The Braves' announcer who accused Juan Soto of being a modern day Danny Almonte... 8/8/18

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Wednesday, August 8th
What were the announcers' thoughts on Juan Soto?

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You big fan of Joe Simpson into an attitude Simpson is still Simpson's announcer for the Braves. Well he's he's been doing braves games on TV for a long time if it as an analyst. Currently doing games a lot which hit Kerry took care. You know just Simpson's been doing a long time and he was a pitcher he finally played for awhile. In the seventies maybe. His pitcher along time ago and wonder disguise he's from Purcell Oklahoma to me go he was an outfielder OK yes. From Oklahoma and he went to its day. University. Of Oklahoma. That would explain the fact that it was drafted into the major ways. No that's a thing and it's completely a thing he had got himself into a little bit of hot water he said some yesterday during game that he had to walk back. And he's no stranger to these are I don't even know these are really controversies. Last month. Oklahoma still Simpson. Had the want to achieve. Wanna take as you say this is a prominent announcer and you can now feel there. He got the Dodgers Mehdi criticized several of their players. In particular criticized Chase Utley for what they were wearing during batting practice. So now yeah. That's definitely not a thing he's 66 maybe he's a little old school anyway they had one of these. Abominable split double letters yesterday. Between the Braves in the nationals abominable because in the old days the fans got to go to both games yesterday they had an early game first game and and clear nobody out then they had a second game separate admission. Later yeah yeah so this was a during the last second game Atlanta Washington. It's a actually this was game one game won nationals up eight to two bottom of the seventh and Soto came up to the plate two outs and a runner on the second base. And that's when the announcers and Joe Simpson had this to say two balls one strike. If he's now eighteen. It certainly got his man. News. Biggest problem. Dozens and he's done his stand growth if he's nineteen he has certainly got his main growth and and Mike Rizzo the GM of the nationalist and appreciate that. Because you know that's that has been an issue with players. Falsifying their age and that's gone on for a long time as well series did you want to see that's what's inching it did go on for a long time. It's piano while you since I think she can even claim that that was an issue. All while now. If he's nineteen yeah so Mike Rizzo the GM of the national set not a definite reaction I handle that face to face privately with him. I believe he understood my stance on his comments Joe Simpson in the second game. 316 batting average due to pitch to. As long. Overall I don't have a problem that I have similar. Sad for the curious choice of words but I think he more than made up for it. In ultimately prime not a very big deal but I will say since he did try to explain is adamant. If he said if he says you know well off the gonna set off the top my hand but you know if he's nice scene well he's nineteen he's a bonafide nineteen. What does that mean. Does that mean I've obtained proof. My finally smoked out this story in many aspects between game tonight can now say that there's an implication. In yeah if you're gonna walk it back walking back they have assist. Goof around earlier I didn't mean it. But to say you know I know well he is nineteenth. There's no chance between game running game to the obtained any proof that he's ninety. What happened is Rizzo the GM came over and lit it up in between gay whose. And you realize have a leg to stand on to you know come back and make it sound like I have learned. But he is now and it is absolutely officially nineteen. Skiing and doing them. In sodas huge news they'll get around it he's you know he's that big guy. And he doesn't look like the nineteen year old that you mostly no because for wanting. He's so much more physically dominant in most nineteen year olds that he looks more like to finish pro athlete that's lies in the majors not in my. Like 28 Simpson rip the Dodgers for wearing T shirts in pulled up pants during batting practice. And this was an off atop his head went on for ninety seconds the brace TV folks. Offered a video. The senses that a power at dodger fan I'd be embarrassed and I don't know how. Major League Baseball allows such attire when the gates opened he said it Chase Utley that was an embarrassment what he had on. But we were a teacher during the imprint Kate cancer referring to a charity started by pitcher Jason Mott who was briefly a brave. And then Dave Robertson dodger manager labeled Simpson's attack is a cheap shot just unfair. Let's see flatly he's is is the outburst averages Simpson and enough he's Jeff pass him on Twitter some ways stuck in the past. Well this year's is a top first think later last year brace trailing the walking at suntrust. Simpson said. The Braves getting smoked here. It just gave up another run in the organist displaying socks for the opposing team the guys walking up the plate like everybody's holding a singing coup by yeah I don't get it shows that's absent last year. This is probably it and once in Oklahoma thing I don't think so that you tell me your I'm I would thinks. Oh but I remember very vividly when Bob Feller was geared toward the end of his career with the out calling Indians games. And he started running into far too many of these types of situations where you need to say something that was actually. You know politically incorrect or just. Won't play out of line with sort of currently the moon and it was just I mean. You know just steps I just have to 82 bit 66 but he might be at a point where there's not a lot about this baseball that he understood you know. Understands as much as he wants him by USA today writer said of yesterday's slip of the tongue port choice words quote the idea that Soto is lying about his age. It's one that's never been raised before and there's certainly a racial undertone behind Simpson's remarking quote well he he. Is. Absolutely reference saying they the history of players from Latin America. Which it in when I say history I mean. Not recent history. That's the problem for him is it that entire subject really stop being the thing about a decade ago. Mean there was time win. It was a question asked off that that's true if I don't baseball history yeah but not resilient since he calls games every year he should now. I'm not a nets fan I'm not a brace Santa mean all right that was real porch or so words but he made up for it he says he walked it back in and we move on. There. I demand and so but maybe somebody should either talk Toomer maybe at some point you should be replaced I don't know. I'm sure the brakes are pigs rethinking. I'm in the future mean they they certainly have our amber how young and they suddenly have a really young team right I mean that's it but to young developing team. And they may want new energy in the Booth who knows it happens some times. Wouldn't be a bit but he's not open this costs. Distancing that was ages what you said right there didn't we got a young developing team. And team maybe. Happy may be in May embarrass their organization wants many times they're trying to move forward. You know. They're trying to move into their new era with their new stadium. It's part of their debts that the magic that is just sense and member of the Braves hall of fame you never know what's gonna come out of his mouth care not if yeah. Cantankerous but he's our.