Celtics hope to join a very elite club tonight 5/23/18

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Wednesday, May 23rd
Can they get a 10th straight home win?

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But I may just real quickly here one more thought on the river Foster charges dismissed what an incredible. Beat down. For the prosecution for the DA's office question mean there are lots of cases they get to trial where the evidences you know circumstantial at best. But in this case for the judges say you don't even have enough evidence for the same to go to trial yeah. Old man yes and again it it is. I am it was noted by. Of the call the police reporters. Not didn't you know we are football guys have been tweeting out the ribbon Foster step but the people recover in the case from the legal side said wow. The language is harsh wow the languages I heard that repeatedly saying no evidence no evidence no evidence so wasn't just to dismissal. It was about as close as you can come to a dismissed with prejudice man so yeah it was a it. A resoundingly bad day for the DA's office in Santa Clair I mean I guess so bad night for the Al warriors last night. There are sixteen game home playoff win streak. Well. It. Cat's face the Celtics with their series static to course. Series says shifting back to Boston Celtics are nine note this post season. And it tenth straight home win would tie the longest single season streak in NBA playoff history that's single season streak. So these have not lost a home game. With the series tied 22 since the 20051. Round against the pacers they lost that series of courses I'm sure you remember let's look at. Teams that won ten straight at home during a particular. Post season 97 jazz the day when the title they did not. The 96 bulls today when the title yes yesterday denying the pistons tenth straight home wins. Did they win the championship yes they did 1987 hole lakers today when the Javed chip. Is not affected debt. The 86 Celtics made another good team. They of course when the team to chip and that 77. Portland tree you'll bleed I know they did with me Bill Walton and Maurice Lucas and gave toward sick. Towards his host's body can't yes that they are excellent championship. So what do 3456 teams have won ten straight in a particular. Post season. And five of those teams have gone on to win the championship. And the Celtics tonight hoping to be the seventh team. Day. They have. A great moment ahead of them they've got it's as Brad Stevens said it's a best of three just is is now on the washing cars but he says it's best of three. You've got two games at home you've played. All things considered. You've played really poorly on the road. But by EU as a Celtics. You've been collude to great. It almost every home game play not just winning. But winning decisively. Moon they are as close as they'll be because they don't have Tyree to full strength. And there remaining question is does Cleveland have any other plan Cleveland played its hand right. It's in the last two games was to effectively corral Horford it's a really good plan. It's about the best they can do. As you would sakes and your writer Robert Louis Stevenson would love the these playoffs because of course he wrote to. Jekyll and Hyde and these two I I don't remember any post season in any sport in history. Where teams looks so different from one game to the next yeah and you have T two teams appearing to reverse roles. Repeatedly from one game to the next yeah and a team like the war's last night like I was a warriors. It's I don't really close in on it's it's on usual. At least in the Eastern Conference you've you've seen a little bit of a pattern in the tone teams looking good and clean and figure out how to win two straight at home. Boston. There's like Boston didn't collapse and he put boxing got pretty roundly outplayed twice in Cleveland. The home team in that series has been just dominant. I mean truly truly impressive. The only thing I can say about game four from the Celtics perspective is that they had a lot go wrong and still were a single digit fourth quarter. That was single digit game in the fourth quarter and that they probably take home with them so the Celtics as we know our unbeaten at home this post season the cavaliers. Our three and four on the road three point shooting been a cause for concern you know three and four is not horrible on the road in the post season although. I mean you can get by with reinforce your take care of business at home. In road games this postseason cavaliers making. A third 33% of their threes including 25% in the first two games of this series and yeah that probably won't get it done. So the cavaliers can hang in tonight. I said yesterday having LeBron have to be as LeBron yes but even with that. And they know Kevin Love is planner it really does come down to guys like George Hill. JR Smith JR Smith yes someone. Ku hasn't give me on George shall have a couple piecing games in the series and you'll need another one last two games he's played very well yeah and and teach keep. The Selz honest Al on the perimeters can be a big big deal otherwise she collapsed down LeBron. If he wants to take a three he can make it but it's still prefer that to him to shredding it inside so the the warriors and rockets resuming tomorrow night. Yes great state of Texas stepped Currie after that loss last night was asked how much the wars were affected by eager dollars absence. Mitch as a lawyer that we. Jerseys borrow we do indeed O system has the versatility in new trying to fill their response to the course of the game and you know you love to have him out there are good. Some long serious anyone else think it would do really and make an entire when he's out there. South list that happens again good. You look at how they gave him win we're digging pretty good shape for 44 minutes. But the chances to two wins they really control of the series that didn't happen. We are frightened to really understand this is a true playoff type experience and I'm going to be easy. He disagreed saying he's and so. We. We're afford them. The most interesting part of that they're obviously there's a lot of things lot of bases ES to touch. I gotta give props to you dollar but I can't use as as an excuse also. You know he may not be able play the rest of series I can't say we can't win without them. But most interesting there is you step cursing you know we got to realize this is a series. Don't like the warriors are out and our Tom believe in that. They haven't so it's our time yeah I I think I I know. Doubt that seize upon today. Just because it was awkward wording and I and I. I have any doubt that they know they're in a 50 yeah but I think they did that before. I just think that this was more they didn't expect to lose at home. I think that they knew they know the rockets very well might and during the season respect him tremendously know how dangerous they can be. With that said they did not expect to lose at home and even in the fourth quarter last night they did not expect a losing game Marc spears from the undefeated says that we're going seven games. I just think this is a long heavyweight fight. Addicted to go seven from the beginning and I expected to but. I also think when the warriors watches film there will be a lot of things that they'll kick themselves about. Focus has been something that has been a troublesome for them the entire season you you scored twelve over the prior should have been up 2.5 oh. You have the big run in the third and then don't sustain it yes there was fatigue but I think when the wars look at the film there will be a lot of stuff they'll be mad at. Well look this is going to be our fight Chris Paul said he didn't think where was played that mattered agree with that. But you know. Don't don't expect Vista to an instance I think it's gonna end in seven and is immense protect do. Images of great numbers earlier I'm only. But only fourteen assists which of them is it. Suggests there's a real problem sixteen turnovers. I'm all add one from money pool it is an NBC sports Bay Area. The lawyers had only eight fast break points and that doesn't happen. That's when you know that you're just a mob related because they were coming down and instead of trying to finish break they would set up for a we'll isolate play we've seen a lot of teams in these these playoffs and they've struggled to get out in transition typically it's because the other team shoots well. So you know the opening Afghan Tirana for taking the ball out of the bottom of basket but Houston shot I think 39 point three they have a lot of misses us and we're still. Still can take advantage of that get out transition absolutely not and that's not an Iguodala thing. So that that's surprises me because that's not about having Iguodala on the floor necessarily I know you made the same point that Marc spears made there. Earlier today you said you know the worst gonna look at this lot of things they can clean up. But some of the things that they need to clean up their demon things that they event our time clean enough for three years yeah I'm it's inching their heart pointed out you know focus. If concentration that's accident issue for them all season big test thirteen twenty.