Can they still give the Heisman to Kreid's guy after that display? 11/20/17

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Monday, November 20th

Is it uncertain now?


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I don't know pride that you don't know and I don't actually have a vote but I'm not here. That they can get guys into your quarterback maker may feel. After his egregious display your. Relayed its egregious display. Over the weekend by the way not a lot of drama expected in this week's college football playoff rankings I think only one top ten team loss Oklahoma State and it was the only top ten team that. Yeah lost yet and end up top everybody had to. Had a cupcake week in so it was a constant struggled a little bit. But they wanna count and mean in date the date they won't convince anybody based on what they did last weekend but. Damning convinced anybody yet that they belong Malia now they went out Albion in I mean I think there's their case is pretty simple yeah keep winning. Baker mayfield will not start Saturday's game against West Virginia as a disciplinary action for his antics. At Kansas at all according to his coach Lincoln Riley today. He will not serve as a captain on Oklahoma's senior day I see is yet not slightly Lincoln Riley says this decision was typical. He became emotional during his weekly press conference unable to speak for several seconds. Old baker mayfield was able to speak for several seconds during the third quarter Lawrence. When he grabbed his crotch and appeared to yell at you at the jayhawks sideline yeah that's classic may I remind you sir. The Heisman memorial trophy is awarded annually to the most outstanding player in college football in the United States. Whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence. Wit integrity. Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence perseverance and hard work. Mayfield did apologize. To reporters over social media after the game I got caught up in a competitive game chippy game. What I did was unacceptable I apologize it's disrespectful. It's another example I want us that is not the legacy you leave though you. I truly apologize blah blah blah right Lincoln Riley so I'm proud as hell but he has coached this departure should contain all the great things he's accomplished here. On and off the field. I'm nuts are great things he's accomplished off the field. Get an embarrassment that that part. Aaron I can answer. I know why did what he did if anybody cares that it doesn't it it was just he's he's a dictator controls emotions. Because that is the Kansas players. At brief first all refused to shake you seen in the pregame. Coin flip and then and then at a defender put a targeting a targeted late hit on him. I'm in the second quarter I believe that what they Wear well who was weird to hurt somebody who darn focusing their trying to get into his head. Well I mean trying to get his head is one thing minute it was one of their quarterbacks are safe I'm not saying it's just a lot of nobody I mean he took him out with a late. Targeted hit that the officials didn't see him he and her college rules are not crazy about the target and what's stupid stupid. Brutally unenforceable rule. Or wrongly enforced but I kid did target in knock him out after a throw. And he was angry about that so he loses his cool because he's an immature can one bottom line he lost his cool because he doesn't have any cool. There's one NFL general manager. Speaking to sporting news did not disclose his name's I'm guessing you get your net interest in what he had to say now if he's not disclosing it just means he's gonna get her sniper right. Yes series comparing your voice to Johnny Unitas Johnny man Zell will come. The general manager speaking to sporting news did not disclose his name. Because the NFL prohibits GMs from publicly commenting on active college players you look at they hand motions the melding opposite. He's not done in itself but that failure a man's only NFL will make you caution in this there aren't as many red flags there. But mayfield is not shown what you want from a quarterback in the NFL some when you theoretically build your franchise around. Things like this past Saturday he had Skinner heard him come the draft and quote. I actually I'm I'm mostly kidding you but it is it's an embarrassment. Oh is embarrassing and focus on real time so I was embarrassed with school that are. And we should get is that the other but I am my hopes are not high considering hearing to pop for drunken disorderly. In the offseason and then had the Ohio State incidents. Wary kind of marred a great night by doing some just stupid like how you run out and claiming the flag yet peanuts actually stupid he is not. I guess it's in nature of release this kind of hit some really bad idea on Soledad ideas. I wish we get a staff together it was too late now so all I can hope is that he continues to play at a high level because I'm really ultimately invests in Oklahoma and not him and oh by the way. I don't think we're gonna head too far down the path of winning a Heisman based on classy behavior authorities say that I winning with intent on us saying hmm I'll be sure and send a shout out to Reggie Bush Cam Newton James Winston any the other guys down the path of history. Who won the Heisman trophies despite either being actively under investigation. Or actually being sued. I'm not sure we're gonna start with I mean not sure baker may feel grabbed his crotch. And saying something which take this beacon. It doesn't excuse a bit off on but I get Boudreau Farley is not from ESP NE yes you know stuff goes on every game. Make cameras caught them so his own hook for because that's every game I ever played. What do you think of the punishment that your your school's handing down. What now. I mean it's not punishment so we have to you do you just mean he's not starting the action the school to the disciplinary action. We fill in where the sea for captain in the final home game. Why don't we just got his as the Alberta hole in his soul he got a pretty broken up during the weekly press conference about this I I have no doubt in this is young it counts 34 years old. I have no doubt that he is being in through it with this guy lightly. And then he probably it's if he's emotional he's probably emotional because he's also exhausted on some level I'm sure there are people on the team and probably the coaching staff who applaud this like this is exactly the type of guy you want playing quarterback it would alike call you know it's he gets little off the field you don't wanna got to be immature right what you want that's. That's a form of leadership and it's not socially acceptable but. It is a form of leadership last year and this year both with two different head coaches. He's he is the attitude that they want it yeah so that the attitude is I don't care where we're playing we will beat you. I'll go into Columbus and beat you I do not care. I will be anywhere we meet you and he's just incredibly. Over the top about it and he has no sense of judgment. They won't give in to get drafted in Delaware went dead GM says that's a great tee is to ask but on draft day the guys are gonna say. Which is how well this is how they do in the pocket again when is rough comparison here just in terms of the attitude. Rough comparison I mean if you channel that and he learned stirring and in here there. You may have like a Philip Rivers type scenario exactly and it would I don't mean to get. Two part on the road comparing talent but if you're Simon attitude Brett Favre. Saints it's the same idea the same ideas if you hit me in knocked me into the ground I'll get up and pat you on the helmet. That sort of idea. You can channel that nothing like this. Would really got an element this is apt view what are what are. A flag in the middle of the field but it is it is like that it's it's like laughing defiance I really got something he missed only cave players during the game. Stick to basket then I mean you don't you you seriously. You seriously took your hand away for the pregame handshake stick to basketball. So OK he's class listen. But he's also we also proved this point on the field there at some point to Kansas is terrible I mean I don't know I mean you can't prove a point against Kansas their noted. I mean. You know he's got he is probably has better challenges ahead put it that way. I'm they said the one game left it's West Virginia where estrogen is starting quarterback horribly. I dislocated a finger this week in and won't be playing. And I don't advise you watch that video on balance and I believe catches have. A team down a key player that's happened to them in the late sees a lot the last couple years kind of that look like to me it's class a trap game as West Virginia is pretty good. You know you'd be thinking about the big twelve title any football news from your son's school University of California Los Angel just another weekend. Lost to USC our Saturday night fired a coach Sunday morning on us 56 birthday what does the coach's birthday and got fired again. They do that Jim Mora junior yeah yeah I mean. That's right up there would Lane Kiffin get fired by USC's got off the team plane come back from a road trip. Didn't the raiders fire Mike White on Christmas or maybe the day after Christmas yes they did occur yet they did now in Morris case I it's important to remember. You see I only mention this because chip Kelly's name is all over the place in connection with the UCL AM and Florida Johnson's chip Kelly's gonna factor in before this is all over. Let me talk to Mike real quick and ESPN thirteen twenty Mike are you. Guys had a good it's not like a get out firing it searches I'd call Friday. Sought out some observers as a cornerback. What a joke it. I don't know what what a Smart move. Yeah us up to capture and they would probably. Blew up that I deal with survivors as the first sap or I mean you see. If you switched back Tyrod Taylor means debate is is that I made summit to move him by head coaching. Victory in. And it'd basically it is double lineup is that true and what the club out in the locker would be like with these guys after they eat sort of bonehead move like. The Eckerd quite the first question he just got there about he's what he's saying is I don't know if you heard we played earlier. The coach is saying well I regret the results but I don't regret the decision and he still saying in this week to week here yeah it's going to be really difficult to start Peter the next week. Or what it would bat an outlet that basically I I thought earlier it's great now what a great thing I regret or might he felt quite. I or adore her wherever wherever I go into the wind so that direct. Exactly exactly something like that but he here's where it gets inching Mike is it's clear. If you just sort of Reading between lines it's clear that he's under some sort of a mandate trying to figure out next year. Mean otherwise there's no way to start a guy has never started in the NFL we all know the middle of the season in which he still have a winning record gives you gotta gotta be coming from ownership because it makes no sense from a coaching perspective. There are. Eric thanks in thank you.