Baker Mayfield and 4th and goal from your 7? 9/11/17

The Rise Guys
Monday, September 11th

did he get too emotion on the field, are you shocked?


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Graduation is marked right there on the big Oklahoma win over Ohio State's. Are you are you apologizing. As baker mayfield and the sooners are apologized no indication of how he's honest I was game behavior that was done gates in one mean that that wasn't that was. That was the smartest thing he's ever done and I think apologizing for just makes it worse. And it has nothing to apologize stories only. He deep heating deep face the institution or anything. Baker may feel today apologizing for celebrating Oklahoma's win at Ohio State by planning sooners flag at midfield there. At Ohio State eases I didn't mean for to be disrespectful. Any Ohio State people at all specially the team or the players because they're great team a great program there was an emotional game I knew that was gonna have a lot of implications on the playoff. I got caught up in an emotional win yet should have been supplemented a locked room so I apologize for doing it in the middle of the field and quote. That's why you do that is to disrespect the other team 00 yeah I don't you want to. 100% you're disrespecting them I mean you were are or at the very least you rub salt in the wound right you're you're you're you're savoring a victory only other teams field. Key. He clearly baker mayfield really talented he's definitely got supreme Madani and Emma go back to last year there's no question about that so. That he would be dramatic Whitey is not a shock. Also in the wild man can it get when Ohio State did last year you know last year in Norman Ohio State whipped Oklahoma. Ran all over on baker mayfield had a bad game and afterwards the Buckeyes players stayed on the field and saying their alma mater. So you know and neither case is really egregious seems not that big a deal baker mayfield part. It's last year you know Monica said in press conference those embarrassing for them to send their fights are field. They probably throwing the same way right now but then you had to moon walker in the nobody believes in us you know guys we were able to catch. You know fact that nobody picked us undated we're able that you know you sit and social media throughout the week did him in there about 80% for the country voted for us state to win and so right now. We believe ourselves and quite frankly that's what matters. Rumor has it that. You were driving somewhere central California and when you heard the score you pulled off the road and are setters somewhere so you could watch. Oh yeah the end of Oklahoma's win in the stupid I was so I was I was Amendola said he wished I had I had a run no I mean you'd be bit but if you care about that game and you didn't find a place to watch it. When you have the opportunity debts that would be not Smart so us coming back yes I was to add some business down and central California. Sub central California was in Bakersfield selling books in Bakersfield long drive back and I was at a bar in noble there there were another I was listening to be champions at ESPN's radio broadcast of the game. And as it kicked over into the fourth quarter and oh he scored. At that point to take the lead I believe that made like 1713 I thought. This is an incredible game I had promised myself when I got in the car if it's good I promise I'll go find a place to watch C and of itself. I got past. Percentage share. Atwater within the sports where he went to give a shout out jams to don't nines which group it says it's in Sherlock. It is really really good it's a great place I was really surprised how locked in this really nice six screens everywhere big screens everywhere I walk right in. And we Ohio State game is on the biggest screen right from the bar so it was in perfect setting. And got see the last I mean got cede most of the fourth quarter which was an awesome thing to watch. College football's been good as big as boring as the NFL was yesterday college football's been that good over the first two weekends. So without by the way Dick if you rank fifth in the country I'm not really sure you've been. You know I had everybody's against us I'm not really sure they are well I think the majority of people picked. Ohio State where that's number two beating her five on their home field wouldn't have been shot as much as you enjoy the game Urban Meyer did not cried. We're gonna point finger quarterback and we sort of you know he's the head dog him in though he holds Stewart is accountable but with. Felt watching the film I've and I do all three. Faces of the past tended to improve protection both teams we play no drop in and covers a lot consumers deserve to he provided what we're doing what I'm in the mid perfect clear there's Chicago Bulls are GT very it's part of our system improved through better. TT bared his fifth year senior has done amazing things from Ohio State because sling it in with that said he was bad. And he was making poor reads and end it I didn't feel like. Oklahoma pressured him. So much I'm I'm sure Irvin Meyer be unhappy at the protection but really he just. He he. Oklahoma and many other teams are going to dare him to throw downfield he's just not an accurate downfield thrower. So and Victor mayfield was on his game so really. In college football especially the quarterback's command so much of what happens. Bigamy field played probably the game of his life then and JT Baird had a poor game and that's how a five. TO wave back. Win when he. Stood on the Dallas star after scoring a touchdown. Is that switcher guy just did. When now actually it's not what he did at all I'm. TO did that mill game you don't stupid now and then he did that in the middle of again. I mean if you win the game Ohio State won the game and saying their fights on their alma mater. Standing on the bench is you know at memorial I knew I was gonna get a lot in Oklahoma are yeah. So baker may feel basically return serve naturally Ellie did. He took a flag at spike in an oh. Nobody got hurt and it was after a weekly honor went to go to Italy except waiting Emmitt Smith can earn the ET Goddard that you understand. It's but but there's no light. Obviously yes he hit to disrespect somebody for yeah I go to the average yearly right he was spiking a flag and that you know logo the other team never seen that before GO. I'd never seen that no I don't remember seeing that name in them in it in a college football game you're seeing a team punt on fourth and goal. If you're about Louisiana Tech. And I saw that Louisiana Tech found themselves let's see they were third and goal from their own seven yard line rob did you see this it was a long day for Louisiana Tech anyway. And basically right lady was of what the snap was botched. Yeah were down I think they were. On the Mississippi State around seven yard line and there was of a loose ball that rolled all the way back to their own seven yard line right. It was unbelievable technical so they recover in their at their own seven yard line third and goal her ninety tree. So all what happened was since there's there's a big there's a bad exchange and then the balls on the ground. And a guy tries to you Mississippi State player tries to pick it up to run with it. Has momentum in that direction we can't get a handle on the football that kicks it down a number of yards. Another scandal balls courts out another missed sixty player tries to get a handle on it and looked to me like inadvertently kicked it. So nothing has major momentum going downfield. I credit Louisiana Tech player whose name I do not know. Really outran everybody to cover that football the RD get beat but that would have been humiliating give up for a touchdown then they ran for 21 on third in 93. So they had what fourth and goal from their own 2720. Component not ban I had never seen us not a matter they're down quality. On third and nine each. Of them third down call in they're not expect in the draw from our own seven. On third and goal so let's go there. That's the night Ohno the finalist but at the time that happened there was always like 57 of fourteen you know and I think they were down 4214 at the time. I am but I 714 that's how much they were down at the time the fumble yes louder than okay video show for repairs okay yeah sitting get much better. My I'd never seen either one of those things before these week one week to match ups in college football and not always great in yet we've had two really interesting weekend of college football. And I have to say. That not just because you know Oklahoma wins that game but his matches. You know that the there was there was a top you know Alabama Florida State week one. Ohio State Oklahoma week to those are. Those games delivered. I mean you know and I and maybe the Alabama game was thrilling but. You know that W game that was an exciting game road it was 33 game at the half and then got great officer a Stanford didn't come through against the University of Southern California yes he's projected. I think USC wobbled in week one the targeted and it was really on yesterday watching the rams play at the coliseum and they still have you could see that. Pac twelve logo on the field and you could see the college hash marks which they tried to. Erase activist typically don't see that and at an NFL game now you're down. Which is worse that or you know the raiders playing on a baseball for a coma there's no comparison. They violet is senator David I think it's the raiders rookie kicker is about to get his you know. Oh you vote so you wanted to kick in the NFL we finally got some for you. You can we get to be used as a flaming jets game is to have you heard the story of his pro day I sought on his pro day it was raining all the scouts left. The saddest thing any anonymous pro day and said wants gonna go and work out of my Prodi is pouring rain and there's no scouts there. Really yes no I did not know that yeah. But I know that he's waited a long time for this chance. So and I do think the raiders must love them. It's easier to I our kicker when you feel like you've got another kickers capable. And I wonder if they didn't just hand Sebastien genachowski his retirement money. Okay it's been a great run you made 49 million we're gonna kick you three more. For this last season may be okay can maybe you won't but here's your. You know he's made fifty million plus he'll retires a raider them but we've got are got 250 yarders and one was at least. No one was into the wind and yet we're sitting at Tony Romo on his debut actually OK so I I liked it I thought it was very enjoyable. I think some of the things that I liked it are exactly things that CBS is gonna hammer out of them and unless he freelance a lot. There were times and he we get excited to start tightening talk like a football player again now like that because it sounded like the real guy and I think they're going to polish him. To where he's. Never interject dean and always waiting until Jim Nantz finishes speaking them and I kind of like its freelance guy yesterday. He's voice cracked timer to end his voice is low I think it's exciting. Am and nordic often. Are the other than that that's char warmed up to rob is he doesn't like Tony Romo and didn't care port city watched the Spanish value. When you think that's weird camera from a Campbell is in. A tablet stand that hates Tony you know I think I just nervously and it's. It makes a lot of sense to me this man spent his career trying to deliver for you.