Can the Yankees get it back? 10/16/17

The Rise Guys
Monday, October 16th

What do they need to do?


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You bet I will. This premise Adams after just seconds ago on Twitter Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Says Green Bay one at a third quarterback to the roster but he bristled at the idea that team would have interest in Holland happen. Mark I. I've I grant you that we're aware we're not in week one or weeks zero. We're in week seven of the NFL season well week six I guess technically includes tonight. Titans colts but seventh week of the season for. Most teams in the Packers are not necessarily nation taken a veteran quarterback off the streets trying to learn them. The the office so. Brett Conley becomes they're starting quarterback bear practice squad or third quarterback. Elevated from a practice squad is a former. Angry mail add somebody. The raiders have made a move today as well that names a little bit closer to home. A little bit more recognizable. Willits moved the needle I'm really really don't know but first. Before 913 Tony. It's maybe talk some baseball Bob Bob I do and. Get good crowds are you doing today in thanks Ali. Then I'm the first time caller on the field but nervous here but. I just have to tell ya that observation that you made about the base runner last night I met plate yes it is it is spot on because. I mean I jumped out amateur was was young that the TV when Joseph Maddon was going on in this press conference and never brought up the fact. That the bank owners have changed political and home plate because of the rule. Right there's no lesson yet he saw Culbertson slide he's way outside you know. Basically on on the batter's box side trying to hold his draping it across the bag. The and that's what they do now because state. They're they're trying to help or contact also could look at call that a state income before they get the ball there. Exactly yeah. I really feel like in Bob I really felt like Joseph Maddon was kind of just railing against the rule. Exactly other and that's what my point where he has very obscenities all school is very upset about. You know the old school will change a lot of people are and I have and it it was a great play but it wouldn't happen he got the ball bit. And if the intellect not very safe. And if he would if he could run into their catcher he would have been. Exactly agrees it's only about I mean I just hope that it it's it's more fun to get emotional about it because it's an emotional sport I totally get that. Bite you you've got to know if he could wind at all back and say OK the rules off Wilson contreras is decked. Well and I don't understand why people aren't talking about how little the runners at change how the coming home. Could they keep going on longer than everyone has opinion on it but they don't bring that article that started the great observation. Because that's exactly what I was they can let it. Thanks rob thank you appreciate all. Yeah it's a I cannot remember actually now that I think about it on the situation Bob Estes describing. I can't think. Of a time this season and iMac and if I might be missing one so bear with me. That there was that situation home plate where a guy barreled into catcher. And was called out because you can't do that. And and I think you would have to argue that that's evidence that the rule is doing what it's supposed. I'm catchers in return no. Look the flip side is I can't block the plate for no reason. If I throw takes me into a runner Soviet there will be collisions are on the basis too it's like you can eliminate that. Well you're trying to eliminate the willful. I'm lowering my shoulder to try to blow you out of your year. That's what the rule was put in place. Two. To deal with it's it's but that's kind of a round about way of saying they saw coming back. I thought the weekend baseball is fantastic I Norman told a baseball on so. You know bear with me come on the Astros Yankee series if you really liked baseball. I mean I agree robbed said phenomenal phenomenal. The pitching has been tremendous the defense has been tremendous. Key hits it exactly the right moments. You know beat the Yankees were on the verge getting shut out. In game one. And Greg bird came up and launch when it reminded people why he's even in the line. And then end it in the in game two becomes just another. Absolute. I was just a jam and and you know he and sever Reno was terrific for the yanks know us talking about it because Verlander was pitching for the Astros and he just pitched. Even by for later standards just an amazing game that was a jam yeah. I mean that was a double Jeremy no ones talk about Severino but Severino looks like the guy. The Yankees want it worse in and out there right leg and he rattled early in the playoffs but now he looks like the guy again he settled in. Yes he definitely did it. And so the Yankees now go into game three today was sabathia on the mound this is where Houston probably would try Morton's not a bad pitcher but this is where Houston probably. Sees its bullpen tested to a little bit greater extent they just had a guy go nine. In a playoff game. First of all there's almost no teams left that would even allow a starting pitcher to go nine innings. And Verlander did that wound up getting the complete game win because. Of Chris walk off don't so. Just a great weekend. And Dodgers cubs was very compelling. I am not necessarily thrilling if you're from around here would love to see the Dodgers go down. But I and I think the cubs are in real trouble. And I I think. That I liked the nationals Dodgers matchup a little bit better. Then the cubs the cubs are having a hard time matching up their offense is in a deep deep funk Jim and said this after the game last 900% right. Juries are thinkers they had a nine to eight game with the nationals everybody remembers that decided the playoff series take that game out. In the other six post season games that the dot that did the I cubs have played they've scored eleven runs. You can you can get down and dirty about. You know who's pitching where I make it funny John Lackey for be on the mound last night. And Wade Davis wasn't used because he'd been over used in the game that got them into the plane into the NLCS. But the truth is the cavs can't hear it in because they can't hit this series isn't as it is as it should be acting. So my hopes right now rest with. Income -- back in Chicago. Their bullpen getting fully rested. And you know getting in the day off I think helps them the time. Coming get a reset because they're off and still has been very dry kind of interesting this is the season you know launched baseballs and you know launch angles and exit below but there's been a lot of pitching. In the Elsie yes there's been a lot of its. Lot of great pitching. And it's it's kind of charming fizzled it old school to think they know what that may actually wind up deciding. Teams with the best staffs made one up winning kinda like dale wasted. Even after a little bit of an uncharacteristic season. I think the Yankees get right back into it today I'm partly because they have pitched so well. Partly because their bullpen looks. A every bit as good as as I hoped it would be. And partly because. I I don't know how profits to me you know really any more stagnant and then it has been. There's been some talk about air judge in the strike zone and I think without a doubt he's taking some some tough strike calls but the reality is. He's been in his own head. And I think he's probably a swing away I I think if you would look through the weekend in fact if even if you look at his it is and is made outs. Here are judged a little bit better this week a little bit better in almost every at bat I think he's got a chance come back. And have a very good middle of this series at Yankee Stadium. I think bird showed you why he's in the lineup so I really liked the idea that the Yankees get a couple runs sabathia makes stand out. Houston's tough planet pitched him. Nothing easy about it but I like sabathia is chances partly because he throws John I heating used to be that guy. And the Astros hit the fastball better than any team in baseball so what do you do throw and I. At least makes it double it there a guy his get a committee offs he then. You know drop that back door cutter into the things that sabathia does. The raiders real quick just to follow up the thought. Raiders did make a move today. I I'll just tell you sir I don't think this is gonna change anything. But I understand why they did the raiders are signing Navarro Bowman to its just a one year contract all it is is contract finishes out this season. If you look at the raiders linebacker corps. You're not conflicting there raiders for signing a moment they're still harm here but I don't know other band. I think Navarro Bowman wants healers the defense and he's such a Smart player won't take long. I think he'll be in the right place at the right time for the most part. I think that he will stop a running back. Through he'll get to a tackle before I guy has a chance to break free and secondary. That's not the same as shoring up your defense but it's one little thing that the raiders can do when they're really hurting at linebacker the question about that. So I think makes a certain amount of sense and for Navarro Bowman. He doesn't change addresses he doesn't change homes. He has a chance to play for a team that at least theoretically should be. I'm I I I even as they say should be contending. They're not but they might still. On the other hand is as our buddy John no cup points out. The thing that's a bit debt thing that you saw yesterday and you've seen in every game at the raiders can't stop that wheel route. Yet Navarro Bowman can't do that so you know this is a run stopper run and he's a tackler. Is not a pass cover guys not signing cover guy. I'm but they're they're they're doing this is the one thing that they can you right in front of them too at the very least get a veteran voice on the field on defense. He might even becoming eyes on up signals. And that's something that they can surely surely use. I think the raiders new and couple teams that have really underwhelming the falcons are underwhelming right now the patriots are blowing your doors off afford to monopoly your doors off. Excuse me but the raiders the most disappointing team in the NFL is just no question about it.