Baseball gets a little desperate…will it work? 8/9

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Wednesday, August 9th

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Today Madison Baumgartner. Allowed four hits over seven innings. On since he came back. Which is being not quite a month now. I'm Lars made five starts. East too into with a 2.5 two ERA. Today one run in seven innings. One run in seven innings that's a bomb garter performance. Bullpen back to mount. Strickland through the eight Dyson got save in the ninth it was 31 game the giants win the series over the counter suit as I said. Earlier today. I just aren't that good becomes a 59 and 54 nevertheless. That's two straight series wins for the giants over teams that have playoff aspirations beat the Diamondbacks who have three. Beat the cubs two out of three. Now off tomorrow now they've. Yeah off tomorrow and then head off on the road trip they start in Washington on Friday. Here's Chad actually scheduled to be on the mound for that series there's a chance Dusty Baker allowed Dusty Baker and heavens I'm already taken nationals. Ms. bossi allowed a possibility that Matt moral skipped. He's assisting on so poorly and so butch may have skipped may allow amount awarded just completely missed a turn in the rotation. I think that would mean Matt Cain Macon an emergency non emergency start started calling you start an emergency start when it's the giants this year. But in any rate maybe you meant more serious works of stuff out if you bin. Now following along with but the giants. And it's a wreck of the season and all that but there are there a couple bright spots in the rotation. I don't know but there will come completely back to the guy he was thrown well enough is velocity looks good he may not be all the way back last July's looks pretty good movement on his pitches get. You're trying to figure out what they got going forward. Listen there are a lot of places in the field that I cannot cannot help you be if you watched time block pitched this year. Any of watched in you certainly are no about among artists to good places to start just trying to figure out what will they do going forward. I'm so marsh is going to be in there I don't know about China quite dire I assume that he will be. So you actually closer to the finish out rotation then you've been you may think Matt Lawrence. Not exactly a wild card. But he's a guy about him I think they have some legitimate questions right now quite so I think they just don't know straight up what he's going to be. When when he when he comes back when we should be yours in the way that. I just don't think they I think that they're stuck let them and I think there's every. Every international the only reasonable reading of Johnny quid a situation that is an opt in. To a huge pay year because he's not gonna get from anyone else but the giants are paying them based on what he's been doing recently. Nevertheless if you've just been following on last couple days sometime blocks are very good game. You sub on the orders today throw gave game. The giants. No matter how much space date they sweat. Over their position player. Seed. Problem and there's no end of what absolutely they have a position player from met a couple of spots. They're still gonna build around pitching. AT&T park. Rick Crawford said the of the day. You know that we'd be the outfield that triples Alley kind of way they should they should get rid of that they're not gonna get rid of they're gonna remain committed to pitching. And to a certain extent the defense to get things done and then trying to add enough offense. They're never gonna be that team that tries at five straight power hitters. Don't invest their money in pitching you can book it just Alley function. Major League Baseball is. Actually go through that this LA is counties and when he first on me about this couple weeks ago. But it's really happening. Players weekend. Is coming up in three weeks. The 25 through the 27 of August his players weekend. Major League Baseball meaning owners get together with the players association mean the players. And announced today a group of initiatives. Aimed at letting players express themselves. While connecting with their passing youth baseball. Okay. Players will be able to declaring their nicknames. Which will then be applied to alternate jerseys inspired by Youth League designs. So if these guys can remember what they were Little League I guess or two thirds of the way there. They can replays last names with nicknames even the Yankees. Who do not have names on the back of their jerseys as you probably have noticed. Will be participating. This will Robert mark the first time any nameplate has been on the back of the Yankees uniforms. All in the name of players weekend. Yankee shortstop DD grew glorious will be surge DB. The first time you'll see a name on the back of his Yankee uniform. It will be certain DD. Other names that have already been declared players to have time decide what they would like inane to me. Francisco indoor mr. smile. Jose Batista joy bats and you that. Sean Doolittle in the nationals will simply be due to. A deal followed by eight lose because nothing says nickname like. Do you move. Carl Edwards junior because we Carl's junior we're getting getting to a few of these names. And appeared about an hour because I'll be. Perfectly honest with you the Major League Baseball. Industry hasn't nickname problem currently. As four catchy nicknames on the giants' loss to look forward to Japan at number twelve will be wearing a Jersey that says panic. Brandon belt built. On the other hand. Number 29 just some margin will Wear shark that's fine but it can appreciate that. The arts being number two Spaniard. Yeah OK. Yeah. Aren't. Thank you. Richard Parker number six part. As I said they saw us and main problem while we'll get into some of the details in about an hour. Baseball once had a nickname. Renaissance. Baseball is what's the end of nick names. Right. Now may be. Not so much finally brand specific. Or offensive nicknames are not going to be allowed so. They give it this way Major League players. It's your chance to deal personalized California license plate. Which you can't say something that represents a brand and you can't say symphony baking street is dirty slowed. Thank the NBA actually did this by the way back into when he fourteen system the first time it's ever been done. But I would suggest you that baseball's they're getting there. They get there and again they're to the point was and I Terry we've done camouflaged day was done ping to Ayers and blew their area. How about players declare their own nickname day. Even at that I think it's interesting they are moving to elect is alternate Jersey design maybe that's when they Robert de. You know complicate a team like the Yankees it's as we're not we don't you when impunity are it will tell you it won't be a yankees Jersey. It'll be a youth inspired alternate as a that hearkens back to little about that so it's like any by a be confused. By watching him run out there in your classic yankees uniform. Right maybe. I Joseph west got popped by a Major League Baseball first say intimate Adrian Beltre long story short. A west got. He was being interviewed this is. Actually back in June. This has got around to now but. He was being interviewed as he walked up to his 5000 game that he would umpire I'm not he's a west fan but that's quite an accomplishment and it has been asked not all the different things. Guy she's seen over the years the different experiences he's had and he was asked okay his biggest complainer. In the game any age in he laughingly say gazelle Belcher I mean I I've I don't think he was I think he was honest but I ask that you mr. strewn around. I don't think it means anything he just said Beltre doesn't think anything's strike. You said at one point Beltre took a pitch right down the middle Tillis called as strike and Belcher said. Where we'll we'll let alone. At pitches outside Joseph west said you know here here really good baseball player being the worst umpire ever seen in my life Beltre tells a story laughs about it Major League Baseball. So says buster only not entirely unused. Adrian Beltre actually came and instead it told reporters yesterday he thought this suspension was unnecessary and I got to tell you when I first heard this my first reaction was man I've seen a lot of situations pop up with the umpire through the years where I felt like you know and perhaps there should she some discussion about whether or not to discipline and umpire. Nine not this 13 games for Joseph west. I think he started serving and already so won't be. I'm you know by the time we won't get past this you know national nightmares in the next couple days. And then luckily you'll be distracted by other things like that Panthers in the Texans playing. Pre season football will thank me got that right in front of you so. You know you can always just go that direction anyway Johnson to get wind today the the a's dropped a game to the mayor's with the a's had a tough couple days in no way around the a's had a 62 lead late against the mayor's last night. Committed three really costly errors or bullpen blew up I lost 76 in ten innings. I'm Seattle jumped out on Ogletree one in the first any day went on to a six to three win. The the Mariners are are kind of now that's a team that doesn't have. Felix Hernandez but. Does have a playoff aspirations. And their plan like it right now. Mayors. Actually have about same record as the cubs are fifteen I 56 of their. You know and it's again the loss column worst in the county but essentially functioning about the same level and yet become a position to win a division. It me or maybe not so much. Not so much when we come back. It's the incredible shrinking pre season or is it we'll get into. What Roger Goodell is really all about them that next on ESP and thirteen Tony.