redskins lose the fear him find 25000 dollars for verbal abuse of an official who. Passionate me anyway yesterday when he met with the media Palestinians said guys I'm sorry. And it's present so could have made a mistake before and but who's here and apologizing to you now he's trying to do asbestos like I am not just frustrating that I wanted to time mountain. I Elvis lulls because three times and he's distant area post now before it it's not his fault his focus on the game 21 hope he has no hard feelings towards. Moon. Did you head handed team any team in the timeout called it's easy to see how a guy make in his head coaching debut is frustrated beyond all measure. Probably overreached they Justin Martin. It's all right fine chargers squandered some precious time last night but it looked like that and more to do with the noise there in Denver and a coach wanted to do one thing. And the players weren't get the message and so they've they've lost about fifteen seconds all right I'll be tried before they got the timeout called yeah they do and debt that to me was. You know. Philip Rivers I expected just take command of that situation he seemed to be looking at the sideline for a direction. And it's surprising a little bit because he's the guy who is Philip Rivers called a timeout just call you know you have one. I'm surprising just colleague you can always explain to your thoughts later why couldn't find you or whatever. Sometimes you know you have to save time well I think Anthony Lynn was talent go go go through and maybe Philip Rivers got that and it was a matter of Ocampo and with the coach says here but they had not ever I don't know anyway. He did look I want a lawsuit on overtime but he takes good as the chargers are gonna lose in overtime he seriously did look like. I'm the head coach one of them to play on and Philip Rivers seemed to be. At least of his body language you seem to be seen and you share. You know maybe we needed time to talk about or doing them. And that's that that was two teams playing for a first year coach. It's interesting dynamic going on out there first time that two African American head coaches went head to head. In their first games in NFL history is that a thing. I. Guess so I mean I don't mean to ignore it just I have to. I realize the NFL's track record is. Incredibly spotty. So mean to endorse him but I didn't think much about it I just I just to head coaches I've known they've been the head coach for a long time yeah I'm with the yen down I edit that all right kind of aside you know amen I hope that's a compliment that I just thought of it's the others of the tunic coaches I know those guys chargers had literally appears Anthony went chargers head coach's box and another. Narrow defeat. For the bull. Slow workload proportion when it went into that game and now we we came up short rest a little bit. You know they're meant a lot of room reserving. There's been never stop fighting them photos yes there will always to be in Grossman reduce the number that process. The Monday night man of the night though he you know there were two games Marc says he wants to games every Monday at a terrible idea but say come at it. Where he was phenomenal and we're what is going on where does that come from Sam Bradford even ninth for 219 and a touchdown. That's on passes thrown fifteen or more yards downfield. Eight downfield completions tied for the most of the game in his career. And they haven't we the most fell vikings QB since Brett Favre had each such completions. In 2009. Then. Rappers 32 pass attempts averaged seven point four air yards up from a six point two carrier who was that I'll last night. He's the guy came into the league and I'm before the rams in a sort of beat the pretty out of them. 27 a 32 for 346 and three touchdowns and a Wii you never seen that December though he's never had a night. He's ever had a night like that but he's had many games where you saw what he can do. And he really just story isn't that uncommon he's never stay healthy long enough for people of form a complete judgment in when he. You know when he got to the vikings last year was literally a Labor Day trades so whenever he did last your from Minnesota in my opinion was a bonus you know I think perhaps the most impressive thing you did last night the numbers gaudy eye popping but he took some shots he did. He did when he's always done that's one of the reasons he can't stay healthy. He's played beyond some deadlines and he stands in the pocket he Oklahoma tough is that what you would have us believe he when he's Oklahoma tough but that's always Smart I mean. Sam Bradford probably is his own worst enemy is still stand in there and I'm. And waits to the last minute to try and deliver that bad pass. And last night it paid off a million you know in a million different ways was really nice throws but he also takes the hit. He takes a hit. Way too often and in a way to.