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Wednesday, September 12th
Drew Brees has high hopes for Baker Mayfield?

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Try the casino and a my look at that they were gonna point spread my look at that. We like the same grounds we like the saints. And we like the saints having. So you can get I think I've the last I checked it dead at the double K I think you can get eight and a half. If you want the browns are taking get maintenance is in the trip okay the cockamamie note that or not it's not been there are a lot of reasons why we painted over the one letter. Drew Brees has high hopes for baker may feel I think he can be a lot better than me. And that's what Drew Brees said today baker mayfield. Well known can't bode man he's got all the tools he's more athletic he probably can run around better he's got a stronger arm. I've followed his college career could have been more impressed with what he's able to accomplish especially last year really impressively plays a game I think he's a great competitors is Drew Brees. The baker mayfield who as far as we know him play against and it's starting and nothing ever Tyrod out okay. Out of the starting quarterback I mean I'm not pronounces. That and then. I I wonder how long the I don't think getting eating it happened last weekend in Cleveland was. Tyrod Taylor's fault but I wonder how long the browns will stay. In it with with Taylor. It's eat he won the John Q1 and can't even when people are trying to give it to baker makes was clearly a better quarterback more ready. To play in the NFL but I just wonder 1540 last week I'm not mistaken I actually failure we've gone back and shorter for years. But you know especially with Sam Arnold. Playing so well. Yeah Abbott seemed Arnold played you know before actually indoors I mean truck Taylor played in a terrible conditions SSI and your and Andrew I'm good point and I'm Macvicar mayfield stand that I just don't. I just wonder trust me it sounds like he just several gamecube broken play. Program got a workout somewhere lighting. I'm glad to hear that is his girlfriend was so upset when he got cut. To his parents yeah Rogen wrote backs gonna be a big star in them one of the new leads. I'm kidding about Ruben Rivera but I think curious to know where area. Rollback will back throwback. Wrote back yeah and he met with the bucks yesterday. Pity yet you know what happens though no I don't overstating SF what happens a lot and we usually find out after the fact it's tingle bring in some guy for a work out. Any find out later yet they brought in you know so and so linebacker for a work out. Now what do chances Sonny well he worked out with four other teams Tim I work out guys all the time. Yeah well Haley I mean based what we saw on hard knocks you actually thought he was not bad. Right you and say oh he can he can do a little bit right now I think in he's. So it's at the bucks work him out I'm sure on me hey you never know kind of a basis like wherever spot for you but. They can be looking a lot of teams do this they can be just be looking at their practice squad hey maybe he's better our third one they've responded Adam so that he learnt our system. Here's a question for you do you think that baker mayfield belongs in Drew Brees is six foot and under club. We call the six foot motor club Russa would agree said pardon me all the six foot guys kind of we kind of know what it's like we can have the chip on our shoulder because we've heard our whole life I just kind of chuckle at it. So someone passes mayfield a member of the club Drew Brees as well as six feet. And under. Mayfield is listed at 61 he was measured at six foot. And creates at the Senior Bowl. And six foot five it to come behind you're so caught six foot one half and Brees said aren't that counties he's in the club. Well I mean. And says so. Who might say but Drew Brees is more like hey they lifts me at six NM like 510. You know it's like to mean that dude. Six foot club is more a big guys who get listed at six and earned nowhere near six feet right I mean obviously if you're six foot if it's a six foot and a club. And your six foot five days you're not six foot and under. Era over six foot Drew Brees what ever. His he's lays a beard of the club remains I guess the little guys gives your alignment yet again meanwhile Russell Westbrook semi tough news today for Russell Westbrook and the thunder and thunder fans like mark Chrysler. How tough we don't know yet but Russell Westbrook is gonna need another surgery on his right knee it's been awhile since he's needed a procedure on that knee but this will be his fourth. Since injuring the knee in a collision with Patrick Beverley. Tony thirteen Russ and a with a torn meniscus. In the following. Let's see nine months after that he had three surgeries. And it's been for a half years since any surgery but he's got some soreness so he's gonna have a standard scope best preventive maintenance and he could get. Miss some games in the regular season which is not far off. Cents a mile to travel more like would. They're not it's. Because you never know that time in the timetables answered in the city will be reevaluated in four weeks what does that even mean so what happened was. He was of I'm a course he played pickup games in the summer we saw video of those guys play an all time it was in during individual work last week it rate for camp. That he started Disney was still. And because it's his strike me that's running everybody gets immediately concerned you Sony nine now hopefully yeah. So it's a tough time to go in for her. Whatever. Into college. In collar teams are team. You can call it preventive or proactive but there's no reason to go in there must have some wrong them so. You know and the scope is never insignificant. So to me really what you talk about is a month and Silva will see time. A Montreal puts them within four days in their first interviews to strictly by counter puts him in four days of opening on the road gets warriors sober sixteenth against the warrior comes right up. And their early schedule is. Lawyers on the sixteenth and which is a Tuesday I think dent in the week. I think Friday. There clippers and they go home to show us like kings kings hurts us be in Oklahoma City her will be. They're not gonna get the lakers on their first trip out here and where's clips and home throughout the Seattle Sonics they play and no that's right. That's the team with the heart out of Seattle never won a mistake. Well I mean it's just staggers franchise moved it happens all time in sports. Dumb owners and bad commissioners and I don't know I usually a comma before I'm not actually entirely sure what a carpetbagger is but I think it applies in this case from when I know that. Implied picked up from one place at catcher and put down and another. There. Suppose so anyway I Dennis carpet but right exactly but I'm. In. I take this very seriously and a minute I don't know that he won't I'm sure he'll be able play good. At 29. He signed his extension last year. And partly you know he did have three surgeries in nine months but that was four and a half years ago and he's played. Steadily one of the things that separates him and makes him so watchful as he plays it's almost reckless. He plays with almost reckless abandon right he just plays a lot harder than. 90% of NBA players do you. The 100%. Concern when he had three procedures in less than a year away as well that's that like we all know Westbrook he can only play one way. Well in fact he kept on playing one way so I mean he played 8081 and eighty his last three years while so it's not like he's. But before Beverly rectum he'd never missed a game his career so is very durable will he collided with a guy I don't know did not. Clay Beverly wrecked him I'm not sure Russell Westbrook was drew had already stopped. Hey I thought Westbrook tripped Beverly again. Kelly's tree he had already dribbled to the Oklahoma City sidelined because a timeout was being called in Beverly dived in at the last second like I'll show you that why don't quit playing. And collapse his knee. This is a terrible reckless stupid thing to do. And if he stood up let's books career a pox on as well that's yeah that would be unfortunate. That a kid. And cook it for a great guy rob. But I don't care these that was a stupid thing did it mean in a completely unnecessary things and by the way a lot of kings fans won't wanna hear this but Dirk Nowitzki says look at dungy it is incredible. An incredible talent. Incredible with the ball for a big guy unbelievable in the pick and roll but of course he's gonna say that is new teammate yeah Osasuna one could too much pressure on him. He's incredible is unbelievable. Keep Turk said I think he's gonna be a great player for us features bit earlier in the interview it's at. I'd wanna put too much bride to all of his suit on wanna put too much pressure on them. So he likes what he's seen earlier inching enter can relate to a guy coming over from a different country under dark about a hard that was for him when he came over there and battling by that was terrible Dirk Nowitzki and nothing like Dirk Nowitzki and insane things well thank you. We're not having an economic rights no I wouldn't even I don't know if it would register. Now. Guys get DS get thirteen Tony dobbs next. Many many reasons I don't have time to go down all the reasons now why should do that and here's here's one caught my eyes and think about the I've got to go get away from the great when there could be years. Gets you he has been thirteenth when he got an effort chance that a three day two night. Stay at the Carmel Valley ranch for 22 rounds of golf each Bridgestone tour be gulf gulf to go balls and a MacKenzie oh ahead nice. Contest inning on now the 30 September remember thirty days hath September April June and November color temp 31% temporary I remember. I think one of his 32 it now anyway golf to go get away great opportunity to get out play some great golf a great place Norton. Would just like always but colonel tranche guests thank you even play and I was you typically when your son's home or your sons are on your play a lot of golf even swing in the six parents when it's about it. But it swim play it is always is the bucket just the buckets it's cheaper ad for the club's cheaper way cheaper. The pocket yeah architecture there rhetoric there. Will stack of plastic was much shall you do the thing where you don't put the bucket underneath and you put these calling new thing in golf balls come out now. Really never okay can never have I done that and there's no video that says I did.