Charles Mann interview 1/17/18

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, January 17th

The Rise Guys talk with Sacramento Sports Hall of Fame 2018 Inductee Charles Mann


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Well the segment a sports hall of fame class of 28 teams going to be inducted. January 27 at thunder valley get two tickets now sacked sports HUF dot com this year's class includes Bob Porsche can't force mr. baseball. Darnell Hellman Darren Oliver and our next guest three time Super Bowl champ. Four time Pro Bowl defensive linemen from the Redskins and 49ers by way of valley hi Charles Mann where this howry today Charles. I'm good hey are you doing. Good guys or girls thank you so much for your time I I don't know if you saw I hate to start the interview this way did you see the edit their liking did you see the vikings saints game you see the into the game. Can I ask I'm just curious you you played in so many big games out what comes to my Q what was the toughest loss for you was an NFL player. Why we got the greatest weight and health care sir you know play Eli. Well we don't we replayed again aimed at lap time that Minnesota Vikings in the NFC championship game they played in our case stadium. Against the rip you. And dairy milk then. What the running back who. They're the path prone to him they are wrong about the two yard line yard line. Trying to go in the score they scored they win. And they're edit seconds left the last play of the game. I get a I didn't get a very good perhaps urged. Because the area. The quarterback threw the ball on a three step drop. But he threw it to running back coming out of the backfield bureau green. Bill. And try to deflect the ball it look like he touched did he did not. Darren know and just missed the ball we win the game Joseph Gibbs on his knees look like he's free he closed. And you know about the burglary waiting for a we went on to the bold played the both mobile and we were the third team to beat the bookmobile in a row. In the Super Bowl so. That's what I remember that's what made me think about. Minnesota and I'm happy for them I'm happy that they want a big game at the end. Because fur ball I don't wanna be any you know beat each. Seem to fear and read and heard. A Charles may Wear this again Charles Mann going to be inducted into the Sacramento sports hall of fame. That's to me January 27 at thunder valley Charles you've had so many viewers are so many great moments but I must say this is personal. One of the most fun things I ever got to do is a writer was cover that Super Bowl in San Diego. In which you guys played the Broncos. Denver took the early lead. Doug Williams went crazy it was one of the most spectacular. I its second quarters I guess you would say. Then I've ever seen I wonder what your memories are of that game it's weird that we're talking about a place where the NFL currently doesn't even exist in San Diego. Yeah yeah you know what I heard ever nag game and that if you'll remember that though. When you play in the Super Bowl you'd do to Spain. And the team you have two weeks to prepare. So you don't change what got you to the Super Bowl but Q make a little tweak little nuances. So we were practicing all week long you know we did gamble Rocco we're gonna do a quarterback. Rolled back. Now they do not new quarterback broke back in not all a bit regular season. But if you go all the way back to late preceding game. In the event year. They did eight quarterback grow back the minute John Elway got it to the shotgun quote that's what the day were the shotgun went around but it weapon every day every map with the shotgun. So typically when John Elway got in shotgun of the past but in this case. Our coaches believe the very first time he got shot gone and we were going to be alerted. So look for the quarterback broke back Hewitt and the ball low speed fool. Number thirty and then he run like you run and a forty and then Elway would take off for past. So he practiced that all week long it would go on Dexter Manley side so my job in the game was number one. The minute they got a shot on alert Dexter to look out for the quarterback grow back. So were where were already down seven had not been and and world are you old. And all that big bone they get in the quarterback they get in the shotgun I'd look corporate directorate yelled at elm. Look out for the pro back in the actor you know what in the market. Tool in the box anyway. So you hear me that OK okay okay I got so we just got an hour span the ball is snapped. Sure enough the hand the ball that speed school run this week. But he rubbed it the opposite ways. You run it towards. Dirt I mean I always be released on my side. Well. And so we practiced that way but I know but I but I read my keys. Portrait that that tackle the old crumpled to get a field looking for a reverse I get a field look Bert Bert beltway and I'd rush order. And he can he take it off or bat but we brush ordered them not look at that and that okay over third. Oh no there's still no old god. Eyed turtle and I think we're ready for perhaps. I can't joke would gnome app street catch the ball it felt like motion. And Ed and I we tackled more in the bark but 67 yard line we hold bill they kick a field goal in the method it and we all it would happen after that record. 42 and into what went. That's what I remember about that Super Bowl if I got hurt by L. Charles man with a three time Super Bowl champion going to be inducted into the Sacramento sports hall of fame. On January 27. How much harder do you think it is to play defense today. Given all the newer rules designed to protect players and promote offense and we understand player safety is Paramount but you know the rules are they are designed now to promote more scoring. Is it frustrating a task view as a as a former great defensive player to watch the way the game is changed. Well I feel like I'm I'm somewhat you know bet smitten content the you know. Non non context. Word. And the quarterbacks make all the mighty. Don't get touch. Yeah yeah I mean I'm would be undertook. I would be I would have C a a mark on me I would be notorious. For hidden quarterback late. In my era I had the quarterback Leahy because. Look at I got that close to him I let him know on the air and I'm gonna touch. And so what you rule now I guarantee you at least every other game I have a fifty yard. Penalty on the you hit a quarterback I'd just won it because. It's so hard to get back there to get to all of what you get their wanna come an out and vote yeah that is it is tough to watch that now. The way the rule for but I agree with the role that issue I have what that make the modern day game. Is not I don't have an issue witted I've art but it did stop my Ripken from being as effective as they could be they don't hit. During the preceding the and they don't hit Drury training camp. They don't hit so when they get out there are gains are starting to hit for the relief first time. And they're not very good I think bill I think Belichick. And that in the New England Patriots have all of the other team get after it and and in training camp on excrement the other team. Joseph flight. We're not quite in my era. We we worked out all all season long and we lifted weights twice a week during the football beat them. Therefore about it how we got to November December. We were still strong were other teams. Their bodies started to atrophy because they want working now. I think we were hit it occur Beck then. And I think Belichick and Tom Brady here at the curb now because they they've practiced differently than the rest of the team practiced. That's like us Charles we lift weights before and after every show so where's her card check out. What we got to be ready let me get a stay strong late Charles you understand. I'm really curious about this an awful lot of breeze sacrament has become an area. Very identifiable for a lot of football talent and I'm just curious. You've you've had such a big success how far away did all of that scene when you were playing in high school football Valium on. Wolf fur ball Ali played one year high school football so played in the ninth grade JPEG to a broader junior high. And and I went on to chew Oregon State Beavers. They have a week. Alone can't put all camp it's like got on their own mirror. Charter did look out for the idea and and slash defensive back. And then when I. Vote then when I. Didn't play ball for the next two years my tenth and eleventh grade. You know they'd probably wonder what we're going all one. And then I've finally bit Cogent got into play in my senior year at such a great senior year. Why aren't that bad label law me that I may be you know. I have potential you know in the PG word we're going meet old. It kept a lot of schools from look at me I was too scared to go to the pact he entered the big the other pac ten. I went to Reno Nevada because I was confirmed. There wasn't mature enough I would I'd grown into my body yet when I met kite who what was 65. A 195. Pounds yeah wondered if you're PE Matt yeah and it when I left college I was 66 our grew an inch. And I gained about twenty panel of about 235. When I left ink into the NFL. And I played in the NFL forty pounds heavier 75. I got bigger and stronger of the late bloomer. And but probably put you wonder Michael football but how that valley all I think about is getting a scholarship to go. Plate somewhere in in college. And and so might Turks and I an accurate Revver which school might perk went through but we both got out or should go to Reno. He opened nose tackle and how good defensive tackle. And slash linebacker and you know as my rookie year in every no I didn't play I played special teams. But then I started by all more junior and senior year and worked my senior year at fourteen and halfback make Kodak all American. And you know what were inflated to go and hit the ground by the 49ers. And the Redskins. Bobby peppered bumped up we got in the third round and you know him and me. Meet which I'm happy that you're not privy to what the Ford Carter but Ripken got they got in without the right way anyway you. You know and played in four Super Bowl so I am happy about that. You have yet to get your tickets exports HUF dot com. Second a sports hall of fame class of 2018 to be inducted January 27 thunder valley. Charles Mann among those to be inducted Charles thank you so much through time they regulate are on the honor sir. I appreciate it guys they don't these major you'd say audit me on Saturday night before the event there are Delcarmen. Absolutely look forward to seeing you. Oregon thank you Charles thank you take care.