Can Baseball do anything to make these post season games any shorter? 10/4/17

The Rise Guys
Wednesday, October 4th

Can you stay up long enough to watch baseball?


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Here's why I'm reluctant to follow you. Drives when you say hey bet the over if you're gonna bet resentment finance chair offices soul at a hearing on the patriots in bucks it's Thursday night game. Thursday's the great equalizer sometimes I know the rams and the 49ers put on a shoe. Sheer. I'm. Okay I mean the beat the patriots first there's not game was the first game of the season doesn't count and their home right I'd true but it was a high scoring affair. So one thing I know about the patriots is home or road day or night. Weeknight or weekend the patriots can give up points. Janus I think can direct couple scoring drives. Admittedly 55 as a lot. It's one of the higher might be highest over under on the board this week. But I kind of think that's a way to think about the game. Were you one of those people though is mocking. Jay Cutler. Because of the way he kind of failed to sell the wildcat he lined up outside as a receiver during the dolphins pathetic loss to the saints in the if everyone made fun I'm 'cause he and doing he stood there with his hands on his hips right yeah Willis coach yet in case says. That's actually what he is supposed to do quote yes as soon as he steps forward they can knock that I won't say it but they can hit him. If he steps backer doesn't move now you're looking at different kinds of penalties until you go through it where quarterback steps off the ball starts working downfield and you watch one of them get. Blasted so atom gay saying that's what we want him to DO yeah if it becomes up the line boom. OK if I mean oh up idolize. Yeah and and night and think I don't know if Cutler had a funny line about it but of course it was dead hand but he said basically. You know standard do nothing don't get her out of the Tillman deduce that there don't get hit don't touch anybody dumb move I feel like next you know one dead. But it did that bit at the very least. He's here. If the dolphins and in your objective is okay it's an unusual place let's make sure that he doesn't get arm's length. Will then do anything like you put it in motion. Armies have armor he still finalized scrimmage can't come back there and hit him he's running around back there. But do anything he at least he Adam basis coach you're not okay Adam cases in the coach much longer. And it's quite surprised and I'm quite proud of these we capitalizing for toddlers really should be done. It is time. Yeah. Then as we tap into the limitless expertise of author and columnist and Baseball Hall of Fame voter. Mark rather share he said that Ned Collette he was the cubs SID today but that was I we knew what she meant I could not find the words. I seriously you know media relations media relations he relations couldn't find it it's the same thing that it's funny because I think you today that the we all do which admit I seriously have known him since he was the cabs. And I'm media relations director handing out at that time. These types of preannounce. Like pregame and that's how we started that even even that wasn't his first from that and do the general manager of the Dodgers that's. If it does happen people. It can happen yet some success to. He's really responsible for a lot of their success in doing right now to my first question was national taco day on a Wednesday and not a Tuesday I'm telling what. Question I have I'm having guests. Because everybody in the world knows that Tuesday's topic Tuesday there's no talk a Wednesday. How do you do that well if it's I don't know national topic is that based on the day that taco was. Recognize there's some even as Indian dude on the date of the legacy could move it right just there to make sure it's on the Tuesday that we I don't know. I don't either I mean. On the other hand this way you get to talk good days in a row so what's wrong or that taco Tuesday the national arbor day. Who's gonna complain about that if you like talk well talk does that I like them better on Tuesday when the Monsanto will how. How on both days or does have a one of the days alone it's not that I won't celebrate assist I don't it doesn't feel as good. You know what did that was the top of putting on Tuesday cut line. That's like a daylong celebration nothing precluded you from enjoying a taco yesterday. So what's the got in did preclude me from enjoying a better what's the problem now I feel dirty because I didn't realize today as you be national talk today. The ahead cheated on a holiday like me get any cheese on your tacos and this is like a lettuce and gonna lettuce and she dollar towards the well first of all it I mean I count fish tacos taco so now the answers now. IBM of his title and cheese okay. Wire MLB because she's she's there. Yeah let's in his eye diseases ultimately I can only go there it's a drag is there ads for us Daisuke was what three hours 51 minutes. Even though the Yankees since they won in their own team that in a bad in the ninth inning. Why are baseball's post season game so long and wide as a baseball do something about it. They hear questions of great they're they're kids you have to go to my back he's a mailbox plans no wonder young people don't like baseball and I mean you know it is still long enough to watch it. Was eight of 71 pitch back east. That's not terrible I mean that's at least a reason my remembered. Treated to post season games starting at 8:37. PM I don't remember where my carcass park so I am the answered the question is that. I'm pitching. For the most part dictates pace of game and time of game. And these are gonna be high a leveraged situations a lot of pitching changes that part of the game they can't fix. Can't fix it so here at eared appoint baseball's evolution where more pitchers are used than ever anyway. And then that's going to be. Exacerbated in a playoff by this just the stakes. But last night's may be an extreme example right because it's elimination game so charting as a man with one out the first. In Santana is gone basically in the sack. So. You have early and often pitching changes after that. That's one thing the other thing why and I've I'm looking I have not found and any story that references this but I wonder if in the post season baseball is allowing. Those between innings commercial breaks to become longer again them because they stood against it during the season right to push back we're gonna carve some time now. I'm but I and I haven't seen a story that that verifies this but my suspicion would be that that between innings thing will will grow a little bit too in the in the post season. As you got some kids can make bank. So that did the networks can make their money now does baseball need to do something about it or is just tough luck kid go to bed. I'm you can find out the morning who won like we didn't hold anything generally we had a quick that we for the paper don't think baseball in two can do much about it. The the the evolution of the game is something that the lords of the game control the crisis started and sooner or something. Yes well it that won't change a link to game. That won't change like the game you can use our earlier bet if it makes you feel better. If you talk about kids on you know pay a New York kid getting to see the rest the Yankees game you could do that. I'm and I'm of course you can I mean let's face it he should do that. The networks want and that's really where you're asking the wrong question the question is you know wouldn't willing networks allow changes. Because if you sign about baseball reasons fan base. Then absolutely you know you'd start the game in New York it's happened. And then if he goes four hours you're still only a little bit past kids' bedtime for the most part them on but if you started eight or 810 basically. You're asking for you know that. Are you a tour of phobic you have turow phobia when his tour of phobia fear of cheese you have. Terra phobia you suffer from terra phobia I know. Now I just don't she is in on everything. You know a classic symptom of terror phobia donor donor in downtown mount them on tacos cheese. If I have a taco in not a fish taco but. But I've you know not shows Lenny we've discussed my award winning nonsense. That certainly include lots of chi what kind of award would your nachos win culinary award. The lettuce association gave me a major crime an owner good that's terrific he did. Real quickly here I don't know if you saw this SI dot com. They have their. Most watchable rankings for the entire NBA. Those assembly passed sorry sorry and for death so the king was our revenue in where you get to the regular season sorry it's nice. The kings are the 25 according to Zach 125 most watchable team that are the kings getting short changed. Hillary actually did most logical I think there behind me classes are living in the hands of Brooklyn. Well maybe they're getting shortchanged. Yeah I mean my first thought was well not yet bring they should probably played regular season games before you decided that watchable. But if you throw the knicks example outside of forcing the issue be hard pressed tell me what it is that's watchable about the new president. So if they're behind the knicks I believe they're behind the knicks cancel a bit of a prom but I really think that with the kings. Anybody's well within his rights to say well I don't know we'll see maybe it'll be very watchable. Based on the early returns. Darren Fox's imminently watchable get up so if you just tell me until the take their eyes off him if you can tell me how often he's gonna be on the floor for how many minutes. Which nobody can tell me in even I think James him induce both are saying only no Yeager kind of tends toward older it's. If you're telling the kids are going to be on the floor a lot of cinema watchable. I'm not sure they're really. Under present watchable for its Vince Carter leading the charge them known bill fellas image or fox or play up tempo if Jason Jackson makes shots will be very watchable. I've shot to the Cleveland a lot helping him block very different plot that's the hope right just be just be interest. Be interesting well know your work in progress thank you mark Brothers are about deter a phobia. But at least now work on and I thought oh he's out we've identified your fear of cheese you can you can deal with it. I'm confused more than ever that.