Are there any good baseball award races? 8/10

The Rise Guys
Thursday, August 10th

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As for the league award races. Or get there. I think there's a great race in the nationally Paul Goldschmidt. I saw on Sunday I I think I told you guys on Monday I think I saw the MVP on Sunday angle speed is is. He is across the board great he truly is I don't know that plane in Arizona however give the due. That he probably shouldn't and I think that there's a very reasonable chance that this year he hit it assuming things go. This way forward prime losing MVP to Bryce Harper may have game for really just talk about I'd lose it to Bryce Harper. I'm. All TVA. I believe our Houston Todd is apparently he's going to be using it. On nickname weekend out today I think is the American League image he's just been incredible. Just incredible I had about 360 this late in the season. Mike Trout is the best player in the American way but it's going to be hard from the win the award when he missed 39 games you know what. That happening at the day's end it all that happen it's less all the kiddies ethic he. He went head first set defeat first plenty of guys go ahead first on slides but it can cost you cost him 39 games. He was having. I think the best season he'd ever had even is number since coming back have been. Really really good how ever. You know sort of it's it's it's tough when he got out of a plane at level is planning to deny him in favor of a guy who didn't play. A big chunk of him my child be lucky probably won't want a plane under games this year protect him the MVP. I NL Cy Young shares are right there Kerr shot a few more birds. This might be the second year rather he's gonna not win the Cy Young because he could stay on the field that's legit by the way nothing I mean that's fair. Nothing to do about it but look at the numbers the anchors of for a daughter was fifteen into. With a 204 ERA a whip of point 884. And almost eleven strikeouts to since nine innings per nine innings shares are numbers are amazing. These data through a really good team if Kershaw gets back on the field soon. Sooner rather than later I guess I'd say. He probably can get back in that conversation. And by delays I think we have a great year beast is emigrate here and eat wrestling in the back and hears me. I'm from around what this that SI pray now because they've got a couple these races listen American League Cy Young Purcell. Corey clipper. Neck in neck villagers are Ricky B Arnie knows that and nationally and really Robby even at the slump policy hire judges in the rookie of the year. Let's see it's about to end Alastair. Is Ian Inaba and Mr. T he's not rush hour here positive. Here filming the adjustments and get back into the swing of things.