Can a former 49ers star go home again? 3/22/18

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Thursday, March 22nd

What happens in Pro Day?


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Thank you said yesterday marked rather I'm not mistaken that you think people get a little carried away when it comes to pro days we'd just talk about how LeBron. Was raving about him to Arnold's pro day yes bank yes. You're not alone here's Ryan Clark. Former NFL player currently ESPN analyst. So many times you get these pro days. Where the guys perform so well they do like standing ovation. In different thing that I told an amazing it's it's it's any we hear about it there was not one ball that hit the ground have pro day. Most of cargo shouldn't right I mean it's script it is guys you've thrown through. You know throughout your career. So Ryan Clark makes a lot of sense there they had but then. Via undercuts everything he says by sand that the likes that quarterback from Oklahoma when you look at his games he protects the football. Bigger may feel even though he kinda has of the guys against other than Lamar Jackson. Kind of the more more improvising more creating time of his lace some of the the the roles that are untraditional but it protects the football is down ahead seeks interceptions and we look at. Some of these other guys he used to meet shows more leadership. I'm just kidding I guess Jessica yeah just an astute observer of the gang is up. I I brother is actually wearing his Oklahoma switcher today these these nine at citizens good luck on. Now these I just think that the pro days are their very show. But if you're in your shorts and a teacher. Throwing to guys who are your college receivers on your college field. My only question is why teams would bother other than if you want take dinner. Why he would bother going to have pro day when you've had. Multiples season's worth of watching a quarterback play games. I can't imagine there's much more to be learned now the University of San Diego had their pro day today that's where our bodies to coach. Andy didn't have a quarterback. To throw on their pro day so you see who threw at. Vigorous Prodi. Johnny football football. Boy whose greed I don't know if any balls hit the ground yet with that said his pretty awesome. But a he actually use his quarterback coach guys trying to sort of bring him all the way back. Was really noting he said he's always been you know made pretty good throws that were actually just trying to get him back to where. He can throw repetitions. In a part of it is this can you make 35 straight throws and I can make a couple of throws. But their wedding or for whatever it's worth and I don't know who else say USD teams were there to see. But there were about ten teams. Watching man's I'll throw yet SI dot com says there were twelve okay. And another patriots took him inside the building for an official weight then. I don't know why they needed to know that you had a 199 pounds and not a 195 but what of reason patriots wanted to mountain. To reviews that I've seen. There really neither here nor there from Bruce Feldman diamond self throwing it USDs pro day through 38 passes in the session this morning. Okay. They didn't say did he look rader looked good as he threw 38 passes I don't I don't think that's gonna get it done and yeah I don't know but I guess it's a step in the right direction open AAF sent some teams out you know that he Johnny football yen in the except now they have their priest outset there. We're at or get ahead or get ahead to next year going to be there. Then I just think that. It's interesting debt Johnny meant zealous a reclamation project. And cap predicts apparently you know throwing balls to nobody on some field with no team's ever talking to them I just think that's interesting that's. Great that you think baker mayfield is I mean not bigger demands Ellis the they guy you want to bring back to life but I am unclear as to why camper next not also getting the same kind of looks well. But you're not clear on it we're no I'm saying is if it's about football. If it's about football because in either case. A team would be and nobody signing man's Ella and a half but. EA team would be taking a different kind of risk but risk. I mean clearly NFL teams think cap critic is bad for business Eric Reid keep it out yet is he said today he was at his Brothers were count. His Brothers devious Sanford. I am and he said Eric Reid said today is aids has been in contact with a number of teams so maybe you'll get a job I hope so yes because is starting to look at little. A little too obvious. Yes speaking of former 49ers Frank Gore signing today with the Miami Dolphins Frank Gore has gone on Kenny go home again mark cried like. I suppose I mean I adult can complain with the colts last couple years it might have been times hard Talbott. I would imagine he's got a season left in the tank he's got his reasons for wanting to stay in the game. But he especially had reason to want to go to Miami would play during college he was a star star. For the EU but his son is a senior at Coral Gables highs of football player he's going to be able to sort of be. Back around family and friends. And at Miami I'm just imagining he doesn't need to be aired number one guy but the company's form you know the team his numbers and in the weighed down from what he did in San Francisco but all things considered. He rushed for 967. Yards there 1025. And then 961. Plastered aged 34. He caught let's see he can't with the colts. He caught 34 passes 38 passes and 29 passes with the colts if you pro rate that. And you Sumi was playing where a team and actual offensive line yes I think it ever has to be pretty good. It yards per carry were way down but how about terrible. The closest of all time with his fifth all time that the colts didn't have. Not only did then not have much of an offensive line there also wasn't any mystery about their offense. I mean everybody knew when the ball is gonna go to Franco worked as they didn't have a lot of credible threat to do much else on first down so you could see income and the dolphins are. You know I mean the dolphins are a pass first offense that's what they've spent a lot of offseason. Fine tuning and don't forget they traded JH IA during the season to the Eagles. So I think francoeur goes in it probably gets a real chance to get plenty of workload what do you think your number one all time is Emmitt Smith 18100355. Then Walter Payton 16726. Barry Sanders fifteen to 69. Curtis Martin's fourth at 1411 and then Frank Gore 141026. How high can he get. He's gonna be 35 in May. Certainly he's gonna pass you would think Curtis Martin. It'll leave him in the dust down seem get to sixteen. I mean there's a chance seeking did what's the third place yard Kerry Sanders is fifteen to 69 and francoeur right now is fourteen to zero to six he could get there Yang could not get there. Can imagine that he could wind up as a third leading rusher all time. But beat the reason I wasted about Dwight Howard being a compiler. Francoeur is on to pretty good teams to. I mean I know but for him to end up top three's gonna have to do some compiling here or no doubt why the yeah I mean the 49ers were done them. And didn't want to bring him back where he was stated San Francisco when he was never even contemplating retiring. And I think this is part of the reason why so he's spent some lonely years Indianapolis. Now at the time he didn't know it was gonna have a quarterback at the time we signed. But. I'm just guessing when you ask that question I'm just guessing that this is it. He signed a one year deal probably for a reason. I'm one of the reasons would be is the only offer he would get it was a one year in the Irish probably. He's got to play year while his kids a senior in high school and then he's gonna retire as the fourth leading rusher of all time. And if it's something crazy happens any gains what 12100. He can be the third leading rusher of all time OK I got a question where you cried in fact we will make this hour and not all of whom run these guys football. All the players who ever played for the 49ers frank Gore's a leading rusher. Right he's fifth all time. Who as gain more yards in their career of all the players who ever played for the Oakland Raiders. And you might think Dickerson Dickerson was an LA raider in 1992. And Marcus Allen was never an Oakland raider he was an LA greater. Of the Oakland raiders of anybody who ever played for the Oakland Raiders who finished with the most yardage. In their career yeah. And it's mark Kenny Egan. Actually the next morning John Lynch. Sorry this yeah 31 all time and I yeah okay. I was gonna go bars have probably that I decided not to 101003. Yards and candor beast mood different beast mode yet he still got a job right peace and Ricky Watters is in there too long with OJ talk Buckeyes have played for either though raiders or the 49ers Q.